LMC Graduation
February 2019

Apply for Spring 2019 Graduation by March 1!
If you will complete your degree or certificate in Spring 2019, the deadline to apply is March 1. Please be sure to see your counselor to verify that you are ready to graduate. You can also use Student Planning to check your academic progress. If you miss the March 1 deadline, your application will be processed for summer. 

Fall 2018 Grads
Students who applied and completed academic requirements in Fall 2018 will receive their diplomas soon and will be invited to attend the Spring 2019 Commencement Ceremony.

For Summer 2019 Graduation
If you plan to complete your academic requirements in Summer 2019, you can submit an  Early Graduation Application  through February 28. Apply one semester early and get an early registration date for Summer and get into the classes you need to graduate on time. 
For Fall 2019 Graduation
If you are completing your academic requirements in Fall 2019, you can submit an  Early Graduation Application beginning March 1. Apply early to get an earlier Fall registration date and get the classes you need to graduate. Students completing academic requirements in the fall will not participate in the Spring 2019 Commencement Ceremony.
Commencement Ceremony 
This year's commencement ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 24 at the football stadium. Students who have completed academic requirements during Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or are considered "approved" or "pending" for Spring 2019 semesters will be invited to attend the ceremony. More information will be available soon on the  Commencement Ceremony web page.
For more information review the A&R  Graduation Policies  web page and watch the  Commencement Ceremony  web page for more details. Summer grads who want to walk in the Spring 2019 ceremony can fill out an additional form (Available mid-April).