As part of our services during Medicare Open Enrollment, LOA provided insurance counseling (VICAP) in the north Botetourt area on Friday, October 22nd. Thank you to Eagle Rock Library for allowing us to make use of private meeting rooms for this vital service. Seven seniors from the area made appointments with LOA employees Russell Schiavone and Patrice Jefferson to receive assistance. VICAP is trying to improve service to Rural areas for those who are unable to get to LOA in Roanoke City.

Open Enrollment is currently taking place and we can continue taking appointments. One of the most important things to look at during Open Enrollment is your prescription drug plan. Many seniors never look at the prescription drug plan they signed up for and continue paying the premiums. Unfortunately for many seniors, the price continues to increase and on average, it is between 5 to 7 years they allow this to continue. Please contact us today, share with seniors in your area and organizations, to make an appointment with us before it's too late.