Creating comfort in spaces lacking daylight requires a unique understanding of the interaction between light, architectural materials, and human anatomy. Lightglass uses this knowledge to design and optimize architectural faux windows and skylights that deliver dynamic and immersive circadian lighting experiences to light-deprived environments. We call Lightglass a window-light: an LED-powered architectural element that looks and feels like a window or skylight. Its compact design enables installation within a standard stud wall or ceiling and simulates a connection to the outdoors. It is uniformly luminous, durable, reliable and modular. Delivering 90 Lumens/Watt at 90+ CRI, and a lamp life of 100,000+ hours, Lightglass will enhance any space.
We are a luxury contemporary lighting company whose designs grace the interiors of iconic landmarks across the world. Rich materials are meticulously crafted through several processes to achieve their refined quality. These statement lights produce a warm ambient glow which sets a mood of sophistication and elegance. With a passion for British manufacturing, CTO believe in investing in artisans and the skills that can set them apart where quality and design are a top priority.
The handmade nature of our products mean that each piece is unique.
There is a longevity to CTO Lights, the design and manufacturing process is never rushed,
always considered and is timeless beyond trends.
Providing gentle illumination for
penguins on parade

When it comes to lighting sensitive areas such as those inhabited by wildlife, it takes a specialist team and the right technology to produce an outcome that is effective, visually stunning and causes minimum harm to human and animal visitors alike. Such projects don’t come along very often; therefore, Mr Anthony Strangis and the team at Buckford Illumination Group in Victoria, a WE-EF sales partner, jumped at the chance to join the design team working on the lighting scheme for the famous Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. continue reading...