LK & Associates Representing SeeLess Solutions
LK & Associates is representing SeeLess Solutions in throughout the state of Florida effective immediately.
Based in Los Angeles, California, SeeLess is a manufacturer of revolutionary plaster mounting solutions designed to seamlessly embed in-wall wiring devices such as receptacles, light switches, outlets, keypads, dimmers, thermostats, and smoke detectors.
Plaster is a high-performance building material with natural beauty and inherent health benefits. Calcium, the main ingredient in gypsum plaster, is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and in our bodies. Using plaster as a building material is a natural and healthy choice. In addition, plaster can be molded and painted creating an infinite option of design possibilities. LEARN MORE 

Watch video to see standard devices versus standard installation HUGE aesthetic improvement WATCH HERE
SeeLess showed their vast solutions this year at CEDIA, including their two styles: The Designer style platform has soft, rounded corners, enabling the integrator, interior designer, or homeowner to be creative with the flow of the home's design. Meanwhile, the Architectural style platform has square corners, providing a more modern look.
For integrators, SeeLess products follow the same installation process as any standard electrical devices. The only additional step is that the drywall installer has to tape and mud around the platform, which is the same exact process they do to seam any drywall joints. 

The plaster mounts retail from $99 apiece up to $159 for switches, $119 to $149 for smoke detectors, $99 to $149 for thermostats, access points $159 to $179 and touch panels $179 to $199. Beveling is also offered at an additional cost.
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