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What Economics Can Teach Us About Healthcare

 By: Lee Dossett, MD

I was an economics minor in college, and I still find the field of study interesting. There is a concept I learned called the tragedy of the commons that I still often think about. The tragedy of the commons highlights the dilemma that arises when individuals act in their own self-interest, depleting a shared resource and ultimately leading to its degradation or even collapse. Think of a group of herdsmen grazing cattle on shared land. Each herdsman has the incentive to add cattle, but if they all act in their own self-interest and add animals, eventually the land will no longer be able to support them. Typically, you hear about this today when talking about climate change. However, this concept is increasingly relevant in healthcare as we grapple with the challenges of resource allocation and ensuring optimal care for all. 



David Bensema, MD Presented

LMS Highest Award,

the Jack Trevey Community Service Award

David Bensema, MD was presented the Jack Trevey Award for Community Service, the Lexington Medical Society’s highest honor, by Lee Dossett, MD, LMS President, on May 16th, 2023, at the LMS Dinner Meeting at the Signature Club. Dr. Bensema is a past Kentucky Medical Association and LMS President, American Medical Association delegate, and a mentor to a generation of physicians and medical students.


The Jack Trevey Award for Community Service is the Lexington Medical Society’s highest award. It is named after Dr. Jack Trevey, who was a true leader in our Medical Society and our community, as well as a servant of all of Kentucky as a member of the State House of Representatives and the State Senate. The Trevey Award is given to member physicians who demonstrate outstanding service to the community through volunteerism and/or service in state or local government. This award is not given out every year; it is only given when an individual has served their community in an exceptional manner.



CONGRATULATIONS to the UK College of Medicine Class of 2023

LMS Annual Essay Contest Winners Were Presented Their Prizes at the May 16 Dinner Meeting

Physician Category:

1st Place

Danesh Mazloomdoost, MD

Physician Category:

2nd Place:

Asha Shenoi, MD

Resident Category:

1st Place:

Andrew Williams, DO

Medical Student Category:

1st Place:

Sasha Sairajeev

Medical Student Category:

2nd Place:

Alicia Fields

Medical Student Category:

3rd Place:

Hannah Cleary

Thank you to our May Dinner Sponsors:


6/2/2023 Senior Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth

7/7/2023 Senior Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth

8/4/2023 Senior Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth

8/26-8/27 KMA Annual Meeting TBA Marriott Louisville East

9/1/2023 Senior Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth

9/21/2023 Career Chats 6:30-8:30pm Signature Club

10/6/2023 Senior Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth

10/6-10/07 LMS Bourbon Chase Team Run

10/10/2023 LMS Dinner Meeting 6-8pm Signature Club

11/3/2023 Senior Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth

12/1/2023 Senior Holiday Luncheon Noon Bronte Bistro/Joseph Beth



CLICK HERE theme of this year’s meeting, “Rejuvenating Medicine: Innovation and Inspiration Across Kentucky,” will highlight the contributions of physicians to patient care and the ways they inspire their communities. The meeting will also include KMA’s “Meet the Mandates” education sessions, which will allow physicians to obtain all state-mandated CME before the end of the three-year cycle.


S.T.O.P    A Simple Mindfulness Practice for Physicians & Patients


By John A. Patterson MD, MSPH, FAAFP, ABIHM

Founding co-chair LMS Physician Wellness Program

Modern life and the COVID pandemic are taking its toll on our nation’s mental and physical health. Physicians and their patients both suffer from stress-related conditions and burnout. Multiple national surveys have documented an alarming increase in perceived stress, anxiety, depression and suicide among health professionals and their patients. Our health and our very lives depend on our ability to manage stress in healthy ways at home, at work, in traffic, in relationships- and simply inside our own skin. We need simple tools that we can use personally and also prescribe to bring some calm to the chaos- some peace to the frenzy- some kindness to the aggression and competition. S.T.O.P. is one such tool- taken from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction curriculum (1). This practice can take as little time as a few seconds or as much time as you like.


“S” is for “Stop” and take Stock

Aren’t there times when you just need a break- even for a minute- even for a breath? Make yourself a promise to recognize several times each day when you need some self-care and rejuvenation and simply stop. Step out of the unskillful, habitual reactivity of automatic pilot mode and step into the present moment.


Market Outlook: Q2 2023

By John M. Fidler, Investment Officer, Stock Yards Bank & Trust


Markets have moved broadly higher so far this year, as the S&P 500 gained 9% through April 30 and international equity markets rose close as well. Bond prices moved higher as the 10-year Treasury yield declined from around 4% to just below 3.5%. Commodities were mostly higher (especially precious metals) though oil prices fell. Currencies were mixed but finished April generally little-changed for the year. These moves masked significant volatility in the first quarter. For instance, the S&P 500 traded upward to nearly 4,250 in early February before correcting below 3,900 in early March. The market then reversed course, closing above 4,100 on March 31.


This relatively contained trading range belies substantial economic volatility and liquidity concerns over the past two months. Central banks hoping to break the back of inflation and cool an overheating economy want risk-taking to be curtailed. But central banking is not an exact science, and during tightening cycles, things eventually start to break. We do not believe the failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB), Signature Bank, and First Republic are indicative of larger systemic risk, as the failures of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). While we may see more bank failures, there is no liquidity crunch or deposit crisis at US regional banks in aggregate. However, these bank failures are symptoms of a broad tightening of financial market liquidity that has far-reaching and ongoing effects, and will likely hasten the economy’s push towards recession.


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