LOA Offices will be closed on December 24 and December 25 and Janaury 1, so staff can be with their families for the holidays.
On December 12 our Diner's Club participants had a magical Christmas celebration! The party was sponsored by Wells Fargo and featured Christmas music, great food, Jack the Dog and Santa! Thank you everyone who took part in the planning of this great event!
A big THANK YOU, Congratulations and Merry Christmas to this great group of VICAP Insurance Counselors. Because of their volunteer time and efforts, seniors in our community saved a whopping $463,990.75 on their 2019 Medicare Part D plans. WOW! We are so appreciative of all they do, especially at this time of year!
The LOA finished up another A Matter of Balance workshop series at Richfield earlier this month. Congratulations to all the completers!
Roanoke area Soup for Seniors:
Alleghany area Soup for Seniors:
Did you know?
Here are some interesting facts about older adults:
  • Only 3.6% of people over 65 years old are in nursing homes. Elderly men are likely to live with a spouse while elderly women are more likely to live alone.
  •  4 in 5 older adults will battle at least one chronic condition or illness such as heart disorders, arthritis, or osteoporosis. 50% will battle at least two.
  •  Elderly people occupy over 1/3 of all federally subsidized housing.
  •  Social isolation makes seniors more vulnerable to elder abuse.
  •  Minorities make up almost half of the older population: 42% of people 65 and older in the US are part of minority groups.
  •  The elderly are the fastest growing age group: The US Census Bureau indicates that individuals 85 and up are the fastest growing age group by percentage.
  •  Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook.  Research studies done by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 53% of Americans who are the ages of 65 or older are online and 34% of those numbers are on Facebook and similar social sites.
  •  Your brain never stops growing: We grow new neurons with time, and the brain is constantly reshaping itself in response to learning.
  •  15 million older persons volunteer – nearly half of all adults 65 and older volunteer in some form.
  •  The average age of senior center participants is 75.
  •  Compared with their peers, senior center participants have higher levels of health, social interaction, and life satisfaction and lower levels of income.
  •  11,400 senior centers serve more than 1 million older adults every day.

Source: Agingresources.org

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