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by Charles L. Papp, M.D.
Health Care Reform: How Did We Get Where We Are?
This is my last newsletter and, fully aware of the risks, I would like to say a few things about health care reform. American health care has been debated, regulated, and legislated for decades. The topic is hotly debated amongst the presidential candidates, Congress, and President Trump. The discussions vary widely, and many hold strong opinions. Because of this, some of my comments may generate strong reactions, but before I am tarred and feathered, I need to give a disclaimer.  (To Read More CLICK HERE )

LMS Senior Physician Holiday Lunch 
Please join us on Friday, December 13th at noon for our annual holiday luncheon at Bronte Bistro at Joseph Beth in Lexington Green.

RSVP to  or call the Society office at 859-278-0569.

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Year End Review: Strategic Plan 2017-19
Thrive by Leading & Caring
By Christopher Hickey, LMS, EVP/CEO
It is hard to believe Dr. Charles Papp's year as our LMS president is concluding. The year included sustaining successful programs started in previous years and implementing a couple of new ones.
Here is a review of our past year.

Goal 1: Physician Wellness
Th e LMS Physician Wellness Program (PWP), has completed its fourth year. The PWP provides free counseling sessions, 8 per calendar year, to address life's normal difficulties with a psychologist group LMS has contracted with. This service is completely confidential. LMS pays a monthly invoice based on the number of visits, no names. The PWP service started in January, 2016 and expanded to include all University of Kentucky Graduate Medical Education residents and fellows in July, 2016. The PWP, since its inception, has provided 818 counseling sessions for active physicians and residents and fellows.

LMS, in working with other medical societies with PWPs, has created an award-winning toolkit and website ( which provides medical societies with all the tools they need to start a program. The result is over two dozen medical societies have established PWPs for their members. This is up from three at the beginning of 2016.
Analysis: Continue to fund and support the LMS PWP.  (To Read More CLICK HERE )  
KMA Prepares for 2020 General Assembly; Launches New Website;
The 2020 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly convenes on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Legislators will meet for 60 legislative days and must pass a two-year budget. KMA expects discussion and debate on bills to begin very quickly once legislators convene. Public pensions will likely dominate the budget discussions, but other items, including Medicaid funding, will receive a lot of attention as well. KMA will monitor the budget process closely to ensure that a "provider tax" is not considered as a revenue option.  (To Read More CLICK HERE )

Medical Student Emergency Relief Capital Campaign
Help those University of Kentucky medical students, who otherwise don't have a means of support, with life's unexpected financial emergencies. Please consider contributing $100 or $50 to this program to show our medical students we have their back.

The Lexington Medical Society Foundation is establishing a new program called "Medical Student Emergency Relief." The purpose of this program is to provide grants to University of Kentucky medical students, who otherwise don't have a means of support, that face unplanned, unbudgeted life emergencies.


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