May 2021 Newsletter from LINC

As things are hopefully getting back to "normal" in our area, there are reasons to see progress and to be hopeful. All of us at LINC hope your spring has been a good one so far.

In this month's newsletter we will let you know about new criminal justice reform bills passed in North Carolina, a link to a podcast interview with Frankie Roberts, Friday's LRC orientation, The Second Chance Alliance Day of Advocacy Rebroadcast and more.

Thank you for your support of our mission - to educate and motivate youth to make positive life choices and to empower men and women returning from incarceration to be productive members of our community.
NC Criminal Justice Reform Bill Gets Unanimous OK In Senate

A broad criminal justice measure that addresses officers who participate in misconduct, provides mental health aid to law enforcement, and raises some criminal penalties has received unanimous approval by the North Carolina Senate.  

It also makes changes to the police body camera laws in light of the shooting death of Andrew Brown Jr. in Elizabeth City last month.

Read more here.

Listen to LINC Co-founder and Executive Director, Frankie Roberts, discuss why LINC was created, the vision for "Leading Into New Communities" and the services provided by the organization.

Citizen Truth is an independent and alternative media organization dedicated to finding the truth, ending the left-right paradigm and widening the scope of viewpoints represented in media and our daily conversations.

Stream the podcast here.
LRC Orientation
Fri May 28, 2021 2pm – 3pm
Join us Friday for the Local Reentry Council Orientation.
You can attend via Zoom HERE
Report: Black Drivers In NC Disproportionately Hit With License Suspensions For Unpaid Fines And Fees

In 2018, more than a quarter of a million North Carolinians were living with suspended licenses solely because of unpaid traffic court fees and fines, according to a report from the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission. A disproportionate number of those people — 47% — were Black.
Typically in North Carolina, if a traffic court fine isn’t paid within 100 days, the state will revoke a person’s driver’s license. While a judge can allow a defendant to pay in installments, it isn’t required. And since many people in traffic court are not entitled to a public defender, they may not know to ask the judge to extend the time they have to pay off their fines and fees.

2021 Day of Advocacy Recast: Friday, May 28th
If you were not able to join us for the 2021 Day of Advocacy, NC Second Chance Alliance will be hosting another recast Friday, May 28th. They will be layering in a Q&A portion during this broadcast to provide information and resources and engage with you all.

2021 Day of Advocacy Q&A Submission 

If you have any questions that you would like answered regarding the criminal legal systems, record expungement, fair chance practices, and policies, etc. send an email to!

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