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Khalil Rahman, MD
LMS President 2021
Retirement is Not a Date, It is a Transition
Khalil Rahman, MD
During the pandemic we realized that the life is short. We need time for ourselves and for our loved ones. Retirement, for some of us, is around the corner. We plan our retirement for a long time. Some were rushed into retirement due to a number of factors over the last decade such as EMR (Electronic Medical records), ever rising overhead expenses, high labor costs, and decreased revenues due to lower payments by insurance companies and Medicare. When COVID 19 hit us, there was a mass exodus of health care providers with a speed unknown to us before this time. Physicians in the past used to work until they died. Those days are gone, we must plan retirement. A retirement never happens on a fixed date. Think of retirement as not a date but a phased transition over time.
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LMS Essay Contest Winners
UK College of Medicine Students
1st Place
Katherine Breetz
She Was There
I have wanted to be a pediatrician my entire life. Being the oldest of eleven made taking care of children feel like the best way to live my life, and definitely the most natural. Thus, I have always pictured the patients that would most impact me would be from the pediatric population. My first two years of medical school were full of stress and confusion and, frankly, led me to question my decision to start medical school in the first place. So, imagine the surprise when during my third year of medical school, not only did I rekindle my desire to become a physician, but it was a 70-year-old woman who reignited my passion for the practice of medicine and in an entirely different direction. She has been there, in the forefront of my mind, since providing her care. And there I hope she stays.
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2nd Place
Joshua Musalia
It was the first week of my third year of medical school. I was equal parts excited and scared to start the new year, especially given that I was hot off the heels of taking step 1 after an extremely difficult year and dedicated study season. On more than one occasion, I had shared with my wife my doubts about whether the medicine was still worth it. I was tired of the constant need to stay perfect, the hoops that I had to jump through to show my worth, the always present shadow of self-doubt, and the overwhelming sense of being an imposter in a system that was not built for me. I remember dreaming of leaving medicine, a career that I had aspired to since I was a small child growing up in my homeland of Nairobi, Kenya, and waking up with a smile on my face only to quickly realize that my reality had not changed.
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3rd Place
The Greatest Gift is Love
It was a couple minutes after the first bomb went off that my view into medicine, into life, completely changed.
My father was deployed to Afghanistan for two years. He is a big personality and came to know many Afghan locals. In August 2021, when the Afghan government fell, my father’s social media accounts received many messages as Afghans reached out to him in fear – seeking help as the Taliban blasted, beat, and murdered its way through the country.
(The author of this essay has asked to remain anonymous due to security reasons with the family members written about in the essay still hiding in Afghanistan.)

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