Lay Network Update
Claiming our voices
in the ArchDiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
May 20, 2021
CCCR Newsletter
May 20, 2021

Yes, you are beloved, a beloved Child of God. You did not earn it. You are beloved because your true identity is in Christ Jesus.

It will take time to renew this identity as we have been exiled and wounded during this pandemic. We were brought to our knees as we became aware of our racism, our isolation and our limitations. Some of us have lost loved ones and are in deep grief, some of us are sick and suffering, and some of us have been lonely and depressed. We were unsure if we would survive or ever connect with family and friends again.
Take heart. We can find comfort and refuge in the words of Jesus: "I have not come for the healthy but for those
who need a physician."
As we look ahead, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we are no longer the same. We have been changed in this dark night of the soul and yet, we have retained our identity as beloved children of God. When we lean in further like the beloved apostle who rested his weary head on the breast of Jesus, we come empty-handed and ready to receive. The Chief Physician is listening to our groaning laments and humble prayers. He has come to restore us to health and heal our broken hearts.

 Events and Notices

Rainbow Sash Event – May 23rd.

Women’s Ordination in ELCA - Do the Lutherans know something we don’t know?

Communion for all -
We are still working on communion for all and will have more on this in the coming months.
The Catholic Coalition for Church Reform congratulate Archbishop Bernard Hebda for 5 years of extraordinary service and leadership in our archdiocese. We look forward to the Synod and we are hopeful for compassionate reform in our Church.
CCCR Board
Nancy Gotto

Still living in joyful hope
CCCR Board