January 2022 e-Newsletter

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Khalil Rahman, MD
LMS President 2021
LMS Presidential Transition: Goals for 2022
Khalil Rahman, MD
I would first like to thank Dr. Borders for his aspirational leadership of the Lexington Medical Society over the last year. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve this esteemed organization as President in 2022, especially in these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, the insidious nature of COVID-19 has kept it a part of our everyday lives. We have lost many to this virus and will continue to feel it’s effects for years to come as young and previously healthy patients develop chronic sequelae from COVID-19 infections. We have faced many challenges, such as misinformation, which has sowed distrust in systems that helped save so many lives. We have also seen great success, such as the impressive work of the scientific community that allowed for a fast rollout of vaccines and widespread  testing efforts. Our active medical organizations have seen successes despite many obstacles encountered, and we must look to the future to continue to help our family, friends, and make the community safe.

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Welcome to New LMS Members
Drs. Phililp Bernard, James Combs, Leigha High, Bjorn Holestol, Luke Iannuzzi, Matthew Laton, Blaine Mischen, Eva Olariu, Justin Penticuff, Karen Playforth, Pranatartiharan Ramachandran, Katherine Roden, Marina Saad, Nasir Siddiqi, Joel Simon, Beverly Smith, Nicolas Villelli, Savannah Walker, and Catlin Wilson
2022 LMS Leadership
President: Khalil Rahman, MD
Vice President: Angela Dearinger, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Tina Fawns, MD
President-Elect: Lee Dossett, MD
Vice President-Elect: Hope Cottrill, MD
Executive Board Chair: James Borders, MD
2022 KMA Legislative Preview:
Building on Success
By Cory Meadows, KMA Deputy EVP/Director of Advocacy &
Emily Schott, KMA Director of Communications
The 2022 session of the Kentucky General Assembly officially kicks off on Tuesday, Jan. 4. As with all even-numbered years, the session will last for 60 days and legislators will be busy passing the state’s biennium budget, which will be bolstered by millions of dollars provided to the Commonwealth through the American Rescue Plan Act, as well as working on decennial census redistricting. While that certainly makes for a lot of ground to be covered, KMA is prepared to ensure the voices of physicians and patients are heard in 2022.
This year’s session follows a historically successful 2021 session, during which the KMA saw five priority issues become law. Such issues included telehealth expansion, mental health parity, co-pay accumulator, prior authorization for medication-assisted treatment, and COVID-19 liability protections.
For a full recap, members are encouraged to review the KMA 2021 Advocacy in Action Achievement Report, available at kyma.org/advocacy, which outlines each of the bills that passed, along with additional healthcare-related legislation.

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