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December 2018
Let's see how this goes ...

The season is almost halfway over... we had our halftime break... and in a few days we will resume our officiating. It's time to focus again.

Being focused is essential to becoming more effective. It's about doing our most important tasks to the highest standard. It helps us to become better officials.

When you are on the pool deck and you shut out all distractions and give your full, undivided attention to the task at hand - you are focused.

We live in a very busy world - but the more that we can focus for one and a half hours on the pool and the swimmers and divers, the more effective we will become as officials.

Happy New Year!

Thank you,
George Fleckenstein
The 2019 NYSPHSAA Boys Swimming and Diving Championships head to the Nassau County Aquatic Center on Long Island on Friday March 1st and Saturday March 2nd.

Friday March 1 Swimming Prelims/ALL Diving
8:30 am -10:10 am Swimming Warm-up 
9:30 am One-Way Sprints Lanes 2,3
9:30 am Relay Starts Lane 4,7
8:30 am -12:45 pm Diving Warm-up 
10:30 am Swimming Prelims 
1:00 pm Diving (to completion, 11 dives) 
Saturday March 2 Swimming Finals 
8:30-10:10 am Swimming Warm-Up 
9:30 am One Way Sprints 2,3,4
9:30 am Relay Starts 5,6,7
10:30 am Start of Meet 
Event 1-200 Medley Relay  
Event 2-200 Freestyle 
Event 3-200 Individual Medley  
Event 4-50 Freestyle  
Event 5 -Diving (FRIDAY)  
Event 6-100 Butterfly  
Event 7-100 Freestyle  
Event 8-500 Freestyle  
Event 9-200 Freestyle Relay  
Event 10-100 Backstroke   
Event 11-100 Breaststroke  
Event 12-400 Freestyle Relay 
2:35 pm (approx) Meet Ends 
Thank you Cyna Buckley for conducting another outstanding diving officiating clinic for your fellow LISOA members!
Frank Dowd and Bob Kersch (with the magic light stick) at their Uniondale swim meet.
The payout for Section VIII junior high/modified contest is $82.00.
LISOA Meeting Dates  

Thursday,  January 10  - Nominating/Business Meeting - Nassau BOCES, Clinton Avenue, Garden City - 7:30 p.m .

Tuesday,  January 29  - General Elections Meeting - Long Island Expressway Welcome Center - 7:30 p.m.

March 1,2, 2019 - NY State Boys Swimming and Diving Championships - NCAC

March 2019  - Annual Recognition Dinner Meeting

Active members are required to attend  a minimum of three (3) meetings and/or clinics . As prescribed in Article I of the By-Laws,   attendance at a rules interpretation meeting is required.

Things Every Diving Judge Should Know...
  • Each diving judge shall deduct 1⁄2-2 points for not stopping the oscillation of the board just before or after the starting position is assumed
  • Each diving judge shall deduct 1⁄2-2 points for foot/feet leaving the board prior to a back/inward takeoff
  • Each diving judge shall deduct 1⁄2-2 points for excessive oscillation
  • Each diving judge shall deduct 1⁄2-2 points for spreading the knees in the tuck position
  • Each diving judge shall deduct 1⁄2-2 points for entering the water to the side of the board
  • Each diving judge shall deduct 1⁄2-2 points for twisting manifestly from the board.
The Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, February 3. Get your box for our pool before they are full.
Thank you Chris Hugo for running our pool again this year. Each square is $20.00. See Chris for a chance to win $1000.00.
Long Island Swimming
Officials Association
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Thank you for considering support of the Long Island Swimming Officials Association.

We are the officials for Boys High School Swimming on Long Island! Since 1957, we have been enforcing the swimming and diving rules at high school, junior high, and local community swim meets. We also present recognitions for the fastest high school times on Long Island, team sportsmanship, and a scholar athlete college scholarship.

Your ad will be placed prominently in our full-color March 2019 dinner program – 100 will be published and distributed.

The Executive Board of the LISOA reserves the right to deny any ad which the board deems inappropriate.

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On behalf of our association and the many school-age athletes that we affect,
we appreciate your support!
2019 Swimming and Diving Championship Dates

Section XI

January 30 - Sachem East - League 1 - 4:15 pm
January 31 - Hauppauge - League 2 - 4:15 pm
February 7 - Hauppauge - Sectional Diving - 4:30 pm
February 9 - Suffolk County CC - Sectional Swimming - 10:00 am

Section VIII

January 31 - Nassau County AC - Divisional Diving - 5:00 pm
February 2 - Nassau County AC - Division Swimming -10:30 am
February 6 - Nassau County AC - Sectional Diving - 5:00 pm
February 8 - Nassau County AC - Section VIII Swim Trials - 6:30 pm
February 9 - Nassau County AC - Section VIII Swim Finals -12:00 pm

New York State

March 1-2 - Nassau County Aquatic Center - 10:30 am
NYSPHSAA Boys Swimming & Diving Championships

the Call
SITUATION A door slams shut as a diver begins the takeoff from the board. After the diver leaves the water, his coach rushes up to the referee and requests the diver be permitted to repeat the dive . 

RULING: Request Denied.  

COMMENT:   Notice must come from the from the diver immediately after execution of the dive during which was the interference. (9-6-2h)

SITUATION A diver balks at attempting a dive. The referee make no comment until the dive has been scored. 

RULING Incorrect procedure . (9-5-5)

COMMENT: The referee is to declare the balk before the dive is scored.

SITUATION The diver takes only two steps before making the hurdle to the end of the board..

RULING: Violation of the forward approach

COMMENT: The referee shall deduct 2 points from each of judges' scores. (9.8.1a)
Baking the perfect cookie
by SALLY MCKENNEY Costco Connection
The season of giving is here, which brings the season of baking. There’s no denying that this time of year screams for freshly baked treats, especially cookies. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced baker, it takes time and dedication together whip up a batch (or 10) of your favorite holiday treat. After years of baking cookies, I have some tricks up my sleeve. Let me help you navigate the world of baking with a couple of my tried-and-true tips.

For super-soft cookies, reduce the specified baking time by one minute. To help reduce excess spreading, chill the cookie dough for two to three hours before baking, and never place cookie dough on a warm baking sheet.

Another tip to help reduce overspreading is to line your baking sheets with silicone baking mats or parchment paper. Never coat them with butter, which creates a greasy foundation and causes the cookies to spread.

It’s also best to use room-temperature ingredients to ensure that the cookie dough comes together both quickly and easily; overmixing often leads to tough and brittle cookies.

And finally, follow the recipe. There’s a reason a recipe calls for certain ingredients and ratios. Baking is most definitely a science.

Glühwein, literally “glow wine” or German mulled wine, is a traditional German/Austrian holiday drink that is often enjoyed after a chilly day of skiing. Mulled wine is a warm beverage combined with different spices, red wine, citrus fruits and sugar. It fills your house with a wonderful aroma and warms you up on a cold winter night. Serve this warming, typically Austrian, festive drink during your holiday party!

My sister Marianne's recipe - she was born in Austria.

2 (750 ml) bottles dry white wine
1 c sugar
1 cinnamon stick
3 whole cloves 
1 whole allspice berry
1 star anise
1 orange, zest and juice
1 apple, diced
zest of 1/4 lemon

In a heavy-bottomed pot, combine all ingredients over high heat. Bring to a boil, then remove from heat.
Pour everything into a nonreactive container, cover and set in a cool, dry place for 1 to 2 days. Strain through a fine sieve into jars or bottles and refrigerate until ready to drink. Reheat before drinking, and check the acidity of the wine before serving, adding more sugar if desired. We like to reheat it in a crock pot and it stays warm, as you enjoy it, all day long.
Dive of the Week - 2018-19
Sections VIII and XI
Varsity Swim Meets

Week   Dive Group
Nov 25 - Dec 1 100 (Front)
Dec 2 - Dec 8 100 (Front)
Dec 9 – Dec 15 200 (Back)
Dec 16 – Dec 22 400 (Inward)
Dec 23 – Dec 29 5000 (Twist)
Dec 30 – Jan 5 5000 (Twist)
Jan 6 – Jan 12 300 (Reverse)
Jan 13 – Jan 19 100 (Front)
Jan 20 – Jan 26 200 (Back)
Jan 27 – Feb 2 400 (Inward)
Feb 3 – Feb 9 5000 (Twist)
Feb 10 – Feb 16 300 (Reverse )
Dives of the week

Week of: Nov. 26   100
Week of: Dec. 3    200
          Dec. 10  400
          Dec. 17  100
          Dec. 31  200
Week of: Jan. 7.    400   
The primary role of the official is to ensure fair competition which is conducted in a positive, safe and healthy environment and that actions of the competitors, coaches and other team personnel are in compliance with the rules.

The purpose and goals of the LISOA and its members shall be to:   
Officiate all meets in a competent and professional manner.
Have its members actively work to improve interscholastic swimming and diving officiating.
Provide a consistent interpretation and administration of interscholastic swimming and diving rules.
Service and collaborate with the swimming and diving community for the improvement of swimming and diving.