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A Call to Action on Senate Bill 150, Gender Affirming Care: Support the Governor's Veto

 By: Lee Dossett, MD

I originally wrote this column about 9 days ago as a call to action to contact state legislators to have them not override the Governor’s veto on SB 150. Unfortunately earlier today, prior to being published, the Kentucky house and senate did ultimately vote to override today March 29th. Despite that, I would still encourage you to contact your reps to voice your displeasure if they voted for this bill. They need to know that physicians are active and pay attention to law that comes between them and their patients.

In my inaugural newsletter this year I mentioned the importance of physician advocacy to our patients and our profession. I revisited the topic last month to give a summary of our advocacy trip to Washington DC with AMA. And while I won’t be writing about this topic every month, I feel compelled to raise the topic again and this time with a call to action.


As you may be aware, the Kentucky legislative session is coming to an end. All bills that have passed have sent to the Governor’s desk for signature or veto. One such bill is SB 150, which quickly passed on the last day of the session after incorporating language from other bills. SB 150 ultimately includes a bad on all gender-affirming health care for trans kids and teenagers in Kentucky. That would include surgery, hormone therapy, and puberty blockers. Thankfully language that also restricted mental health services or counseling was removed prior to passage. It does require patients on hormone therapy to be tapered from it or stopped immediately, which would have severe consequence for patients.  To Read More CLICK HERE


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Mindful Eating for Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

By John A. Patterson MD, MSPH, FAAFP, ABIHM

Founding co-chair LMS Physician Wellness Program

What you eat and how you eat are both important factors in determining your overall health.


What to eat? The world’s leading nutrition researchers are sending a very clear public health message based on the best scientific evidence available. For more than 70 years, the Department of Nutrition of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has conducted rigorous scientific research on the relationship between food and health. Their conclusion? To promote health, prevent disease and extend life, half of your food servings should come from fruits and vegetables.


HSPH researchers agree the healthiest eating plan includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, focusing on a ‘rainbow’ of colors (dark green, red, yellow, orange) to provide abundant amounts of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients- both known to have special health-promoting and disease-preventing properties. HSPH researchers created the Healthy Eating Plate as a science-based guide that recommends a dietary approach to protect against cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems and other chronic medical conditions.



Behavioral Finance and Asset Allocation

By John Boardman, Ballast



An emotional investor is very likely to make poor decisions in his or her financial life. Various experts (DALBAR, American College, etc.) have done in-depth studies to measure exactly how investment returns have lagged behind the overall market performance. Measuring this behavior over an extended period for an “average investor” has proven difficult. The exact difference, in our opinion, is not as important as the undeniable trends in the activity that occurs throughout full market cycles. The data tells us investors can be their own worst enemies.


The chart below measures mutual fund flows over what we would classify (at least) as a full market cycle (2000 through 2010). Notice how buying and selling activity follows market momentum. The highest inflows (buys) came near the top of the Tech Bubble in 2000 and, conversely, the highest outflows (sales) happened at the bottom of the market during the Financial Crisis in 2009. If we think about the most opportune time to invest in the last twenty years, you would be hard-pressed to find a better time than March 2009 (a close second place was March 2020, which also saw massive equity outflows).



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Senate Bill 12 Will Help Physicians Care for Themselves

By James Schack, M.D., Family Medicine Physician

President, Northern Kentucky Medical Society

I was very grateful to see Senate Bill 12 pass unanimously through both chambers this session. This piece of KMA priority legislation was signed last week by the Governor and will become law. The new law encourages physicians to seek care when needed through a wellness program and ensures that a record of a physician’s participation in such a program is confidential and has legal protections. I went to Frankfort during Physicians’ Day at the Capitol to advocate for this bill among others. I was particularly interested in supporting SB12 because of a personal experience I had, which may be similar to something many of you have experienced during your career.


Last year I was called by a neighbor for urgent help for her family member who had attempted suicide. The family had already called 911, but due to living in a rural area, response time was likely to be 15-20 minutes. I quicky drove over to their home to provide aid. As I entered the room, the scene was traumatic due to the manner of the suicide attempt. I did everything any of you would do at such a scene. I quickly felt for a pulse, which was faint, I assessed and stabilized injuries, reassessed a few seconds later for a pulse, which was now difficult to feel. I began administering CPR while waiting for the EMS to arrive and transfer her to a local hospital. Due to the traumatic nature of the attempt, I called ahead to the hospital to give the ER physicians there an idea of what was on their way. I then tried to console the family and returned home. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter I was contacted by the family that the person had succumbed to their injuries.


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