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Exercise Made Easy
April 202 0
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Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC
Exercise Made Easy

It is hard enough to maintain an exercise regime when times are normal, but now with the lockdown, very few are doing anything near what is required to maintain health.  Every week that passes without exercise will require 2 weeks to get back to where you were and that is if you can overcome the inertia that sets in with the inactivity.

In addition, lack of movement has a component that seems to always follow and that is eating more and the desire for the wrong foods. In other words, exercise improves the ability to maintain a good diet and to control habits and addictions.
So the question arises, how can we turn the " cave like experience " into a healing experience? 

The key factors are:
  • It must be efficient
  • Doesn't require an athletic history
  • It won't create injuries
  • Won't exhaust you
  • Doesn't take will power
  • Gets incredible results in a minimum of time
  • Opens up the entire circulatory system and lymphatic system
  • Doesn't require a trainer or special knowledge
  • Can be done at home
As most of you know, I was originally educated as a trainer in the Jack LaLanne Company. I have experience in nearly every kind of exercise and occasionally layout exercise program routines or instruct patients in their home or gym. This can only be done for a very low percentage of people. As such, I want to recommend a product and program that anyone can do that only takes 10 minutes, 2 times a day, and the results are phenomenal. This machine not only treats your muscles but the lymphatic system, which is the main defense system to viruses and cancer.

Over the years, I have tested all the different machines and found this one to be the most reasonable and more comfortable than those that sell for 5 times the price.  I have been recommending this machine for 3 years now and many of my patients already have it. Because of the present time crisis. I asked the company to give a discount to my patients. You will get $100 off the sale price plus free shipping when you use the code " doctorwagner "at check out. 

Go to their website, read about it and call them to ask questions if you have any.  They are extremely helpful. 

What I like most is the developer, Vicky Honey, who has written a booklet for 29 different conditions this machine is good for such as muscle strength, lymphatic congestion, poor circulation, fatigue, and weight loss. 


Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
tell your friends who may be suffering.
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