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Monday, Jan. 27, 2020

Florida flag

Pictured very top:

Thank you to Gabriel Perez Valentin who repaired this wall mural after student backpacks had scraped off some of the design over time. Mr. Perez Valentin is a member of our custodial crew, but as you can see, is also a talented artist!

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Lake Nona Middle School

On Monday we already head into the last school week of January. This is Literacy Week at Lake Nona and for many schools across the state of Florida (below). We will celebrate each day with a special theme and we encourage all of our Knights to get actively involved this year!

As for this final January 2020 edition, we have included a number of student recognitions & accolades. That is a large part of each edition as we have so many students that "travel the extra mile." We are very proud of each and every student's efforts, but when we see some of these great examples of "the winning behaviors" in play, we are delighted to showcase their success stories for our Lake Nona community.

The roadway of that extra mile is never crowded.

Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead and thank you for completing the 2020 Parent Survey if this applies to your household.

With Knight Pride,

Stephanie R. Jackson, M. Ed.
Lake Nona Middle School

A reminder again for 2020 Knights. If you should ever see or hear of something suspicious or unusual, please say something right away to any teacher, administrator, coach or our SRO. Thank you.

Dates To Watch For

January 27 - 6th Grade Scoliosis Screening  - PE
January 29 - Basketball vs Meadow Woods - Away - 5:00 PM
January 30 - Orchestra Philharmonic Field Trip -  1:00 PM
January 31 - Student of the Month/Citizen of the Month - Gym - 8:00 AM
February 3 - Basketball vs Hunters Creek - Away - 5:00 PM
February 4 - SAC Meeting - Media Center - 5:00 PM
February 5 - Basketball vs Westridge - Away - 5:00 PM
February 6 - 6th Grade Chorus Field trip - Orlando Repertory Theater
February 6 - National Junior French Honor Society Voltaire Induction - Cafeteria
February 8 - Multicultural Day - Cafeteria


Special Events

Welcome Our Newest Knight!

We have great news! Our principal, Mrs. Jackson, gave birth to a baby boy, Noah Jackson. She is planning on returning in late March. There are three assistant principals, Ms. Herold, Mr. Rosado, and Ms. Wood, ready to continue supporting our parents and community members during her maternity leave.

Congratulations to Mrs. Jackson and her family!

Knight Survey

Our parents are one of our greatest resources to the success of our school. In an effort to improve school practices, LNMS along with all OCPS schools is conducting a Parent Survey as a part of our ongoing resources for next school year's School Improvement Plan.

Please take a moment and click the link below to take this year's survey.

Knight Media Minutes
The week of January 27-31, 2020 has been designated as Celebrate Literacy Week by the state of Florida's Department of Education. Activities highlighting and promoting literacy will be taking place at schools throughout the state.  We wanted to give you a heads up so you can plan to participate in some of the awesome activities taking place next week!

* Door decorating contest through 1st period classes (Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd)
* Bookmark contest - Design your own bookmark dealing with reading, literacy, or books! (Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

* Check out a book and get entered into a drawing for prizes and add your name to the Reader Counter!

* Get Caught reading by administrative or resource team member and they'll give you a ticket to redeem in the media center for a prize!

* Canvas - daily book trailers via announcements

We also celebrate our amazing SSYRA readers! On Wednesday we will have a catered Panera breakfast for our students who have read 5 or more of this year's Sunshine State books. We have over 40 students attending and that is amazing!

All students who read 3 of the SSYRA books receive a reward card and are entitled to activities and goodies throughout the year. Here are all our card holders to date:

  • Cruz, Jatniel
  • Gage, Andrew
  • Rodante, Alana
  • Rutan, Mathew
  • Armstrong, Lovisa
  • Kern, Natalie
  • Meyer, Carrington
  • Malmqvist, Anna
  • Marcus, Logan
  • Alberti, Eliana
  • Ruiz, Sylvester
  • DiFrancesco, Mauro
  • Gage, Adrienne
  • Herrera-Calderon, Abril
  • Trinidad, Daniela
  • Salh, Dhillan
  • Drauer, Alexandra
  • Nimmala, Riya
  • Perry, Grayson
  • Solomon, Laila
  • Fielding, Stone
  • Bivol, Carolina
  • Mejia, Sebastian
  • Gomez, Mason
  • Fagan, Mia
  • Meyer, Carrington
  • Trujillo Mendoze, Maria
  • Siegel, Abigail
  • Kapoor, Krish
  • Iyer, Rupin
  • Morales, Juan
  • Flores, ALaena
  • Gage, Alison
  • Haywood, Kyra
  • Kalidindi, Arya
  • Richgels, Delaney
  • Torres, Lily
  • Ali, Safi
  • Gooding, Chloe
  • Peck, Blaise
  • Manchikanti, Vandana
  • Krishnan, Aditya
  • Sreekanth, Shreya
  • Mejia, Steven
  • Valentin, Gabriela
  • Ding, Ashley
  • Sreekanth, Shruti
  • Goponenko, Ivan
  • Venkatraman, Maya
  • Rivera-Rios, Joelys
  • Nanduri, Arjun
  • Romero, Lucas
  • Bingler, Ella
  • Contreras, Isabella

Knight Orientation

We would like to thank all the parents and 5th grade students that attended the Rising 6th Grade Orientation. The orientation was packed with information targeting our new 6th graders' success for next year.

Knight GeoBees

The following Knights were the winners of our GeoBee National Geographic Club competition at the school level. The winner, Aditya Krishnan, now qualifies to take an online exam to earn a spot to compete in the state of Florida competition in March. Students have worked very hard to study and in addition to the competition, the students have been creating their own study materials and have made heritage powerpoints.

1. 1st Place: Aditya Krishnan
2. 2nd Place: Renoa Mahmud
3. 3rd place: Isabelle Kielbasa

Competing also were:
4. Crystal Malaykhan
5. Taina Berrios

This year's GeoBee winners: Aditya Krishnan, Renoa Mahmud, Isabelle Kielbasa

Congratulations to all of our participants for their study and great effort!

More Knight Bees
Spanish Spelling Bee

Saul Yuniz and Luisa G. Rodriguez Escamilla represented LNMS at the Spanish Spelling Bee contest. The Bee promotes knowledge of the Spanish Language as well as encourages students to continue their pursuit of that knowledge. They both made it to the third round . . . Congratulations!

Principal's Honor Roll
Students received certificates for making all A's during the 2nd Quarter.

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Knight Sports
It is the start of basketball season and our defending division champions tipped off in front of a packed house this past Wednesday against Innovation Middle School!

With nerves running high our Lady Knights got off to a slow start. Once the first couple of baskets went in, the early game jitters vanished and there was no turning back from there. They played tremendous basketball! Seven of our Lady Knights converted on the offensive end with Aliana Quesada leading the way for our Knights with 10 points. The Lady Knights beat the Phoenixes by a final score of 38-6!

Our gentlemen did not disappoint! Due to the high numbers of boys trying out, they only had four days of practice before the big game. However, they still managed to look like a well-seasoned team. Nine players scored for our Knights. Denzel Flete and Tyler Mills both led the team in scoring with 11 points apiece. The final score at the end of the game was 43-11 with the Knights finishing on top!

Eighth grader Avery Johnson did an exceptional job singing the National Anthem!

Huge thank you to everyone that came to support our teams on their season openers. It was a fun night in the Kingdom! Next games are on Wednesday at Meadow Woods Middle School starting at 5pm.

~ Irimar Hernandez, Athletic Director, Physical Education

2019-2020 Girls Basketball Team
* 8th Isabella Abraham #33
* 8th Taciana Baruso #1
* 7th Soleil DeJesus #5
* 7th Chole Le #33
* 7th Amaya Macapinlac #30
* 8th Alla Oskarsdottir #12
* 8th Aliana Quesada #42
* 7th Alanis Quintero #23
* 8th Delaney Richgels #2
* 8th Asia Rogers #11
* 7th Victorious Smith #21
* 8th Madison Villanueva #41

Team Managers
* Dana Smith
* Kamyla Vega
* Analyse DeJesus
2019-2020 Boys Basketball Team
* Torres, Dylan
* Cruz, Dionel
* Silva, Dylan
* Barber, Alexander
* Wimberly, Culdainian
* McAllister, Kemani
* Hopper, Zachary
* Lavoie, Alexander
* Brown, Jonathan
* Dyer, Lewis
* Mills, Tyler
* Flete, Denzel
* Jones, Dylan
* Lugo, Aaron
* Peralta, Diego
* Roundtree, Salot

Weekly Success Indicators
Indicators that directly or indirectly impact student achievement.

Weekly Indicator
Dec. 13
(5 days)
Dec. 20
(5 days)
Jan. 10
(4 days)
Jan. 17
(5 days)
Jan. 24
(4 days)
Classroom visits by members of the administrative team
87 104
Total parent logins into the new Skyward Family Access system (includes multiple logins by the same parent/guardian)
167 302
Teacher attendance rate
97% 97%
Attendance - 6th
Attendance - 7th
Attendance - 8th
Tardies to School - 6th
Tardies to School - 7th
Tardies to School - 8th
Tardies to Class - 6th
Tardies to Class - 7th
Tardies to Class - 8th
On-time buses - mornings
On-time buses - afternoons
Library books circulated - 6th
Library books circulated - 7th
Library books circulated - 8th
Tutoring - Wed. 2nd/4th in the PM
Tutoring - Tues.
Tutoring - Thurs.
Tutoring - Sat. Lab
Lan School Tracking
Restorative Justice
** Prepared courtesy of Mrs. Cheryl Wood, Assistant Principal.   
Leadership Team

Principal: Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Lindsey Herold
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
7th Grade Administrative Dean: Tangala Butler-Wilson
6th Grade Administrative Dean: Wanda Perkins


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