Issue 630 | 24 June 2020
Hello LINXers

Welcome to this very hot and grumpy edition of LINX. I hope you are keeping cool and enjoying the weather and not stuck in a small office all day with a very small window and multiple pieces of technology kicking out extra heat (like me!).

Before you dive into another packed edition of our lovely LINX, can I ask for a quick favour? I am producing a video capturing the community response during the pandemic and am looking for videos or footage you may have from your networks on this. Also, if you'd like to be a part of the video please give me a shout as well. You can email me or reach out through Twitter.
That's enough from me. I am off to sit in the freezer with the ice cream.

Lucy Straker
Policy & Communications Manager
Who's this? Another LINX?
Let us introduce you to one of our Twitter followers, Linx Hemlington - a youth project based in Middlesbrough since 1993. Linx believes in young people as future custodians, informal education and early intervention to make changes. Check them out and give them a follow!
News from across the sector
Charities call for boost to Gift Aid amid pandemic fundraising shortfall
We are supporting a campaign calling on the Government to temporarily increase the level of Gift Aid that can be claimed on donations.

The change would mean that a £100 donation from a UK taxpayer would increase to £133.33 for the charity once Gift Aid had been claimed. This compares to £125.00 as is currently be the case. 

The coalition estimates that this move could help charities to access an additional £450 million of much needed cash. It also includes changes to the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme to ensure it benefits all.

What you can and can't do after 4 July
The Government has set out its plan to return to what they call "as near normal as we can, for as many people as we can".

They have produced a guide outlining who can do what where and when.

This guidance includes what venues can or can't be opened, what you can do if you are a clinically vulnerable person and the COVID-19 secure safety guidelines for organisations.

Please note this guidance is only for England.

Lords Public Services Committee: Discussing the collaboration between volunteers, charities and the private sector
Listen back to the House of Lords Public Services Committee discussion held yesterday (24 June) where the role of charities within the delivery of public services was discussed.

Speakers included Kathy Evans, CEO of Children England and Paul Streets, CEO of Lloyd's Bank Foundation.

Eight out of 10 English councils at risk of bankruptcy, says study
More than eight out of 10 English councils providing adult social care services are at technical risk of bankruptcy – or face a fresh round of cuts to services – because they cannot meet the extra financial pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research by the Centre for Progressive Policy.

The majority of those councils that are in the “red wall” northern England and Midlands parliamentary seats won by the Tories from Labour at the last general election are at risk of going bust because of Covid-19 pressures, the study found.

The #NeverMoreNeeded  website is here and ready for you to use!

To fuel you all with content and activities to keep banging the #NeverMoreNeeded drum, the #NeverMoreNeeded website is now live. Click here to have a view.

We are adding new and sparkling content to it all the time - so if you think there's something missing give us a shout.

The website - and the campaign - is a collaborative project - you can see who's involved here.
Resources and guidance
Where is the government’s £750m package for charities being spent?

NPC (New Philanthropy Capital) has put together a breakdown of how, where and when the £750m of Government support for the voluntary sector has gone - or not gone.

Funds given directly by government departments have largely gone to tackle social issues exacerbated by the crisis, such as domestic violence and food insecurity, and to shore up institutions that it recognises are experiencing massive demand (such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and hospices) or will be required during and after the crisis (for example St John Ambulance).

Re-opening Village and Community Halls post COVID-19 closure

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) has published information to help village and community halls reopen once government coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

ACRE’s information sheet looks at how village halls can prepare risk assessments, ensure social distancing once open and introduce effective cleaning regimes. There are also some practical resources including checklists, notices for display in halls and sample terms of hire.

Coronavirus and loneliness

The Office of National Statistics has published its analysis of loneliness in Great Britain during the pandemic.

The study looks at two groups:

  • Those with "Chronic loneliness” – who feel lonely “often or always”
  • And those with “Lockdown loneliness” – who said their well-being had been affected during lockdown

Helping charities adapt during COVID-19

NAVCA member Cheshire West Voluntary Action has published a series of case studies aimed to help charities.

In this particular case study, they focus on their SkillShare project which has successfully matched local charity Innovent Recycling with other local charities to help them access the technology needed to work from home during the pandemic. 

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Video(s) of the week
If you missed NCVO and CAF's webinar last Wednesday on 'Building organisational resilience: Things for small charities to consider' - which was formed part of #SmallCharityWeek - then you can watch it again on YouTube. You're welcome.
Tech Corner
Welcome to our new section capturing the latest digital and techy news and resources for the voluntary sector.

This is designed to help those suffering from #TechTerror and satisfy the data/digital geeks hidden amongst us.

Remember to follow me, @Lucy_NAVCA, on Twitter for the latest digital news throughout the week.
The best digital survey tools for charities
Be honest with us, when was the last time you completed or ran a survey? I think we all got a bit survey-heavy during lockdown - but they are really important. Well most are anyway.

So next time you are thinking about running that all important (and quick - because they are never marketed as being long) survey then you might want to throw your eyes across this guide on the surveying software out there.
17 Engaging ideas for what to post on Twitter
Ever been stuck for what to write on Twitter? Unsure what's the best way to reach out to your followers?

Sprout Social has some good ideas which can help change your approach, thinking or just give you that spark of creativity that you need - especially when you are having to come up with fresh content daily.

Why more charities should be using LinkedIn
I'll be honest, LinkedIn is not my favourite social media platform but it does have its uses and can often be overlooked by the voluntary sector.

It is often seen as more of a space for the private sector and used as an after thought by our sector.

But here Charity Digital has created a guide to look at how best to understand and approach LinkedIn so you can get the best out of it.
How to wear and make a cloth face covering

Public Health England has issued guidance on how to wear and even make a face mask.

It emphasises that your face mask should cover both your nose and your mouth plus you should refrain from touching your mask whilst you wear it.

What you can do if you feel lonely during the coronavirus outbreak

Every Mind Matters has produced a guidance for people who have suffered from loneliness during lockdown and feeling anxiety about the slow opening up of services and adopting a new normal.

RNIB’s governance failures led to young people being harmed, inquiry finds

The Royal National Institute of Blind People let down children in its care due to systemic governance failings, a Charity Commission statutory inquiry has found. The charity regulator opened a statutory inquiry in March 2018 after the charity reported serious incidents relating to safeguarding and Ofsted’s intention to cancel the registration of the RNIB Pears Centre children’s home.

Health and social care
NAVCA is one of 20 VCS organisations that are part of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance , a partnership between voluntary sectors and the health and care system to provide a voice and improve the health and wellbeing for all communities. If you or your organisation would like to share your experiences and ideas with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, and Public Health England, you can do so via any of the HWA members. The full list is here.
'Invisible' unpaid carers going hungry in lockdown

Research from Sheffield and Birmingham universities suggests more than 100,000 unpaid carers in the UK have had to rely on food banks during the pandemic.

Helen Walker of Carers UK says unpaid carers are at "breaking point".

The study looked at the experiences of people caring for parents and disabled relatives during the lockdown - and found 229,000 unpaid carers were in households where people had "gone hungry".

Lockdown-busting crowds pack beaches and parks

Today (25 June) thousands of people defied lockdown warnings and flocked to beaches and parks amid another day of blistering temperatures — but in many areas the enjoyment was spoiled by disorder and/or piles of litter.

Antibody test lacks 'proper assessment'

COVID-19 antibody tests for NHS and care staff are being rolled out without "adequate assessment", experts warn.

The tests could place an unnecessary burden on the NHS, the 14 senior academics say in a letter in the BMJ.

Last month, the government said it had bought 10 million antibody tests and asked NHS trusts and care homes to make them available to staff in England.

The NAVCA Noticeboard
You can advertise your job vacancies, events and contracts on the NAVCA Noticeboard (it's free if you're a member) and through our Twitter page!

Just send details including a weblink to

Please note that NAVCA has signed up to the #ShowThePay campaign which states that when you don't say what you are willing to pay in a job advert, you are being exclusive and continuing to perpetuate and widen the gender, ethnicity and ability pay gaps. Therefore we will only promote jobs on our website that clearly states the pay grade.
Funding news and resources
Our funding section is brought to you by   Community Matters Yorkshire .

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust is a tennis charity raising funds for people with disabilities who play tennis. It was formed in 1997 and named after the late Dan Maskell “The Voice of Wimbledon” who was passionate about rehabilitation through sport. Deadline is 3 July.

The National Churches Trust has supported important projects at a wide range of places of worship through its grants programmes. They consider applications from listed and unlisted Christian places of worship throughout the UK. Deadline is 6 July.

Warburtons supports charities and the community in three ways: with financial support, product donations and the personal involvement of individual people - both Warburton family members and employees. Our main focus is on grass roots activities that have a positive effect on the aspirations, education, skills and employability of young people, as well as projects that are centred on family life, promoting healthier lifestyles and contributing to improvements in the local community.

Helping Hands is a community initiative where each local store has a budget to distribute to projects and schemes within the stores local community.

The Trust aims to help to provide facilities for the disabled to take part in country sports and recreation, and training in agriculture and horticulture.

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Liz Hughes talks about the opportunities around charity shops and the possible ‘new normal’.

IVAR's Emily Dyson and Rebecca Moran address the six ways VCSE leaders are adapting to Covid-19.

Katharine Patel from Buzzacott looks at how Covid-19 is impacting on the preparation of charity financial accounts.
Missing LINX
Welcome back to #MissingLINX - a bit of fun to keep you going through lockdown and beyond.

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