November 22, 2018
LLP Annual Renewal and Invoices Are Now Available Online

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) certificate renewals are due January 2, 2019 . To complete your annual LLP certificate renewal and pay the fee, please log in to the Lawyer Portal and select My LLP from the drop down menu. The renewal form must   be completed prior to paying the fee online.

To finalize your renewal, you must complete two steps: renewal and payment.

  1. Complete the LLP Renewal form via the LLP Renewal tab.
  2. Pay your invoice online, via the LLP Account tab.

If you are a certificate holder for more than one Limited Liability Partnership, these two steps must be repeated for each LLP displayed on the My LLP tab in the Lawyer Portal.

A Renewal Guide is available on our website to assist in filling out your renewal form(s) and paying your invoice(s).
If the LLP annual renewal is not completed by January 2, 2019 , we are obligated by Rule 159.7(2) to notify the Registrar of Corporations that the certificate has expired. Renewing your LLP certificate after the deadline will result in additional fees and a new application (see Rule 159.7(5) ).
If you no longer require a Limited Liability Partnership Certificate, please contact  Membership Services  as soon as possible.

Technical Support
If you have any questions regarding any of the upcoming billings or using the Lawyer Portal , please contact us  toll-free at 1.800.661.9003 or by email  during our regular business hours.