Friday, December 3rd 1:00 - 6:00
Saturday December 4th 10:00 - 3:00.
LOCATION: Plymouth Hilton Garden Inn, Exit 5. Click on the image below if you need directions. The ambiance is very cozy, quaint and comfortable.
Accepting CHECKS & CREDIT CARDS. No CASH please.
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All Diego Dalla Palma Makeup 10% OFF! There are still plenty of good items left!
There are 2 colors of the Shiny Lipstick. All other colors forever sold out. Enriched with Hyaluronic Filler, providing a “plumping” effect. Pro-collagen Peptides fill in the fine lines of the lips.
3 Blush colors left and Lily's will bring Blush Brushes for purchase. Satin Biscuit #05, Satin Flash Orange #10 and Pastel Pink #11 featured below. Formulated with Vitamins A and E to defend against visible signs of aging. Click on the image below to read more and order.
Looking for fabulous Holiday Eye Shadows? Click on the image below to see the #05 and #59. These colors give you the "smoky eye" look.
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Based in Geneva, Switzerland, MAVALA has stood for quality throughout the World for 60 years. Developed in scientific Laboratories to create high performing and specific beauty products.
You can try the new MAVALA DREAM Foundation too! Oil-free and long-lasting. Provides a perfectly flawless and luminous complexion. 5 shades to choose from.
Try the Mavala Curl Mascara! Thickens, fortifies and lengthens lashes. The professional curved brush separates lashes while lengthening and curling them. Available in Prune, Dark Blue, Brown and Black.
A GREAT GIFT would be a Mascara, Eye Shadow and
Eye Makeup Remover. The MAVALA Gel Eye Makeup Remover easily takes off all Eye Makeup. CLICK on the LINK to read more: Gel Makeup Remover
STOCKING STUFFERS! The antiseptic Sanitizing Mists are perfect to keep in your purse, your car, take to the gym. On Guard Oil is for increased immune support. Apply to your wrists and bottoms of feet at night.
Aluminum-free Deodorants! Long-lasting and they work! From left to right; Douglas Fir & Greek Orange for Sensitive skin, Balance contains Balance Oil and Springtime Blend contains Wild Orange and Pink Grapefruit Oils.
Try the NEW Ahava Retinol Products! These NATURAL Retinol products are designed to smooth, firm and decrease wrinkles. TESTERS of the Serum and Moisturizer will be available to try.
MORE GREAT GIFTS! Everyone loves a Hand Cream from AHAVA! Made with nutrient-rich Dead Sea Water and Dead Sea Minerals. Select from Sea-kissed, Classic and Spring Blossom.
Another GREAT GIFT! Wrap a pretty bow around the JUMBO Body Lotion and who wouldn't love this? Packaged with an easy to use pump top. Contains soothing Aloe and moisturizing Dead Sea Minerals.
GREAT GIFT SETS! See the Hydration Obsession Gift Set containing 3 Hand Creams, to include 1 Smoothing Hand Cream (3.38 oz.), 1 Spring Blossom Hand Cream (1.35 oz.) and 1 Sea-kissed Hand Cream (1.35 oz.), all for $29.00! The Hand Cream (3.38 oz.) retails for $24.00, so the mini's are only $2.50 each. Typically, each one retails for $10.00!
Take Me By Hand Gift Sets contain 3 Hand Creams; Classic, Spring Blossom and Sea-kissed scents, all 1.3 oz. sizes for $22.00! Break it up and give the Mini sizes as stocking stuffers!
MORE STOCKING STUFFERS! Have better hair by using a Davines Hair Mask once a week! Provides 3 - 5 uses per packet and at $10.00 apiece, who can buy just one?
CLICK on the image below to see 6 different Hair Masks. Davines is a NATURAL HAIR CARE line with no Sulfates or Parabens.
Select from: Purity (for scalp & hair), Quick-fix (only takes 3 minutes), Renaissance (for damaged hair), Restless (invisible anti-breakage), Spotlight (for shine) and Wake-up (gives energy and volume).
For those with Blonde hair, enhance and illuminate your hair by using the complete Heart of Glass hair
regimen; Shampoo, Conditioner, Intense Treatment and Sheer Glaze.
CLICK on the LINK to read more about the Heart of Glass products! https://conta.cc/3wnBgWj
The image below brings you to the Davines page.
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