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We have four meetings scheduled prior to the start of our season in December. I'll know next week where the October 17 meeting will be. The first diving clinic will now be on Monday, October 23 - a change from previous announcements. Things are fluid, we'll keep you informed.
Thank you,

George Fleckenstein, president 
This fall we have two diving clinics scheduled. You must attend one . They will both be held at the Nassau County Aquatic Center. We will be observing the Section VIII women's diving championships (division and county). We will provide explanations and commentary to each of the over 300 dives performed.

Monday, October 23 and
Wednesday, November 1

The diving begins at 5:00 p.m. and ends usually around 8:30 p.m.
Please attend for at least 1 1/2 hours at some point during either session.  
Section XI
Weekend Emergency Contact Information
August 15, 2017

From Tom Combs
Section XI Executive Director
We request that you inform your membership of the following procedure when emergencies are encountered regarding weekend assignments:

If they are unable to fulfill a Saturday or Sunday assignment due to an emergency, they are to call Assistant Director Pete Blieberg, cell # 516-313-0444 or home 631-277-2811 (please call cell first)
If they are unable to reach Pete Blieberg, they can contact me via my cell 631-433-3666
If neither Pete nor I am available and you can easily make a replacement, please do so and notify us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
We assume this will only happen on rare occasions.

However, if games are rescheduled (from Saturday to either Sunday or Monday), all reassigning must be authorized by Pete or me . We both have cell phones and answering machines, so there should not be a problem.

If, however, a school forgot or erred in requesting officials from our office, DO NOT ASSIGN OFFICIALS . Under such circumstances, officials who work without authorization will not be compensated .
LISOA Meeting Dates  

October 17 – Rules
interpretation  (required meeting)

 Diving Clinic – Oct. 23 or Nov. 1 
     (may attend both but will only
get credit for one)

 November 28th  - Informational

  January 23 – Annual Meeting
discuss championship meets

  March - Recognition Dinner Banquet
Things Every Diving Judge Should Know...
  1. Every diving judge should understand the concept of a “balk” in diving and how it DOES NOT affect the score they give for the dive.
  2. A “balk” is declared when a diver, after assuming a starting position, makes an obvious attempt to start the dive and then stops for any reason. If a diver “balks” they get to try the dive one more time. Upon successful completion of the dive on the second try, each judge scores the second attempt as if nothing happened but the REFEREE instructs the announcer to reduce each judge’s score by TWO points as a penalty for the balk).
  3. Every diving judge should know that “Degree of Difficulty” is NOT taken into account when judging a dive. Judges are to score the PERFORMANCE of the dive – not the DIFFICULTY of the dive.
  4. Every diving judge should know to be consistent with their judging and to not play favorites.

From springboarddivingblog.com
Both Section VIII and Section XI have opened their web sites so that you can now indicate your availability.
Section VIII Availability procedure
On October 2, you will be able to enter your availability on line. Please follow the directions below for SportsPak on-line.

1. Go to “SportsPak on-line”.

2. Click on Officials and om the drop down screen, go to Availability and click. Enter your Username (your Official #) and your Password and click “Sign in.”

3. Click the box next to the appropriate sport and click “Go.”

4. Click the box on the days of the week that you are able to work . NOTE: If you work multiple sports, you must enter different days. After your schedules are released to you, you can go back and open all dates to all sports for possible additional assignments .

5. Put a reasonable start time in for all days; if you do not get out of work until 3:30 pm, DO NOT put 4:00 pm as your available start time. Leave your end time open unless there is a specific time you need to be done by. All games are assigned in 120 minute blocks , so if you put 6:00 pm as an end time, you can only be assigned 4:00 pm games.

6. You can put in up to three non-preferred teams. Click “Submit” when you are finished. You will get a message saying that your availability has been updated if done correctly. Click “Close.” Zones are not able to be entered on-line, you MUST call in a zone change. If you are not sure what zones we have on file for you, you can call the office to check and/or update.
7. Go back to Officials and the drop down screen to “ Closeouts .” Select a season (ex. WINTER) and click on the first date box, the dates for the season will appear. Click “Go” and your calendar will appear.

8.  To Closeout dates you cannot work, go to the specific day or days and click the box. Scroll to the bottom of the calendar and click “Submit. ” If done correctly you get a message saying that the calendar has been updated. Click “ OK ” and scroll up to see your selected dates are now red, if not your Closeouts did not take. Try again or call the office for assistance.

9. An Override is ONLY used when your available times on a specific date are different than the times you submitted in your availability. (ex. Mondays you are available at 5 pm, but on Columbus Day you can be available from 9 am on…You go to that specific date, put 9:00 am in the “After” box and 10:00 pm in the “Before” box. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit.”) If done correctly, you will receive a message saying the calendar has been updated, click “OK” and scroll up to check that your selected.  Override date has the correct times and is now blue, if not your Override did not take. Try again or call the office for assistance. DO NOT USE THIS FOR EVERY DAY!!!!!! Scroll to bottom and click “Close.”

10. Go to right side of homepage and click “Logout” when you have completed the above steps.
Section VIII Officials contract:
Article 1, Section A 4.
Availability shall be submitted to the Office of the ED no later than eight (8) weeks (for the winter and spring seasons) prior to the first scheduled contest for that sport. The deadline for submission of availability for the fall season will be determined by the Office of the ED. These dates will be specified when the availability is distributed to the officials. Within five weeks of the first contest for that sport no additional dates may be closed by an official. Once the assignment process has begun if an official wishes to close any additional dates during this period he/she must notify the Office of the ED in writing.
NYSPHSAA Jewelry Rule
No jewelry, which includes visible body piercing objects, shall be worn in a sport. Any piece of jewelry that is visible at the start of or during a contest is in violation of the NYSPHSAA Jewelry Rule. Religious medals must be taped to the body and under the uniform. Medical medals must be taped to the body so they are visible. Soft, pliable barrettes are permissible, body gems are not. The use of metal hair fasteners to secure hair is permissible in Girls Gymnastics.

NOTE: The sports of Bowling and Golf are exempt from this rule. Wristwatches are permitted in cross country and in practice only for track and field. Hair restraints, to control a competitor’s hair, are permitted in track and field and cross country. (Dec. 2010)

No official shall use alcohol or any form of tobacco product beginning with arrival at the competition site until departure following the completion of the contest.

5 Reasons You Can't Sleep

by Jessica Migala,  AARP Bulletin , June 2016 |

Do you have insomnia or problems sleeping? See if these 5 reasons could be keeping you awake.
For the 70 million Americans who  suffer from insomnia , nighttime can be endless and exhausting. If you're a chronic non-sleeper, you've no doubt followed expert advice to turn off the electronics, keep the bedroom dark and cool, and avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed. But we've found five surprising reasons why you might not be sleeping through the night. And they're all fixable.

1. You eat a lot of fast food
As if you really need another reason to give up sweetened beverages, consider this: Adults who drank a lot of soda were more likely to sleep just five hours a night or less, according to a 2016 study in the journal Sleep Health. Consuming large amounts of sugar may increase insulin resistance and produce inflammation. Add to the soda a fast-food meal like a burger and fries, and you've got the perfect recipe for poor snoozing. "When your body is constantly putting out fires from   processing unhealthy foods , the result may be shallower sleep," says Michael Grandner, director of the Sleep & Health Research Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson.

2. Your back hurts
Of those who suffer from chronic pain, one-quarter said they have difficulty staying asleep at night, and 10 percent can't nod off easily, reports a 2017 study in BMC Family Practice. Unfortunately, pain can cause "micro-arousals" throughout the night, and insomnia can lower your pain tolerance. The result: a vicious cycle that feeds sleep problems.

3. You take sleep meds
Here's an eye-opening statistic: Sleep medicines give you just an extra 15 minutes of sleep per night on average, Oexman says. And you may not feel that refreshed the next day, either. "They have an amnesia effect, where you're still waking up,
you just don't remember it," he says. That's a big price to pay for dangerous side effects, including addiction, sleepwalking and falling. While the sleep hormone melatonin can be safer, most people take it incorrectly, Grandner says. Melatonin works to shift your body clock—not induce sleep.

 4. You're on a beta-blocker or SSRI
When it comes to keeping awake at night, sleep medications aren't the only drug offenders, Oexman says. Certain beta-blockers for hypertension (labetalol and propranolol), asthma medications (theophylline and corticosteroids) and SSRI antidepressants (fluoxetine or sertraline) can cause sleepless nights. Some over-the-counter pain relievers contain stimulating caffeine. Also, nonprescription allergy drugs and natural supplements like ginseng have been associated with insomnia.

5. You have undiagnosed sleep apnea
Think you don't have  sleep apnea  if you don't snore? Not true, Schotland says. Many of the 23 million Americans with obstructive sleep apnea have uncommon symptoms, including night sweating, morning headaches, dry mouth and, yes, insomnia. And not all sufferers are overweight, which is why it is frequently missed. One telltale sign: You're especially tired during the day. "Many peoole ignore this red flag," Schotland says.
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Knowledge of the Rules
 Proper rules knowledge includes knowing and understanding the rules as written, but also applying the intent of the rules. The correct application of the rules can also diffuse potential challenging situations.
Be a student of the sport - study the rules book. Knowledge will also help you anticipate situations. The penalty for a violation of the rules results in a disqualification of the athlete. For that reason, the benefit of the doubt should always go to the swimmer or diver.
Experience is your best teacher and your friend
Meet experience is the knowledge and skill gained through training, practice, time spent officiating and by observing veteran officials. This experience results in a more thorough understanding of the sport. Experience can be acquired many ways but it begins and builds through training. Continually reviewing rules and situations also makes you more knowledgeable and a better official.

Ongoing professional development leads to a greater ability to handle all situations in the pool. At the same time, experience will reinforce those lessons learned. Take the opportunity to observe higher-level meets. Also, a post-meet conference with your officiating partner can be a good opportunity to reflect on specific situations.

The purpose and goals of the LISOA and its members shall be to:   
Officiate all meets in a competent and professional manner.
Have its members actively work to improve interscholastic swimming and diving officiating.
Provide a consistent interpretation and administration of interscholastic swimming and diving rules.
Service and collaborate with the swimming and diving community for the improvement of swimming and diving.