Luv-N-Bunns Newsletter : November 2020
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for everything you do to keep Luv-N-Bunns hopping. This sure has been a year unlike any other, but with your help and support, we have been able to keep rescuing bunns and finding them their forever families. As always, we are so incredibly grateful for your kindness, generosity, and compassion. From all of us to all of you, we hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday!
Because our rabbits' medical bills are our biggest expense, we're always so truly grateful for your support. Thank you! You can donate via PayPal

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Although we can't all be together in person this year, we are planning a fun evening for all of our wonderful supporters, including goodies sent out ahead of time, amazing raffle baskets, and of course an update on all our work this year to save bunnies. Please join us on Saturday, December 12th, from 7:00-8:00PM. One silver lining to the festivities being virtual this year? You don't have to be local to take part. This is open to everyone (and even everybun!). Every registrant gets 10 free raffle tickets. Hop over to the link below to purchase your ticket for the party!


Our 2021 calendars have gone to print! The expected arrival date is Monday, so get those orders in. Trust us ... they'll fill your year with cuteness! Calendars are $12 each, and you can email Liz at to order. She'll give you payment options when you email and ship them to you in plenty of time for the holidays!

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Scooter is looking for a home!

This little cutie is a dwarf mix, and he's hoping to spend this holiday season in his forever home. He can be a bit shy, but once he knows you, he enjoys hanging out nearby and will even give you a little nudge with his head! And if you have a treat? Well, then he'll hop right up and rub your ankles! If you'd like to adopt Scooter, please email

X-Wing is looking for a home!

Meet X-Wing! This honey bunny was born into the rescue in May of this year, and now she's on the search for a family of her very own! She's a sweet and curious gal who loves to explores, jump on the sofa, and do Bunny 500s. Her foster mama says, "She loves being pet, and likes children (who are gentle with her, of course!) Her fur is so soft and shiny. When you approach her ex-pen, she runs over and stands against the bars to greet you. If you're interested in adding X-Wing to your family, please email

Miso was just adopted from LNB, and as you can see, she's already made herself quite at home! Here's what her family has to say:

"Miso is loving life with her new teenager, learning all about online high school and messy bedrooms. Her and Kirra are almost inseparable, she loves being held and snuggled, or she is zooming around like a maniac. Kirra has rearranged her room so Miso has a safe place to chill and they can be bunk mates!" 

You might remember Marshmallow from our REW Week - well, look at her now! This update from her new family makes us so hoppy:

"Miss Marshmallow and Max are still bonding quite well, they eat meals together and play often. When we let Marshmallow out of her pen the first thing she does is run to my bedroom door and look for Max, it’s so adorable!! Max seems to be accepting her in his space for the most part. He can be a grumpy old man and thump at me, but he treats Marshmallow with respect. We haven’t had any fights at all yet! She is super sweet and loving, she seems to be adjusting quickly to our loud house, and my kids seem to be quieting down a smidge now that she’s here (yay mom bonus 😂)."


Hello there, friends! It's me again, Jasper Jellybean, and today I have a really important topic for us to discuss. Sibelle requested a BCC column on what to include in a bunny first aid kit. As anyone with a rabbit knows, us bunns often seem to choose a weekend, holiday, or the nighttime not to feel well - basically any time your regular vet is unavailable. It's like an unwritten rule of rabbitdom.

And so the first and most important thing I would say to include in a bunny first aid kit is the phone number of both your regular rabbit-savvy vet and also a rabbit-savvy emergency vet. Us bunns can be really resilient, but we can also be pretty fragile, and time is often of the essence. Please, please, please - I cannot stress this enough - choose both vets even before you bring your bunn home. You do not want to be scrambling around and trying to find one when your rabbit already needs medical care.

Now, that said ... there are some items it's super important for you to have on hand at home. Infant gas drops (simethicone) can be very helpful when your bunny has some gas pains or an upset stomach. You should also have a bag of either Oxbow Critical Care or Sherwood Pet Health Recovery Food. Us bunnies can't go without eating for very long, and if you have a bunn who is refusing even his or her favorite things to munch on, you may need to force feed with a syringe (another item to include in the first aid kit). A VERY IMPORTANT note here : your rabbit's vet should be consulted before force feeding so that you can make sure the bunny does not have a blockage. If so, force feeding can actually make things worse. But - it's still a good idea to include this in your first aid kit, because there are many times where it ends up being necessary. Also, a #BunnyProTip for all the bunns out there : it is hilariously funny if you spit out the critical care on your human's face. Bonus points if you can kick the syringe and send it flying across the room. Not that I would know anything about that...


Also important to include in the first aid kit? Any medications your bunn is currently taking. For example, some rabbits with arthritis or other conditions may need daily pain medicine. For me ... I have had a clogged tear duct in my right eye a few times over the past several years, so Ma always has a supply of eye drops from my vet, just in case I need them. Please always note the expiration date on any medicines, though.

Other items to include : something to keep your bunny's temperature up in cases of stasis (some people use heating pads for this, and I also have a cozy blanket!). A digital thermometer so you can keep track of your rabbit's temperature if he/she isn't feeling well is also a good thing to put into that kit. For a tutorial on how to take your bunn's temperature, check out this video from the Georgia House Rabbit Society : You can add some towels into your kit, too, in case a "bunny burrito" is needed. It's also a good idea to have styptic powder. This will help to clot up a bleeding nail. A couple years ago, one of my nails got caught in something and the whole thing ripped off. Blood ended up in three different rooms, and my poor Ma ended up in a panic and rushed me to the vet. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my vet and vet tech had to calm HER down as much as me!

Okay, friends, now I'd love for you to chime in. What items are in your bunn's first aid kit?

Until next time ...

Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean