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Social Determinants of Health - Hidden Levers of Health Outcomes

 By: Lee Dossett, MD

During the annual KMA convention last month in Louisville, the educational portion of the meeting dealt with defining, recognizing, and managing the social determinants of health (SDOH) of patients. This is a term that entered the healthcare vernacular in the last few years and was not something I learned about in my training in the 2000’s.  Intuitively, I think physicians have always recognized the social factors that affect our patient’s health and ability to access the healthcare system. These non-medical factors wield a profound influence on an individual's health and well-being, and it's crucial for doctors to grasp why they matter deeply in our daily practice.


SDOH encompasses a multitude of factors, ranging from financial stability, education, and employment opportunities to housing quality, social support networks, and access to nourishing food. These conditions, in which individuals are born, live, work, and age, collectively mold their health outcomes. To Read More CLICK HERE


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Benjamin Cloyd, MD Med/Peds


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Thank you to the following physicians for making our Career Chats event a success for the UK medical students:

Andrea Banks, MD

David Bensema, MD

Hannah Brown, MD

Katherine Copely, MD

Hope Cottrill, MD

William Davey, MD

George Dimeling, MD

Lee Dossett, MD

Nicole Everman, MD

Maheera Farsi, DO

Michael Francis, MD

Rebecca Freeland, MD

Amy Gewirtz, MD

Faiza Hassan, MD

Miriam Henry, MD

Paula Hollingsworth, MD

Mehdi Khosravi, MD

Evan Lynch, MD, PhD

Sarah McClanahan, DO

Timothy Morgan, DO

Sarah O’Leary, MD

Reshma Oodal, MD

Greg Osetinsky, MD

Charles Papp, MD

Dhruv Patel, MD

Krista Perry, DO

Samuel Potter, MD

Dinesh Ramaiah, MBBS

James Rossi, MD

John Sartini, MD

Paul Sloan, MD

Ryan Stanton, MD

Julia Stevens, MD

John Stewart, MD

Kim Stigers, MD

Alice Thornton, MD

Jennifer Torres Yee, MD

Tom Waid, MD

Danielle Walsh, MD

Dennis Williams, MD

Emery Wilson, MD

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LMS Featured Physician

Jessica Adkins Murphy, MD

Member since 2021

As I was growing up, I always felt the most valuable experiences in my life came from meeting new people, building connections, and hearing their stories. In college, I spent a few years working as a journalist for that very reason: it felt like a career I could use to connect with others, hear their stories, and amplify their personal experiences to impact a larger issue. Later in college, after shadowing in the emergency department, I found I could apply that same passion and curiosity to medicine and have a more immediate, observable impact on the lives of patients willing to share their stories with me. Now, as an emergency medicine physician at the University of Kentucky, I am honored by patients' trust every day.



Michael Kuduk, MD, Inaugurated as

2023-24 KMA President

By Emily Schott, KMA Director of Communications

Michael Kuduk, M.D., a Winchester pediatrician, was installed as the 173rd President of the Kentucky Medical Association on Aug. 27 during the organization’s Annual Meeting.


KMA members also elected four other officers during the 2023 meeting. Evelyn Montgomery Jones, M.D., of Paducah was elected President-Elect, and Jiapeng Huang, M.D., of Louisville was elected Vice President. Christine Ko, M.D., of Lexington, was elected Treasurer and Christopher Jones, M.D., of Louisville was elected Secretary after a constitutional amendment dividing the position of Secretary-Treasurer into two positions was passed during the House of Delegates. To Read More CLICK HERE

A Simple Mindfulness Practice

  By John A. Patterson MD, MSPH, FAAFP, ABIHM

Founding co-chair LMS Physician Wellness Program

The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence- Thomas Merton


Merton was talking about the violence we do to ourselves. Our lives are full of hurrying and worrying. Our to-do lists drive our behaviors. Our minds spend so much time in the past and the future. We don’t take time to ‘smell the roses.’ We mindlessly rush and hurry so much, we overlook the present- the only time we ever really have to live our lives. Mindfulness is an antidote to this epidemic of distraction.  

Mindfulness can help us promote resilience, the ability to bounce back from life’s stressors as they push and pull us off our center. Mindfulness can help up manage stress and even find its energy potentially motivating. Mindfulness can help us prevent the burnout and exhaustion so prevalent across society. Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone. It can help us avoid self-violence, improve our health and even save our lives. To Read More CLICK HERE

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LMS Foundation Grant Recipient:

Camp Horsin' Around

By Carrie Truitt, Executive Director

Camp Horsin’ Around – Who We Are

Camp Horsin’ Around enriches the lives of children whose health is compromised or who have special needs by collaborating with organized groups to provide an outdoor camp adventure.


Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Perryville, Kentucky, our 191-acre facility offers state-of-the-art ADA-accessible buildings, including five furnished and air-conditioned cabins, dining hall, and a medical building, and fully accessible activity areas such as a two-acre pond, swimming pool, miniature golf course, archery, and much more! To Read More CLICK HERE

Determining a Retirement Savings Rate

By: Andy Reynolds, CFP®, MBA

As we meet with new families, we continually hear the same two questions: 1) are we making good decisions with the money we earn, and 2) are we saving enough for retirement? These questions are typical whether a person is 35 years old or 55 years old. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, prior to the pandemic, Americans were saving around 7% of their disposable income1. This figure peaked substantially during COVID, hit 12.4% in May 2021, and accounts for 4.1% of disposable personal income as of April 2023. Note, this is a savings rate relative to their disposable income. Fortunately for many of the people we work with, when compared to the average, most of our clients are saving more than their peers. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are saving enough to meet their own personal goals. To Read More CLICK HERE

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