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in the ArchDiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
September 12, 2021
CCCR Newsletter
September 12, 2021

The Synod

Synodality is a progressive Vatican II idea and our archdiocese is giving the laity the unique opportunity to have discussions on what is important to us regarding the future of our Church.

Three areas have been targeted for small group discussions in six weekly sessions at your parishes:
1)  Forming parishes that are in the service of evangelization.
2)  Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus’ love and respond to his call.
3)  Forming youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.

Even though these areas will be given the most attention, you may want to bring up other concerns that can lead to change that are not under the authority of the archdiocese but may be the impetus to get the attention of Pope Francis and the Vatican. This year the Catholic Church for Church Reform (CCCR) has focused on communion for all and women’s ordination and you may want them to be your focus as well. Your input is welcome and will be heard if you make your ideas clear. It is important to be succinct in wording your concerns and suggestions (20 words or less) when you summit them.
CCCR has some more ideas: (Art’s Best Ideas).
CCCR has made a $500.00 donation to Call to Action and a $200.00 donation for a planted tree along with a CCCR mission statement sign on the Carondelet grounds. (See Statement)
Keep the Synod and all who participate in the process in your prayers. We can have confidence that the Holy Spirit will stir things up and shake the Church into renewal.
CCCR Board
Nancy Gotto

Still living in joyful hope
CCCR Board