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I hope that each of you enjoy your summer!  Before long we'll be receiving our 2017-2018 rule books and we'll be completing our annual NFHS Swimming Officials test. You'll soon be receiving our 2017-2018 meeting dates.  In the mean time, have a safe and relaxing summer!   

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Managing Emotions is Key When Mistakes are Made
 NFHS 02/07/2017

It is a moment of dread that no official wants to face.

You, or another member of your crew, has just made a mistake while officiating a contest. The angst quickly builds as you assess the play where a misapplication of the rules or a miscalculation in judgement were used.

A byproduct of such an occurrence is what follows: the wrath of a coach or an emotion-filled reaction from players. You know it is coming, but how does an official deal with it? Where is that magic point where you allow a coach or player to fume, yet make sure the backlash doesn’t carry over into a violation of the rules?

“Managing emotions and maintaining a high level of game decorum are two major keys in these situations,” said Bryan Kemnetz, a 27-year high school official from Stillwater, Minn. 

Tips for handling conflict (Source: Australian Sports Commission):

  • Be professional – speak clearly and stay composed in heated situations. This demonstrates confidence in managing the situation. Avoid argument or debate, and don’t try to bluff through with unjustified rulings.
  • Remain calm – don’t over-react. Stay relaxed and adopt a low-key posture/body language. Use objective, neutral language.
  • Address the problem, not the emotions – try to put aside the emotions of all parties. Emotions inevitably inflame the situation. By dealing with the facts and the available evidence, the official is more likely to be seen as making a fair and appropriate decision.
  • Focus on the person: people are not objects, and they don’t like being treated as such. Acknowledge a participant with eye contact and use their name if possible. Recognise that they have something to say, and don’t just dismiss them.
  • Be fair – avoid team or individual bias at all costs. Demonstrating integrity is one of the greatest assets of an official.
  • Be confident and open – don’t be defensive or try to justify actions. Clarify decisions when appropriate, based on the facts and the evidence presented.

Be firm – deal with unacceptable behaviour firmly and quickly. Set boundaries in a polite, professional and assertive manner.

Things Every Diving Judge Should Know...
  • Every diving judge should know that a higher dive is a better dive. If two divers do the exact same dive with the exact same form, at the exact same distance and with the exact same entry -- but one of the divers went higher in the air, THAT diver should receive higher scores than the other diver.

  •   Every diving judge should understand and be able to identify a “crow hop” and should know that if two divers perform the exact same dive the exact same way, except for one of the divers “crow hops” on the takeoff, then that diver’s scores should be lower than the scores for the diver who did not “crow hop.” (A “crow hop” is defined as the lifting of one or both feet off of the board during a back or inward takeoff dive but prior to the actual takeoff for the dive.

  • Every diving judge should know to show their score immediately upon command of the announcer. All judges should show their score for each dive simultaneously.

Springboards and More Diving Blog
  Valid Times With A Single Manual Watch
  The referee is the head official and is responsible for making decisions on matters not specifically covered by the rules, and can order that a race be re-swum when there is obvious unfairness, such as a lane line malfunction or a power outage. In the case of a timing malfunction, the referee is expected to utilize other information or data such as his/her order of finish, times on other lanes, etc., to verify the single data point (watch/button) is accurate.  Referees have the authority to reject times that are clearly inaccurate and to determine placing without assigning a specific time to a swimmer.  A swimmer shall not be required to re-swim a completed race because of timing system failure.
(NFHS 5/10/2017)
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From our contracts

Section A - Assignment Procedures

4. Availability shall be submitted to the Office of the ED no later than eight (8) weeks (for the winter and spring seasons) prior to the first scheduled contest for that sport. The deadline for submission of availability for the fall season will be determined by the Office of the ED. These dates will be specified when the availability is distributed to the officials. Within five weeks of the first contest for that sport no additional dates may be closed by an official. Once the assignment process has begun if an official wishes to close any additional dates during this period he/she must notify the Office of the ED in writing.
  From our Section XI contract:


 2. Officials may update their availability dates prior to six weeks before the first scheduled Section XI contest in each sport. Final run of officials' schedules shall not be completed before the block out date deadline.

 3. Officials working more than one sport in a season will have the right to designate specific days of the week for each sport and his/her sport of preference.

 4. Officials are not to accept outside officiating commitments until the original assignments have been received by the official. Officials who are in violation of this will be penalized as set forth in Article VIII, C.
 During the final leg of the 200-yard medley relay, the swimmer pushes off the wall on his back, but rolls onto his stomach before any propulsive motion is made. The referee disqualifies the swimmer because he does not push off the wall toward his breast and his feet leave the wall while he is still on his back.
RULING: Incorrect procedure.

Provided the swimmer is at or past vertical toward the breast before the first kick, stroke or propulsive motion, the turn is considered legal. (8-2-4c)

2017 U. S. Open Swimming Championships on Long Island
2017 U.S. Open
Swimming Championships August 2-6
Nassau County Aquatic Center
East Meadow, NY
If you are interested in watching some of the worlds best swimmers live, the U.S. Open Swimming Championships will be in our backyard this summer.  The U.S. Open is a Championship Meet which is open to international teams and swimmers.  

The time standards are almost identical to the U.S. Olympic Trials, so some of the fastest swimmers in the world will be competing at the Nassau County Aquatic Center for five days in August.

Typically you can watch past, current and future Olympians compete at this swim meet.

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The purpose and goals of the LISOA and its members shall be to:  

Officiate all meets in a competent and professional manner.
Have its members actively work to improve interscholastic swimming and diving officiating.
Provide a consistent interpretation and administration of interscholastic swimming and diving rules.
Service and collaborate with the swimming and diving community for the improvement of swimming and diving.