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February 2019
Let's see how this goes ...

As we concluded our 61st successful swimming and diving season, would you consider that success sometimes is not a destination but a journey? That success isn't always a final goal, but a lifestyle that you keep struggling for, no matter what you've already accomplished?
Experiences are what make up our journey, the stories we tell?
Could the point of life be the journey - living a great story? Embracing conflicts and challenges, making the difficult choices?
Maybe the journey is often what brings us happiness.

Thank you,
 George Fleckenstein,
Long Island Swimming Officials Association
Annual Recognition Dinner Banquet

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Heritage Club at Bethpage
Bethpage State Park
7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Buffet Dinner
Raffle Auction

Rising Star
Team Player
Rock Star Rookie
Member of the Year

Honoring the 2018-19
All-Long Island Boy's Swimmer of the Year
All-Long Island Boy's Diver of the Year
All-Long Island Swimming Coach of the Year
Scholar-Athlete Award Recipient
Team Sportsmanship Recipients

Guest Speaker
Jennifer Rothman
Sports Development Manager
Discover Long Island

Raffle tickets
$20.00 for 5; $10.00 for 2

50/50 tickets - $5.00

No charge for LISOA members
$40.00 for your spouse or guest

Please contact Jane Reilly with your attendance plans.

LISOA Dates  

Friday/Saturday,  March 1,2  - NY State Boys Swimming and Diving Championships - NCAC

March 12, 2019  - Annual Recognition Dinner Banquet , Heritage Club at Bethpage - 7:30 p.m.

Active members are required to attend  a minimum of three (3) meetings and/or clinics . As prescribed in Article I of the By-Laws,   attendance at a rules interpretation meeting is required.

Things Every Diving Judge Should Know...
Be consistent in the application of the rules at all times and at all levels of competition.

Enforce all rules equitably and fairly. Do not allow rule infractions to go uncalled simply because no one has gained an advantage. If there is a violation, it must be called. Do not try to decide who might be unfairly affected by a violation. 

 Be knowledgeable of NFHS diving rules.

Study the NFHS Swimming and Diving Rules Book, including the situations and rulings, and attend rules meetings and diving clinics regularly as required by the state association or officials’ association to stay informed regarding current rules.
Boy's 2019 NYSPHSAA
Swimming and Diving Championships
Nassau County
Aquatic Center
Friday March 1st and Saturday March 2nd.

Friday March 1  Swimming Prelims/ALL Diving
8:30 -10:10 am Swimming Warm-up 
9:30 am One-Way Sprints Lanes 2,3
9:30 am Relay Starts Lane 4,7
8:30 am -12:45 pm Diving Warm-up 
10:30 am Swimming Prelims 
1:00 pm Diving (to completion, 11 dives) 
Saturday March 2   Swimming Finals 
8:30-10:10 am Swimming Warm-Up 
9:30 am One Way Sprints 2,3,4
9:30 am Relay Starts 5,6,7
10:30 am Start of Meet 
Event 1-200 Medley Relay  
Event 2-200 Freestyle 
Event 3-200 Individual Medley  
Event 4-50 Freestyle  
Event 5 -Diving (FRIDAY)  
Event 6-100 Butterfly  
Event 7-100 Freestyle  
Event 8-500 Freestyle  
Event 9-200 Freestyle Relay  
Event 10-100 Backstroke   
Event 11-100 Breaststroke  
Event 12-400 Freestyle Relay 
2:35 pm (approx) Meet Ends 
New York State
Boys Swimming
and Diving Champions

2018 Section 11 - Suffolk
2017 Section 11 - Suffolk
2016 Section 1 - Westchester
2015 Section 5 - Rochester

High School

2018 Ward Melville (11)
2017 Half Hollow Hills (11)
2016 Half Hollow Hills (11)
2015 Garden City (8)
Our Award Winners!

Our 2018-19 Scholar-Athlete
Award Winner

John Protano Jr. from Garden City High School with Scholar Athlete committee members Kevin Bishop and Jane Reilly and president George Fleckenstein.
LISOA Officials at the Section VIII Divisionals
Contribution to our Historical Display
Mr. Gordon Bertrand , the Pool Operator of Uniondale High School and a 65 year resident of Uniondale NY, contributed his copy of the Newsday article from December 26, 1956 - "New Uniondale High Pool Attracts Students, Adults"  to our Nassau County Aquatic Center LISOA History of Long Island High School Swimming display.

The "New" Uniondale High School was built in 1956 and included an indoor swimming pool - it was the first Long Island school to feature a swimming pool. Brentwood and West Islip soon followed and as those three schools organized swim teams and began competing against each other, they needed officials for their swim meets.

So, in 1957, Charlie Schlegal, George Columbo, Dick Atwater, Jack Reilly, Frank Krayer, and still officiating, Jim McAllister created the Long Island Swimming Officials Association.

Mr. Bertrand also donated a photo of Lou Brown, the first swimming coach on Long Island at Uniondale High School. We appreciate his donation of those documents from the inception of our organization 62 years ago. Please make sure that you thank him when you are officiating at Uniondale!
Let's Be Remarkable
“Be the light in someone's life.”  Debasish Mridha M.D
Chick-fil-A created this customer service training video to remind their employees that everyone they interact with is a chance to create a remarkable experience.

What impression or image are we presenting?

  1. Smile.
  2. The Right Handshake
  3. Introductions
  4. Speak Clearly
  5. Make Eye Contact
  6. Use Body Language.

We really don't know what is going on with the people that we deal with or what path led them to us.

So, let your light shine before others.

The coaches, swimmers and even fellow officials all have a story. They have joys and stresses, successes and disappointments, triumphs and tragedies.

"Every life has a story... if we only bother to read it"
All officials must remember their primary purposes when on deck. Officials shall conduct the meet in a professional manner, assure compliance with the NFHS rules and assure that no competitor has an unfair advantage. Officials shall remain mindful of the inherent risk of injury that competition poses to student athletes. Where appropriate, they shall inform event management of conditions or situations that appear unreasonably hazardous.

The purpose and goals of the LISOA and its members shall be to:   
Officiate all meets in a competent and professional manner.
Have its members actively work to improve interscholastic swimming and diving officiating.
Provide a consistent interpretation and administration of interscholastic swimming and diving rules.
Service and collaborate with the swimming and diving community for the improvement of swimming and diving.