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James Borders, MD
LMS President 2021
Patient Satisfaction vs Patient Experience
James Borders, MD
Patient “satisfaction” now factors into the amount of fees that hospitals receive from government payers. This policy, a feature of the Affordable Care Act, requires the withholding of a percentage of total Medicare reimbursements that can be earned back by hospitals achieving high scores in areas of patient satisfaction on surveys mailed to patients after leaving the hospital.  By making hospital personnel and services accountable to meet patients’ expectations, so goes the reasoning, care quality and safety in the hospital should improve. Most of the survey questions administered by the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey pertain to nursing care, but several of the 32 questions inquire about perceptions of the care rendered by the physician treatment team. 
"Take It From Me" Campaign
Doctor Turns Patient - A Family's Multigenerational Battle with COVID-19
By Allison Perry, UK Public Relations
For nine days, Dr. Darren Johnson lay in a room on the 10th floor of the University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital watching his vital signs fluctuate on the bedside monitor. After nearly three decades of performing knee and shoulder surgeries for UK HealthCare’s orthopedic patients, he found himself on the other side of the physician-patient relationship as he battled an aggressive case of COVID-19. When one of his nurses angled the monitor away, he insisted it be turned back to face him.
“I stared at that monitor, because I knew it was my lifeline,” he said. “So each time they turned that oxygen up and the oxygen saturation got below 90, I was just smart enough to know, ‘Darren, that’s probably not great.’” To Read More CLICK HERE
Baptist Health Lexington's Response
to the Pandemic
By James Borders, MD, CMO, Baptist Health Lexington
One of the earliest challenges Baptist addressed was the personal protective equipment (PPE) supply shortage, forcing some creative strategies to meet that need. Baptist system engaged our nine system hospitals to wrestle with the potential ethical challenges of ventilator rationing. The protocols developed were never deployed, but the process remains in place to form a framework for use in a future pandemic.

Baptist worked to provide COVID-19 PCR testing for seriously ill patients requiring admission who were assigned to negative pressure segregated telemetry floor beds or ICU’s. Others presenting to our emergency department who did not meet admission criteria were sent home with oxygen monitoring and contingency plans for admission if their clinical picture deteriorated. To Read More CLICK HERE
CHI Saint Joseph Health's Response to the Pandemic
By Dan Gouson, MD, CMO, SJH & SJE
2020 was a year like no other. While we have dealt with infectious diseases in the past, the changing and prolonged nature of the COVID-19 pandemic brought many unique challenges, including those with PPE, staffing affected by quarantine, evolving guidelines and a fear of the unknown. It has also brought a renewed sense of how much our communities appreciate our health care heroes.
Through it all, our providers and employees have been flexible and resilient as they adjusted to new information, treatments and even ways to serve our patients. They have remained vigilant in adhering to recommended public health policies and practices – wearing a mask and social distancing – and encouraging the practice throughout our communities. To Read More CLICK HERE
UK HealthCare Reflects on Year of Resiliency and Perseverance
By Kristi Willett, Director of Medical Campus Public Relations
March marks one year since the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted and altered everyone’s life. As we reflect on the past year, it is not just the challenges and hardships remembered but also the resiliency and perseverance of everyone from patient care providers at UK HealthCare on the front-lines taking care of COVID-19 positive patients to those in our clinical laboratories, our emergency departments, our ambulatory clinics and environmental services employees. Regardless of their position or role, everyone was impacted in a million big and small ways.
“If anyone was ever unsure whether by working in the health care field, they were making a difference, we have truly seen that we do,” said Dr. Mark Newman, UK executive vice president for health affairs. “If I were to describe a silver lining of the COVID19 pandemic, it would be that people now truly understand the value of UK HealthCare and our health care workers.”
On March 6, it was one year since Kentucky confirmed the first case of COVID-19 – a patient admitted to University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital.
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