Lay Network Update
Claiming our voices
in the ArchDiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
July 15, 2021
CCCR Newsletter
July 15, 2021

All who are hungry, come.
Who is worthy to come to the table of the Lord? American Bishops, who were more interested in a political statement than hospitality, actually debated whether President Biden was worthy to receive communion. They should look no further than themselves if they want to find unworthiness with all the scandal within the institution. There are many theologians and commentators as well as canon lawyers, ready to make their case for exclusion, but bottom line, we are all in this suffering, dying and resurrection together. Those who deem themselves worthy do not need the Chief Physician for healing but the rest of us are hurting and hungry for the bread of life - the medicine that will make us well.
We wouldn’t dream of excluding guests in our home from our table at dinnertime. Should we go to the table and tell those who we deem unworthy to just stay in the living room while we eat our fill? SCANDALOUS!
The Catholic Coalition for Church Reform has made a case for communion for all and we will continue to write letters to AB Hebda and urge others to do the same.

Listening Sessions
Parish listening sessions will begin again as the Synod gets underway. CCCR encourages attendance in hope of naming and shining the light of the Spirit on the needed reforms of our Archdiocese and the larger Church. We have been called to demonstrate our priestly, prophetic and governing duties and we will not let our Baptismal power go to waste. Your statement may be the one that provides the kindling that ignites the fire and champions the restoration of Ordained Women’s Diaconate and the advancement of Catholic Women and Holy Orders. Standing up for our LGBTQ community may be the impetus needed for the church to embrace the many gifts LGBTQ brings to the table, and your voice may be the one that is finally heard - pleading for communion for all.

CCCR Board
Nancy Gotto

Still living in joyful hope
CCCR Board