September 2019 Issue
Friday, September 13th
Lee District Park Grand Re-Opening Celebration
Lee District Park is OPEN and BEAUTIFUL! Come join us and check out the newly resurfaced field!
We will be kicking off a year long celebration of our 50th Anniversary! Be a part of our ribbon cutting ceremony! Win prizes at the juggling contest! Score a goal at Friday Night Lights pick up soccer games. Best of all... an AUTOGRAPHED ball from Washington Spirit will be raffled off!!
Why Join the Athletic Performance Program
Why join APP? During this training, players will focus on developing speed, strength, agility, and endurance? Looking to prevent or recover from injuries? LMVSC Director of Athletic Performance Collin Smith will be providing clinics year round. Open to both our basketball and soccer players, these clinics will teach players all the physical skills they will need to maximize their potential on the court or on the field.
Rec Soccer Opening Weekend!
Rec Soccer started this past weekend! Can the spring champs defend their title? We'll see!! Schedules are now available online! Follow us on social media for pics!
Training with George Mason's Men's Soccer Team
LMVSC Patriots will have the opportunity to train with George Mason Patriots!!!
In October, LMVSC players will train with GM Patriots one hour before the game and then stay to cheer on the team! Tickets are $3!!! The first 25 kids to sign up will get to be ball chasers during the game! Stay tunes for more info!
This month marked the beginning of the u7/u8 NextGen Academy. Players were introduced to the professional staff and had their first session, beginning their journey to travel soccer. This year round program is designed to give players in our rec league a chance to develop their individual skills at an accelerated rate while competing against other local clubs on Saturdays.
Coaches focus on individual dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and even the basics of team play.
Our recent graduates (shown above) from the academy took home first place in the Dulles National Tournament!!

Registration for the Academy is still open! For more information, contact Director of Player Development Vincent Vergamini.
Team Night at Washington Spirit 9.14.2009
September Recovery Method from the Director of Athletic Performance
With the season underway, hydration should be at the forefront of any athlete’s mind. One of the best performance enhancements aides for any athlete is none other than H20…..WATER!

Besides creating discomfort and thirst, dehydration to the tune of only 2% of the body’s water mass has shown to greatly decrease exercise performance . An easy way to make sure you know you’re hydrated enough to perform at top levels is: Divide your body weight in half and drink at least an ounce per pound of body weight throughout the day. (Example: 140lb Athlete should drink at least 70 ounces of water a day)
Congratulations Kenza Alaoui, Travel Coach of the Month
"My favorite part of working for LMVSC is getting to work with talented young athletes that are passionate about their sport and driven to take their game to the next level."

Did you know that Kenza played for LMVSC?

Did you know that she likes to scuba dive?

Find our more below!

7 Ways to Support Your Player
As a relatively new parent I now have first-hand knowledge that the theory of parenting is much easier than the daily test of living it out - soccer parenting adds an extra twist to an already complex job. Learn how you can help your player grow!
Tips on how to build a relationship with your child’s coach  
Often times, a parent-coach relationship can be neglected and/or overlooked. Knowing who is the coach of your child’s team is one thing. But, getting to know your child’s coach is completely different.
As everyone in the field of developing soccer players will tell you, player development is a long term process, a marathon. It is not a sprint. Mastery never comes easy. Read more from
LMVSC Director of Player Development, Julian Lee Chang

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