Success Story!
Joanna is a 51 year-old single mother of three with one disabled child. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant with a denied federal refund of $2,179 due to denied self-employment income.
MVLS volunteer Chiara King stepped in, and, despite a complete lack of client bank records, was able to reconstruct details and obtain substantiation of Joanna’s self-employment income. Using this, Chiara convinced the IRS to agree to an amended return via an audit reconsideration – enabling Joanna to get her refund!

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19-0144618 | Baltimore City | IRS Tax
I was homeless and couldn't afford to pay my taxes
A 51 year-old part-time office cleaner has an outstanding IRS balance of $1,400 for the years 2013 and 2015, due to being homeless and unable to pay taxes at the time.

19-0143845 | Baltimore City | IRS Tax
Tax preparers have led me astray
A minimum wage employee at Foot Locker, who is responsible for financially supporting herself and her elderly mother, has an outstanding balance to the IRS of $16,122 from 2014-2017. The client's debt is partially due to a fraudulent tax preparer claiming that the client had a non-existent child.

19-0145501 | Baltimore City | IRS Tax
Lyft driver needs help with IRS balances
A 58 year-old Lyft Driver recently filed tax returns from 2016-2018, leaving her with an outstanding IRS balance of $2,500 due to insufficient withholding. The client was delayed in filing returns due to caring for her sick mother. In addition, the client is filing for bankruptcy.

19-0145102 | Baltimore City | IRS/MD Tax
I got bad advice from friends and now owe back taxes
A 54 year-old CVS pharmacy technician, who recently had surgery to repair a torn meniscus, has outstanding balances from 2015-2017 of $5,711 to the IRS and $9,712 to MD, due to receiving bad advice to file as exempt for past years. The client also needs to file 2014 tax returns to become compliant. 

19-0145088 | Price George's County | MD Tax
I can't take care of my mother if I lose my license
A 69 year-old disabled former State employee has a total MD tax balance of $19,992.47 from 2002-2006 and 2012-2013, arising from an inability to pay taxes during those years. The client had taken on additional work during those years, but ended up with more expenses than income. The client is currently being threatened with license suspension for this outstanding balance, leaving her unable to care for her 92 year-old mother.

19-0145319 | Price George's County | IRS/MD Tax
Lien(s) on me!
A 62 year-old disabled retired pensioner has multiple tax liens of unclear origin. A case search shows MD tax liens of $7,100 and IRS liens of over $10,000.
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