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November 2019
Thank you for the feedback on the preseason workshop. The attendance (31 members) was outstanding. The facility was ideal. Thank you to the presenters Jane Reilly and Frank Dowd, Barbara Wendt and Nelson Gonzalez, Cyna Buckley who were were excellent, prepared, and helpful. .

I appreciate Jane Reilly's suggestion for the format and topics. I'm so pleased with the program that i'm already
thinking about next year's (like no other topics or meeting items or test review during the workshop to provide more time during the sessions).

Some of us have already had our first swim meet of the season. Lets be professional, work with our partners, and enjoy the season.

From December 20-30 I will be away visiting my new granddaughter in Taiwan. If I don't respond to your correspondences to me right away, keep in mind that I'll be 13 hours ahead of you (when you're awake, I'll be sleeping).

Thank you,
George Fleckenstein
New Changes

T he New York State jewelry rule remains in effect.

During a meet, when a competitor is observed on the deck wearing jewelry, they are asked to remove that jewelry prior to competing.

If the competitor, or their coach, replies that the jewelry (or non-compliant suit) is religious in nature, the official shall ask the coach of the competitor if they have a Special Accommodation Waiver from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

If they have that waiver, they shall make it available to the meet referee so that they can ascertain the particulars of the waiver. The meet referee will then adhere to the specifics as put forth in that waiver.

If the coach advises the meet referee that they do not have a waiver to permit the wearing of the jewelry, they shall be advised that the participant will be permitted to participate in the
meet while wearing the jewelry. The referee, in addition, will tell the coach that they must obtain a Special Accommodation Waiver to legally permit the competitor to compete while wearing this jewelry in the future.

A competitor will never be denied the opportunity to compete while wearing jewelry for religious reasons.

In order to obtain a Special Accommodation Waiver, the coach of the competitor who has jewelry of a religious nature being worn, should contact their Athletic Director and advise them that they must procure a waiver from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. Said waiver can be procured by contacting the NYSPHSAA. Furthermore, the meet referee should indicate to the coach that the waiver request be done as soon as possible.

At the conclusion of the meet, it is the responsibility of the meet referee to contact their chapter rules interpreter and advise them that a competitor was permitted to compete while wearing jewelry for religious reasons. The meet referee shall then provide the chapter rules interpreter with the following information:
  • Date of the meet.
  • Name of the competitor who wore jewelry.
  • Name of the competitor’s coach.
  • Name of the school of the competitor.
  • ​ Nature of the jewelry that was worn. (Rope bracelet, necklace, ring, etc.)

This ends the responsibility of the meet referee.

The chapter rules interpreter (Bob Kersch) shall keep a list of any jewelry situations that have been brought to their attention where a competitor has worn jewelry in competition without a Special Accommodation Waiver from the NYSPHSAA.

If a chapter rules interpreter receives a second notification that a particular competitor was permitted to compete while wearing jewelry and does not have the required Special Accommodation Waiver, the rules interpreter shall:

1. Notify the Executive Director of their Section that a competitor was permitted to compete while wearing jewelry on two occasions without obtaining a Special Accommodation waiver from the NYSPHSAA.

2. Provide the Executive Director with the specifics of each of the meets where the competitor competed while wearing jewelry without a Special Accommodation Waiver.

3. Notify the members of New York State Certified Swimming Officials Association Rules Interpretation Committee with the same information provided to the Sectional Executive Director.

A member of the NYSCSOA Rules Interpretation Committee will then contact the designated NYSPHSAA personnel and advise them as to what has transpired with respect to the wearing of jewelry in competition without a Special Accommodation Waiver.

  • whistle
  • score pad
  • pen/pencil
  • Captains/Coaches mtg. agenda
  • diving score cards
  • late start forms
  • unsportsmanlike forms
  • clean, pressed white uniform
  • white footwear
  • positive attitude

Nov 25 - Dec 1 100 (Front)
Dec 2 - Dec 8 100 (Front)
Dec 9 – Dec 15 200 (Back)
Dec 16 – Dec 22 400 (Inward)
Dec 23 – Dec 29 5000 (Twist)
Dec 30 – Jan 5 5000 (Twist)
Jan 6 – Jan 12 300 (Reverse)
Jan 13 – Jan 19 100 (Front)
Jan 20 – Jan 26 200 (Back)
Jan 27 – Feb 2 400 (Inward)
Feb 3 – Feb 9 5000 (Twist)
Feb 10 – Feb 16 300 (Reverse)
LISOA Meeting Dates 

Tuesday,  December 3  - Relay Carnival, Sect. VIII  NCAC - clinic - 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday,  December 18   - Business Meeting - Long Island Expressway Visitors Center - 7:30 p.m.

Thursday,  January 9  - General Meeting

March 2019  - Annual Recognition Dinner Meeting

Active members are required to attend  a minimum of three (3) meetings and/or clinics . As prescribed in Article I of the By-Laws,  attendance at a rules interpretation meeting is required.
Things Every Diving Judge Should Know...

Diving Point Awards

10                    Excellent  – No visible flaws – Approach, hurdle, height, distance, execution and entry are all exceptional.

8½ – 9 ½         Very Good  – Approach, hurdle, height and/or distance slightly affected. Execution well defined.

7 – 8                Good  – Approach and hurdle unaffected. Height and distance acceptable. Execution defined, entry controlled, but slightly affected.

5 – 6½             Satisfactory  – Approach and hurdle acceptable. Height and distance adequate. Execution complete and entry slightly over or under.

2½ – 4½          Deficient  – Approach and hurdle affected. Height and distance inadequate. Execution affected and entry over or under.

½ – 2               Unsatisfactory  – Approach and hurdle affected. Height and distance inadequate. Execution not complete or broken position. Entry significantly affected.

0                     Failed .  
LISOA Annual Super Bowl Pool
A chance to win $500.00
Choose a box on our chart for $20.00 and you could win $500.00.
THANK YOU CHRIS HUGO for once again running this pool for us!
Notes from the Section VIII
meeting with
the coaches

Warm Downs will be determined at the Captains/Coaches Meeting - their options:

  1. No warm downs
  2. one lap
  3. two laps
  4. entire dead time between events

They will not have any 11-Dive dual meets.

The coaches were reminded with their backstroke flags "at least three pennants of two or more alternating colors shall hang from the line over each lane". Even if their pool is a rental.
(Rule 2-7-5 Penalty - For not providing backstroke flags which meet the rule specifications, the host team shall be disqualified from events which require
backstroke flags, the events are not swum and the points shall be awarded to the visiting team in proportion to the number of submitted athletes.)
When you walk in to officiate your meet, the first person you need to find is the  home team school supervisor . If you have crowd issues and/or would like to be escorted to your vehicle when you leave - that is your protector/escort/enforcer.
2019-2020 FEES

Section VIII
Middle School - $83.00
Varsity - $104.00

Section XI
Varsity - $114.50
Approximately 15-20 minutes prior to the meet, the referee and starter shall conduct a meeting with coaches and captains:

Discuss starting time, entry procedures (individual events and relays), declared false starts, lane assignments, number of heats (in championship meets), exhibition swims, starting protocol, scoring, availability of lap counters and use of lap counting devices, backup timing system, sportsmanship, logo rule, illegal attire, length of break and warm up after the 50-yard freestyle, when diving will be conducted, time for submission of diving score sheets, where results will be posted, where and when alternates, if used, should report, swimmers cheering at poolside leaving space for officials, students with disabilities and any other special concerns, FINA barcoded suits are legal for NFHS competition, tape is permitted to treat a documented medical condition provided signed documentation from an appropriate health‐care professional has been produced.     

Long Island Swimming Officials Association
Beyond expectations!

Our November 12 Pre-Season Workshop held at the Robert E. Lupinskie BOCES Center, in Westbury had 31 participants and ran very well with excellent presentations and great interaction.

Only feedback complaint: not enough time in each session.

Thank you to our session leaders:
Jane Reilly and Frank Dowd
Barbara Wendt and Nelson Gonzalez
Cyna Buckley

The facility was ideal, the content was spot-on and the small group setting was conducive to the material. This was a great step toward us becoming "Better and Consistent".

Thank you to Metro Swimming and Care Connect for our prizes.
At the workshop, the session leaders in some cases were not able to get through their complete presentation because there we so many questions - some related to their presentation and some not exactly.

At our December 18 meeting we will take a half hour answering your questions - but we will only allow up to two minutes per question so that we do not get bogged down, get off on a tangent or go on and on.

Come prepared with questions that you have - we will have cards to write them down and we will assemble a panel go through at least 15 written questions.
We officiate Middle School Swim Meets just as we officiate Varsity Swim Meets except as noted below. If we see an infraction, we raise our hand and make the call. The referee then informs the coach what the swimmer did incorrectly to be disqualified.

Our call is not punitive - its corrective.

The coaches, during their many hours of practices, instruct the swimmers the correct way to swim the strokes. When we do our job and enforce the rules, we not only reinforce the coach's training, we also keep the competition fair by not allowing someone that is violating the rules, "beat" a swimmer that may not be as fast yet, but is swimming the stroke correctly.

Modified/Junior High Sports Program

Swimming Game Rules:

1. The NFHS Rules of Swimming and Diving shall be followed except as indicated below.

2. A swimmer is permitted one false start before disqualification. The use of the no re-call false start rule shall not be utilized.

3. Swimmers may compete in a maximum of three (3) events. (1 relay and 2 individuals, or 2 relays and 1 individual).

4. The events and their order shall be:
• 200 yd./m. medley relay
• 200 yd./m. freestyle
• 100 yd./m. Individual medley
• 50 yd./m. freestyle
• Diving competition shall consist of (1) voluntary dive (not to exceed 1.8) which shall be done first: week 1-forward group; week 2-back group; week 3-inward group (begin rotation over), and three (3) optional dives: two (2) of the three (3) must be from different groups.
• 50 yd./m. butterfly (optional– 100 yd. butterfly)
• 100 yd./m. freestyle
• 50 yd./m. backstroke (optional– 100 yd. backstroke)
• 50 yd./m. breaststroke (optional – 100 yd. breaststroke)
• 200 yd./m. freestyle relay

Week of Nov. 18 100 Forward
Week of Nov. 25 200 Back
Week of Dec. 2 400 Inward
Week of Dec. 9 100 Forward
Week of Dec. 16 200 Back
Week of Dec 30 400 Inward
Week of Jan. 6 100 Forward
Week of Jan 13 200 Back

All swimming officials must remember their primary purposes when on deck. Officials shall conduct the meet in a professional manner, assure compliance with the NFHS rules and assure that no competitor has an unfair advantage. Officials shall remain mindful of the inherent risk of injury that competition poses to student athletes. Where appropriate, they shall inform event management of conditions or situations that appear unreasonably hazardous.

The purpose and goals of the LISOA and its members shall be to:   
  • Officiate all meets in a competent and professional manner.
  • Have its members actively work to improve interscholastic swimming and diving officiating.
  • Provide a consistent interpretation and administration of interscholastic swimming and diving rules.
  • Service and collaborate with the swimming and diving community for the improvement of swimming and diving.
George Fleckenstein
Vice President:
Ray Willie
Chris Zimmet
Barbara Wendt
Doug Virkus
Larry Wachter
Rules Interpreter:
Bob Kersch
Past President:
Frank Dowd

Charlie Schlegal
George Columbo
Jim McAllister
Dick Atwater
Jack Reilly
Frank Krayer
NYSCSO Distinguished Service Award Members

Bob Kersch (1990)
Stan Adler (1993)
Pete Moeschen (2004)
Mush Masters (2008)
Doug Virkus (2011)
Jim McAllister(2019)