Another Slap in the Face to Hawaii Republicans from the Local GOP, part I

Aloha Republicans:
The Hawaii GOP's cash-starved, RINO-led operation only raised $2,500 in the pre-election month of October 2016 against its wasteful monthly overhead of $15,000.  Imagine that?  Confidence in the Hawaii Republican Party was so incredibly low (i.e. rock bottom) that in the month before the General Election local party leaders were only able to swindle $2,500 in donations.  That's because the writing was on the wall in 2016: 100% of GOP challengers lost and 25% of GOP incumbents lost.
Now , in desperation for more funds to waste on costly administrative overhead for the next two years, RINO's Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohlfing and the rest of the hardcore #NeverTrump gang at party headquarters are expecting Republicans in Hawaii to fork over $200 per ticket to a fake "pre-inaugural gala" in honor of the election of a man whom they opposed at every turn:  President-Elect Donald J. Trump.
No promises of eliminating wasteful spending by party leaders.  No promises of resignations by failed party leaders.  No guarantee of an independent audit to determine where hundreds of thousands of dollars disappeared since the 2014 election.  No concrete plans to actually make the case against Democrats during the next two years so that local GOP candidates stand a better chance of winning.

Yes, the exact SAME failed RINO 'leaders' who have destroyed Hawaii's Republican Party (and ran the disastrous 2016 campaign) want YOU to give THEM even more money so they can keep flushing it down the drain.  Just send the local RINO party your $200 and pretend that they didn't undermine Trump's campaign in Hawaii every step of the way; causing Trump to get blown out in Hawaii by Clinton's 61% to Trump's 29%.
It's bad enough that #NeverTrump officers and leaders at the Hawaii GOP are pretending to jump on the Trump bandwagon in order to raise money off of unsuspecting Republicans in Hawaii.  But it's an even bigger outrage that their event's "guest of honor" is someone who has dumped so much dishonor on Republicans in Hawaii:  RINO Linda Lingle.
Selecting tax-hiking, Democrat-enabling Lingle to be the keynote speaker is a slap in the face to real Republicans.  Lingle's cowardly selling out to Democrats at every turn during eight disappointing years as governor proved that Lingle is the opposite of Trump.  In fact, you would have to completely whitewash the past in order to pretend that Lingle actually advanced the Republican agenda during her sorry years in office (and while running the Hawaii GOP into the ground).
For starters, there would be NO RAIL TAX TODAY if not for Lingle's embrace of the liberal agenda and her joining of hands with Democrats in a misguided RINO partnership with PRP's Democrat pawn Mufi Hannemann, a slew of other self-dealing Democrats like Joe Souki, and various greedy, self-serving pro-rail special interest groups.  Who can forget how on July 11, 2005, then Gov. Lingle abandoned her signed anti-tax pledge along with her specific promise to Republicans to veto the proposed rail construction tax.

Standing at an infamous press conference surrounded by only Democrats, Lingle's signature achievement was to help Democrats in 2005 to push through the rail tax which did NOT have enough votes in the state house and state senate to override her veto.  Then-mayor Mufi Hannemann has said a Lingle veto would likely have killed the Honolulu rail project.  Instead, this massive, job-killing tax increase of $1.8 billion every five years is about to be made permanent by Hawaii Democrats with the help of high-taxing, big-spending closet Democrat RINO's like Lingle.

Former Senator Sam Slom (who lost his seat in 2016 under the leadership of Hellreich, Rohlfing, Marumoto and Saiki) said the governor disappointed core Republican supporters by backing the transit tax. " People were saying, 'Wait a minute. What's happened to Linda Lingle? What's happened to the New Beginning? . . . a complete sell out of taxpayers and the working people."
Rail tax opponent Cliff Slater was both surprised and a little puzzled by Lingle's role and had an interesting take:  "
We've got Republicans raising taxes, so I just don't know what to do. It's all very strange to me Normally when one sees a prominent lone member of one party holding a press conference surrounded by only the members of the other party it is to announce that the loner is switching parties ."  In fact, Mr. Slater, Lingle did something far more dangerous to the GOP than switching parties:  She pushed Democrat policies from inside the Republican Party . . . the very definition of a closet Democrat or a RINO.
Looking back at all the predicted cost overruns and the multiple extensions of the punishing rail tax, Lingle COULD HAVE STOPPED ALL THIS MADNESS back in 2005 by using her veto power like she promised she would.
But when Republicans wear the Democrat's leash and embrace the liberal agenda like RINO Linda Lingle enthusiastically did -- making a "deal with the devil" and supporting wasteful spending and high taxes as embodied in the Democrat get-rich-quick scheme rail project -- taxpayers get screwed forever with the $300 million per year, never-ending rail construction GET tax surcharge and the soon-to-be-implemented rail operations/maintenance tax in the form of higher property taxes to subsidize Lingle's money-losing public transportation boondoggle.
Let's look at Lingle's horrible political prediction that higher taxes and support for the Democrat agenda helps Republicans to get elected.  Below is a chart showing the number of elected Republicans while Lingle was governor.  Based on Lingle's prediction, the number of GOP members of the state senate and state house should have increased, right?  That's what "real net gain" means, correct?
Well, nope.  Linda Lingle and her liberal agenda started the rapid decline of elected Republicans during her two disappointing terms in office.  Then, her handmaiden Miriam Hellreich continued the trend (we're now down to just six elected Republicans).

If you ask Fritz Rohlfing and Miriam Hellreich, they'll tell you that Linda Lingle was fantastic.  She's their role model after all.  They embrace the RINO agenda by refusing to fight Democrats on any issues at all, while keeping our party officially neutral on issues and firmly on the sidelines.
But HIRA knows that Lingle's sorry and lasting legacy is how she worked hand in hand with Mufi to screw taxpayers and a lifetime of higher taxes to enrich Democrat special interest groups.

Her RINO undermining of the Hawaii GOP gave fellow RINO Charles Djou the 'courage' to write and push for passage of the legislation which actually created the wasteful HART bureaucracy which gets the proceeds from the Linda Lingle / Mufi Hanneman tax hike.
Lingle's legacy also includes installing RINO Brennon Morioka as party chair in 2003  -- YES, the very same Brennon Morioka who has been 2nd in command at Djou's HART for the past four yearscluelessly running up the pricetag to taxpayers and blowing through Lingle's tax increase rather than leading the fight against waste and overtaxation.

That is Linda Lingle's very un-Trump-like legacy.  And that is why having Lingle as the keynote speaker for the #NeverTrump Hawaii GOP's fake "pre-inaugural gala" is a SLAP IN THE FACE to Republicans statewide.  After being undermined by these #NeverTrump RINO's, here is the bottom line . . .

Hawaii's Trump for President campaign should hold its own event rather than holding its nose to help fund a dying organization whose RINO leaders did jack squat to assist Hawaii's Trump campaign.

With the Hawaii GOP deliberately keeping our party organization on the sidelines while Democrats and RINO's are gearing up in 2017 to push more massive tax increases for Lingle's rail and Djou's HART, the very idea of promoting RINO Lingle is obnoxious.

HIRA will expand on the failed and horrifying Lingle 'legacy' in upcoming newsletters.  She sold Republicans down the river on more issues than most people probably remember.  As a closet Democrat who ran opportunistically as a Republican (so she could be a big fish in our small GOP pond), Lingle ultimately left our party in shambles and under the control of RINO's like Hellreich, Saiki, Rohlfing and Marumoto.
So, while RINO's continue to hold our party hostage in Hawaii, Republicans statewide deserve to know what went wrong, so conservatives can rescue and repair our ailing party.  Simply put, Democrats will never implement the conservative agenda.  Neither will RINO's.  The only way for Republicans to see our policies and reforms implemented is to take back our party.


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