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Mary Wescoat,

Valerie Cho Chung Hing,
Vice President

Leslie Pampinella,
Vice President

Samantha Brewer,
Vice President

Kim Forsch,
Vice President

LaToya Price-Childs, Vice President of Business Partners

Bridgette Eastwood,
Vice President of Communications

Lindsay Schmerbeck, 
Vice President of Communications

Heather Teijlo,
Vice President of Fall Fundraiser

Mary Wescoat,
Vice President of Fall Fundraiser

Amanda Johnson,
Vice President of Runathon

Katrina Otchet, 
Vice President of Runathon

Kelly McClintok,
Vice President of Holiday Shop 

Lindsay Westrick,
Vice President of Holiday Shop

Katy Balon,

Heather Teijlo, 

Jasynda Davis,

Yvonne Watson,
Middle School Liaison

Kimalee Rowley,
Staff Liaison

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Principal's Message
Welcome Back from Mr. Raymond Wilson

The PTO Report

The Laurel Nokomis School Parent Teacher Organization (LNS PTO) is composed of parents, teachers, staff, and friends of LNS who:
  • volunteer for the purpose of enhancing the educational environment of LNS students, 
  • encourage academic, social and personal excellence and development of our students, 
  • foster an atmosphere of cooperation and communication within the school community through partnerships with the School and 
  • provide support to our teachers and administrators so that they can provide the highest quality educational services to our students. 
The LNS PTO accomplishes its purpose by planning, funding and implementing diverse activities and programs at the school that enrich the lives of students and families at LNS and throughout Sarasota County.  PTO volunteers help raise funds and give their time to support extracurricular programs, provide needed equipment and put on fun programs for our students and staff. 

The PTO Board of Directors would like to welcome you back to school! They are excited to be involved in the LNS Community this school year and committed to build on a wonderful foundation of involved parents and a caring community. 

The PTO Virtual Meeting schedule will be coming out soon! Check out our next newsletter for the dates and times.

If you have any questions regarding the LNS PTO, please contact them at laurelnokomispto@gmail.com or ask a Board member when you see one!

Membership Drive and Contest

You would not believe all that the LNS PTO does to help our school!  Join the PTO to help make a difference, stay informed about things happening at the school, and to have fun! You can help as much or as little as your schedule will allow and the meetings are always optional.

Membership is an annual $10 donation for the entire family. 100% of the monies raised go back directly to support the needs of our school, teachers and students. 

Joining the PTO is easier than ever! The membership form can be found on the PTO website here. 


The LNS PTO is excited to announce that we will once again host a membership drive contest! The classrooms with the highest percentage of families joining the PTO will win one of the prizes listed below.

  • 1st Place - The class with the highest percentage will win a $200 Teacher Award and an ICE CREAM TREAT for their class!
  • 2nd Place - The class with the second highest percentage will win a $125 Teacher Award and an ICE CREAM TREAT for their class!
  • 3rd Place - The class with the third highest percentage will win a $75 Teacher Award and an ICE CREAM TREAT for their class!
All applications will need to be turned into the front office 
to be eligible for the contest.

All Staff Members have an opportunity to become PTO Members during our annual welcome back breakfast on August 24th!  Everyone that becomes a member on or before this date will be entered to win FABULOUS DOOR PRIZES including gift cards and the MAIN PRIZE - an AIR PURIFIER for your classroom!

Thank you for your support!  We are looking forward to another AMAZING YEAR!!!

Annual LNS PTO Staff Breakfast

The PTO is excited to sponsor our Annual LNS PTO Staff Breakfast! 

The LNS staff will be feasting on an assorted variety of breakfast sandwiches, fruit, pastries and oatmeal from Panera Bread. 

New Touchless Water Filling Stations


Due to COVID-19 and safety guidelines, ALL TRADITIONAL WATER FOUNTAINS WILL BE SHUT OFF until further notice.

The LNS PTO purchased several touchless water bottle filling stations that will be available in various areas of our campus. 

Students are encouraged to bring their own bottled water to school daily. 

Please label water bottles with student's name.

Water bottles will also be available for purchase in the cafeteria at lunch. 

PTO Improvements


Over the summer, the PTO was pleased to provide several improvements to Laurel Nokomis School. These improvements include:
  • 6 Touchless Water Filling Stations
  • 6 New Trash Cans
  • New Power-Washer
  • A New & Improved Sound System for the Parent Pick-up Line
Thank you to all of the families that helped fundraise to make these improvements possible!

Fundraising Opportunities

LNS Fall Fundraiser

LNS will be hosting a Fall Fundraiser with Believe Kids beginning on September 9th through September 23rd. 

This fundraiser will be different than previous years; it will be 100% online. Believe Kids has over 500 products inlcuding jewelry, kitchen accessories, magazines, snacks (even some Otis Spunkmeyer goodies!), holiday, gift wrap and more, ranging in price from $8.00-$32.00. There is also a very motivating prize program.

More information to follow! Check out the upcoming newsletter for further details.
Ongoing Fundraisers

Are you supporting LNS through these NO additional cost fundraisers? PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL and share this information with family and friends! 

Box Tops
All new and improved! No more clipping! You can now download the Box Tops for Education mobile app. Once you download the app, shop as you normally would, then simply scan your store receipts to find participating products. The app then AUTOMATICALLY credits your school's box top earnings online. Scanning your receipts needs to be done no later than 14 from the day or purchase. It's never been easier to help our school earn funds for education. Download the app today!

Help support LNS by going to Smile.Amazon.com and designating Laurel Nokomis PTO as your charitable organization. After that the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to LNS on Amazon shopping done through the AmazonSmile portal. It costs you nothing and your Amazon shopping experience will be the same (wish lists and preferences carryover to the portal).

Partner News

The Laurel Nokomis School PTO is in the process of securing business and family partners to support the school for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you are interested in being an LNS Business Partner or know a business or someone that would like to be a LNS Business or Family Partner please contact us at laurelnokomisdonation@gmail.com

In addition, if you would like to team up with the Sarasota County Schools System to provide resources to schools throughout the district, you can get more information on the County's TeamUP portal at this link.

LNS PTO Website & Facebook Page

Be sure to stay in the loop and check our our Laurel Nokomis School PTO Website and Facebook Page! You can access the web page at  LNSPTO.digitalpto.com.  
Please check the web page on a regular basis because the site will be updated often! 

 You can also check out the PTO Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/LNSPTO/

PTO Newsletter

Want to stay up to date on upcoming events, deadlines, messages from the Principal, staff, student organizations, PTO and more? If so, you will want to subscribe to this monthly Laurel Nokomis School PTO Newsletter. You can sign up online here by scrolling down to the "Subscribe to our Newsletter" button on the left. 

Did you sign up and receive the newsletter last year?  You are one step ahead! You don't need to complete another form. Your email address remains in the  system until you unsubscribe or opt-out. Don't worry...your email address will not be published, shared or sold.   
Show Your School Spirit!

Check out Gulf Breeze Apparel Company and show your school spirt! Several options for school t-shirts, sweatshirts and even face masks. 

This is a limited time only shop, open from now until Monday, September 7th. Place your order anytime while the shop is open. All orders will be fulfilled approximately 2 weeks after the school spirit shop closes on September 7th. Orders can be shipped directly to you or will be available for pick up on or after September 23rd at the Gulf Breeze Apparel Shop, 616 Cypress Avenue, Venice, Monday through Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm. 

Other News
Important Dates


School Supplies & Donations

School supply lists can be found here

Art Supply Lists
Art supplies will not be able to be shared this year under COVID-19 guidelines. Below is a list of supplies needed for art, by grade level. Additional supplies may be needed later in the year, especially for students enrolled in the distant learning option. If you cannot provide all of the supplies, students will be encouraged to participate with whatever supplies they have. Students can use the same supplies purchased for homeroom or parents may choose to make a designated art kit just to bring to art class. However, art kits will not be able to be stored in the art room, so students will be responsible for storing and transporting their own supplies to and from art class. If you are able to purchase art supplies, please make sure they are labeled "For Art Class." Thank you in advance for your support.

Grades K-2
  • Sharpened Pencils (may want to purchase a small sharpener that contains shavings)
  • Crayons (8-24 count Crayola)
  • Markers (8-12 count Broad Tip Crayola)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks (as needed)
  • Oil Pastels (small set)
  • Container to transport supplies to and from Art
Grades 3-5
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener that contains shavings
  • Crayons (24 count Crayola)
  • Markers (8-12 count Broad Tip and/or 8-12 count Fine Tip Crayola)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks (as needed)
  • Colored Pencils (8-50 count)
  • Black Pen (Extra/Ultra Fine Sharpie or other permanent ink)
  • Container to transport supplies to and from Art
 Optional items to donate
  • Paper Plates
  • Paper cups
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Sandwich size sealable bags

With safety and sanitization a top priority, several teachers have created Amazon Wishlists in order to help buy supplies for their classrooms. Items such as sanitizers, filters and additional supplies so each student can have their own are needed. Ask your child's teacher about their list and help if you can!


LNS Supply Drop-off (K-5) & Schedule Pick-Up (Middle School)

Please adhere to grade level schedules below:


August 24, 2020 8:00AM - 12:00PM
August 25, 2020 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Middle School

August 24, 2020 1:00PM - 4:00PM
August 25, 2020 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Please label supplies with Homeroom Teacher's Name.

We strongly encourage students in grades Prek-5 to drop-off all school supplies on either of these days, as parents will not be permitted out of the car on the first day of school. Staff will be available in both the bus loop and the car line to escort primary students and new students to class on August 31, 2020. 

If you have multi-age children, you can pick-up/drop-off materials at any of the times above.

Parent Pick-Up Loop Station 1: Middle School Schedules
Parent Pick-Up Loop Station 2: Agendas and Informational Packets
Parent Pick-Up Station 3: Supply Drop-off and Medicine Drop-off
Bus Loop Station 4: Car Tags & Bus Information


Acknowledgement of COVID-19 Procedures Form

The Acknowledgement of COVID19 Procedures Form must be signed and returned to school by Friday, September 4, 2020 to your child's elementary homeroom teacher or your middle school student math teacher. 

Remote learner families should sign, scan and email form to your child's elementary homeroom teacher or your middle school student math teacher. 

Please find the forms on the LNS website here.

 This form MUST be received by Friday, September 4, 2020.  


Get to Know Your Administrators, Team Liaisons and Counselors at LNS

Raymond Wilson, Principal

Dr. Heather Wasserman, Assistant Principal

Christine Oliver, Assistant Principal 

Sue Parrish, Administrative Assistant

Eliana Sirocchi, ESE Liaison

Joan Schumacher-Martin, ESE Liaison

Michael Reichman, School Counselor

Gabrielle O'Berry, School Counselor

James Wozniak, SRO

Luanne Pare, Registrar

Lucki Cook, Registrar

Millie Urie, School Nurse

Julie Odenweller, School Social Worker

Kristi Lane, School Psychologist

Remote Learning at Laurel Nokomis School


Families who have chosen the remote learning option should expect students to attend a "regular" day at school. Please provide an 
area for your child to participate in learning without distraction for the entire day. 
BlackBoard Learn will be the primary platform for accessing remote learning. 

Please be sure: 
  • Your child is properly supervised
  • Your child is dressed appropriately (see Dress Code for specifics)
  • Not to interrupt instruction
  • Not to record remote instruction in any way
If your family has chosen this option, it is recommended that you remain a remote learner for at least a full semester to provide continuity of instruction. 

If parents/guardians need to conference with the teacher, please schedule an appointment. 

School Year Calendar and Dates to Remember

The Sarasota County Schools 2020-2021 District School Year Calendar is posted at this link. Please pay special attention to important dates such as:
  • August 31, 2020 - First Day of School
  • November 25 - 27, 2020 - Thanksgiving Break 
  • December 21, 2020 - January 1, 2021 - Winter Break
  • March 15 - March 19, 2021 - Spring Break 
  • June 11, 2021 - Last day of school
Additional dates and events are posted on the Laurel Nokomis School calendar at this link.

LNS Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


Arrival Procedures
  • Staggered arrival times by last name:
    • Group A - YELLOW CAR TAG
      • Starts with A - M - Arrive between 8:10 AM - 8:20 AM
    • Group B - TEAL CAR TAG
      • Starts with N - Z - Arrive between 8:20 AM - 8:30 AM
  • If your child arrives between 8:10 - 8:15, they MUST report to one of the supervised areas:
    • Grades K - 4: Report to the Gym
    • Grades 5 - 8: Report to the Cafeteria
  • If you student needs to eat breakfast, report to the cafeteria for "Grab and Go" Breakfast 
  • Students will be dismissed by 8:15 and need to report immediately to their classrooms
  • After 8:15, students will report immediately to their classroom
  • It is important that students arrive on time and are ready to begin work in their classrooms. It is the expectation that students are seated in class for morning announcements. 
  • Students will be marked Tardy if they arrive to their classrooms after the 8:30 bell. 
  • After 8:40, students need to report to the office to receive a Tardy Pass.
  • Parents will NOT be permitted to walk their student to class. Teachers will be available to assist our primary grades.
Drop Off Procedures
  • All students must be dropped off or picked up in the official car lane in the front parking lot, accessed from Laurel Road
  • Parent Pick Up and Drop Off from Old Albee Road is prohibited.
  • There are three lanes in the parking lot:
    • The lane furthest from the gates is used to exit the parking lot or to park in the parking lot in front of the office.
    • The middle lane is used for the parent parking lot in front of the gym or to exit parent loop
    • The closest lane to the gates is the ONLY lane used for drop off and pick up and is known as the "Kiss and Go Lane"
  • Make sure that your child is ready to exit your car when pulling up to the drop off area. They have their book bag, lunch box, projects, jackets, instruments, etc.
  • Proceed all the way to the furthest open gate (one closest to the gym at gate 1) so that multiple cars can drop off kids at the same time. PLEASE DO NOT STOP AT THE FIRST OPEN GATE. Additional gates are available to allow for more students to exit their vehicles.
  • Parents/Guardians MUST remain in their vehicles.
  • Say goodbye and give farewell hugs/kisses BEFORE it is their turn to exit the car.
  • Students MUST wear mask prior to exiting the vehicle.
  • After your child has exited the car, please remain alert. There are many people, including students, parents and volunteers who may be at risk if you are not fully aware.
  • Please yield to LNS staff and pedestrians in the crosswalks.
  • Exit the parking lot. You can do this by moving to the second lane so that you can drive around the cars in the first row that are dropping off students. Please look before entering the second lane so that you do not cut off another car already in the lane.
  • If your child needs additional time to gather their belongings, please pull forward to GATE 1 for your child(ren) to exit.
Dismissal Procedures

  • If you are picking up a student, you MUST have a NEW 2020-2021 car tag, as the 2019-2020 car tag has expired
  • If you are allowing someone who is not on the approved list to pick up your child, the office must be notified in writing prior to the date of pick up
  • CAR TAG MUST ALWAYS BE VISIBLE: Staff will call your child to the Pick Up lines.
  • Please be patient as some grade levels arrive later than others depending on proximity to the Parent Pick Up area.
  • Encourage your child to walk quickly when their name is called and to be alert during this time; not on their phones or engaging in socializing with friends.
  • Please pay attention to the flow of the car line. Staff will direct you to pull as far forward as possible to allow for more students to access their cars.
  • Walking up to pick up your child WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.
  • Parents meeting walkers/bike riders will need to retrieve students at sidewalk on Laurel Road or Old Albee Farm. 

PLEASE NOTE: The speed limit around the school on Laurel Road E and Old Albee Farm Road is 15 mph during the times that students are arriving or departing. 

COVID-19 Changes at LNS

Several safety procedures have been put in place to keep our students safe. 

Classroom Expectations:

  • Students will arrive to school waring a face covering, while in the classroom and while moving about
  • Protective desk shields will be used in the classroom
  • Students will use their own headphones for computer stations
  • Students will use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently throughout the day

Face Coverings:

  • Continue to follow School Board, CDC and DOH guidance on wearing face coverings
  • Face coverings must be worn upon exit from transportation, throughout campus and in buildings, including classrooms
Walking Patterns:
  • Staff, students and visitors need to follow all directional walking patterns throughout campus
  • This will be enforced by ALL staff members
  • Social distancing will also occur during all transitions
Desk Shields:
  • Desk shields will be provided for all work stations
  • Shields will remain in classroom
  • Students will participate in daily maintenance and cleaning of shields
  • Students will be social distancing when seated and while in serving lines
  • Students will wear face coverings when waiting in line for food
  • Students will use hand sanitizer before picking up food
  • Students may remove face coverings while eating, but will put coverings on when finished and/or leaving the table
  • Students will have access to water bottle filling stations
  • Water will be available for purchase at lunch
  • Parents must assess children prior to sending to school. Students exhibiting a fever of 100.4 or higher, or a cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell will need to stay home
  • There is a designated isolation area in the clinic in the event that a child or staff member comes to school and presents COVID-19 symptoms
  • Parents will be contacted and expected to pick up ill students IMMEDIATELY
For more information, please visit the Sarasota County Schools website.


Recess, PE and Physical Activity


  • Due to COVID-19 and safety guidelines, all playground equipment will be off limits until further notice.
  • Students will be assigned their daily recess time and provided assigned designated areas for physical activities.
  • All activities will be supervised by LNS staff.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed.
PE/Physical Activity
  • Due to COVID-19 and safety guidelines, locker rooms WILL NOT be utilized until further notice.
  • PE uniforms will NOT be required.
  • If your student is enrolled in PE, they would benefit from wearing athletic wear to school, including athletic shoes (the dress code still applies). 
  • Please make sure your child has a water bottle with them for PE.
Dress Code at LNS and for Remote Learning

It is the responsibility of the student to dress according to the dress code. We seek parent support and request that you monitor your student's daily dress, even if they are learning remotely. Staff members make every effort to consistently enforce the dress code at LNS.

Clothing, Face Coverings/Masks, Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, Jewelry, etc.
  • Which displace alcoholic products, tobacco products, narcotics, drugs or marijuana are prohibited
  • With obscenities or swear words, either expressed or implied are prohibited
  • Which have symbols relating to the above are prohibited
  • That suggests sexual activity or innuendo, or gang associated words or symbols, or supports discrimination based on age, color, disability, national origin, marital status, race, sex, sexual persuasion or religion are prohibited (Ex. Confederate Flag)
  • Items of clothing or other apparel which depict weapons used or displayed in unlawful, violent or threatening manner are prohibited
    • Must cover nose AND mouth
    • Masks with filters are prohibited
    • Keep face covering masks simple and refrain from: costume characters, Halloween/horror masks or any other images that are highly disruptive to the learning environment
General Dress: Please see the full dress code here.
Before and After School Care at LNS

To meet the needs of our working parents, Laurel Nokomis School offers  both Before School and After School Care.

Please note: Times have changed! 

Morning Care: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Afterschool Care: 3:15 PM to 5:30 PM

You must pre-register for Before School/Afterschool Care. You can find the registration form here. In addition, you must also fill out the Emergency Medical Form and the LNS Childcare Hold Harmless Form.

Please be sure to carefully read the Before/After Care Handbook, which can be found here.

**Due to COVID-19, there will be a few changes to the procedures and structure of the program.  To ensure safety and security, all staff and students will be required to wear a face mask and abide by social distancing guidelines.  Students not complying with safety procedures will be removed from the program.  Enrollment will also be limited and waiting lists created when groups reach capacity. All families are encouraged to have a back-up plan in place in the event you are placed on the waiting list.

In order to follow safety guidelines, for the time being, yearly events such as the BooHoo-Yahoo Breakfast, the Book Fair, Fall Festival, Boo Bingo, etc. have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. 

No outside vendors or non-essential volunteers/visitors are allowed at the school at this time. 

All extracurricular activities have been postponed until further notice.

Teacher-led clubs can still continue. Please look for more on those clubs in the next issue of the newsletter.

Please continue to check future newsletters for follow-up information regarding events at LNS. 
Volunteering at LNS

 At this time, parents, volunteers and visitors will be limited to essential business and by appointment only. Parents will not be permitted to eat lunch with their child at school.



Here are some things you can do if your child is feeling anxious or nervous about returning to school amid the pandemic:
  • Be honest.  Talk about some of the changes they may expect at school, such as needing to wear forms of protective clothing like masks.  
  • Remind children about the positives. Tell your child(ren) that they will be able to see their friends and teachers (if they are physically returning to the classroom) and continue learning new things.  Also, by wearing their facemasks they are helping keep themselves and others safe; therefore, helping the community. 
  • Reassure children about safety measures in place to keep students and teachers healthy and remind children that they can also help prevent germs from spreading by washing their hands with soap and coughing or sneezing into their elbow.  Children may also find it difficult to be physically distanced from friends and teachers while at school - you could encourage them to think about other ways to bond and stay connected.
For more tips, visit this website. You can also visit the Sarasota County School Mental and Behavioral Health Services page.

If your family has chosen the remote learning option, our school counselors, social servicesworkers, as well as our community mental health partners, are available via Zoom or Telehealth visits.  For students receiving counseling through the Mental Health Collaborative, services will also be provided via Zoom or Telehealth.

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Sarasota County School District News

The Sarasota County Schools CrossPointe Parent-Student Portal provides up to date student performance information. Information on your child's class grades, homework assignments, daily attendance and report cards are available online.

The Parent/Student Portal is essential to your child's success in school this year. Please make sure to sign up if you have not already. You can find information on how to create an account, login, etc. here
Bus Transportation

If you need help finding your child's bus stop or schedule, request a new stop or change, please find that information here
Questions or concerns regarding bus service may be directed to the Sarasota County School Bus Transportation Department at 941-486-2141

It is important that you check the schedule every year since bus numbers, pick-up times and drop-off times are subject to change every school year
If you have a telephone and/or address change notify the Laurel Nokomis School Front Desk immediately. In addition, you can contact LNS regarding information about late buses. If you have an emergency after hours you may call the School Board Security Desk at 941-966-7233.   

Please be patient during the first week of school because buses will probably run late as schools, teachers, students and bus drivers get acquainted with the new bus schedule and routes for the new year.  

COVID-19 Bus Transportation Procedures
  • Students will be required to wear a face covering at all times.
  • Social distancing will be practiced to the extent possible on school buses. This will largely be dependent on ridership.    
  • Buses will be loaded from rear to front.  Siblings will be expected to sit together and should board the bus at the same time. Students should expect to share their seat with at least one other child depending on eligible ridership.
  • Students and drivers will be required to wear masks or cloth face coverings on school buses. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on buses and students will be encouraged to use when entering/exiting the bus. 
  • Buses will be disinfected between runs and go through a deep cleaning at the end of each day.
School Health & Nutrition News
What happens when there is expected COVID-19 exposure?

  • Sarasota County School District will encourage staff or students to stay home if they are sick and especially if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. If a staff member or student exhibits symptoms at school, they will be taken to an isolated location in the school clinic and their parent or guardian will be notified to take them home.
  • If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the District will work closely with the local DOH to make all decisions regarding closures. 
  • The Sarasota County School District works directly with the local DOH on staff and student illnesses as it relates to COVID-19.  The DOH will notify the district if a student or staff member tests positive. We will cooperate with the DOH as they conduct the appropriate notifications of individuals who have been in contact with the person infected. The DOH will give direction on possible school closure as well as intensive cleaning protocols as necessary. If there is a short-term, temporary school closure, the closure will be treated on a case by case basis and follow DOH recommendations.
  • Please view the Sarasota County School's COVID-19 Notification Process Charts here.

Students who are well-fed are more likely to be focused and ready to learn. The School Board of Sarasota County serves nutritious meals each school day. Student breakfast is $1.25 in elementary and $1.50 in middle school, and lunch is $2.50 in elementary school and $2.75 in middle school. Reduced meal prices are $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch in elementary and middle school. All meals served meet nutrition standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Pay for Your Child's Lunch Online

Did you know that you can make convenient online manual or automatic secure payments for your child's lunch online using your credit / debit card at MySchoolBucks.com (formally known as MyLunchMoney.com)?   You can also:

-view your child's account balance
-receive automatic balance alerts
-set up automatic recurring payments
-track and review meal history to see what food your child purchased at lunch
-create low balance alerts
-make payments with the new mobile app (available on MySchoolBucks.com

Please remember, there will be a $1.95 convenience fee  for each separate payment you make to your child's account and the maximum amount for each transaction is $120.  If you do not have access to a computer you can still make a payment to your child's MySchoolBucks account by calling 800-479-3531. 

Sign up now!  Registering for your FREE account is easy at MySchoolBucks.com. Create a secure account and never worry again about sending cash or checks with your student(s) to school again.  You can also download the app on your mobile phone. If you have additional questions you can contact 1-855-832-5226.
LNS "Go Lightning!" Sports News

Athletic Department Updates

  • There is currently no change to the athletic calendar; there have been discussions to delay the middle school sports season, but at this time there is no change to report.
  • When sports being, spectator attendance will be based on a tiered attendance model. The start of the school year will be at Tier1.
    • Tier 1 - Essential - This includes athletes, coaches, officials, event staff, medical staff and security.
    • Tier 2 - Preferred - All of the above, plus media.
    • Tier 3 - Non-essential - All of the above, plus spectators and vendors
  • Please note: Only Tier 1 and 2 personnel will be allowed to attend sports events until state/local health departments lift the ban on mass gatherings.

rRepeat/Updated Articles

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