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 November 24, 2017
OMB Appeal - Not for Naught
As we advised in our October 2 Newsflash, the OMB declined our appeal of reductions of the back lot standards in the Township of Lake of Bays official plan. As we also noted, we were advised that the decision could have been challenged and likely overturned but, as a Board, we chose not to do so because there may be other emerging planning matters that warrant LOBA's intervention and the use of the resources of our Action Fund.  
In the sake of full transparency, we report that the full and final cost of the OMB appeal was $83,000 which was 27% more than the amount that was initially budgeted. All of the funds for the appeal, were drawn from our Action Fund which exists exactly for the purpose of this appeal - to take action where unwarranted decisions are taken that adversely affect the interests of our members. Our external counsel, Mary Flynn-Guglietti kindly provided a reduction of her fees to get us to this final number. The overage is attributed to the fact that the hearing ended up taking three days rather than the two days that we had expected and also because of unexpected work required for witness preparation.
We are grateful for the support of our members in this matter and appreciate the donations that we have been receiving to replenish the Action Fund. We will be grateful for any other donations that members may be willing to make. If you are interested in making a donation to the Action Fund, you can do so when you renew your membership for 2018, or by contacting Beverley Govan at info@loba.ca.
While we may have lost the OMB battle, we may in the end win the war. We are encouraged to note that a number of the concerns LOBA raised at the OMB appeal were taken up by the Province as confirmed in their comments on the District of Muskoka Official Plan which is currently undergoing review (the Province was aware of our concerns on the Township Official Plan). So, there is no doubt that LOBA has played a constructive role in advocating for good planning that preserves and enhances the unique natural environment and qualities of Muskoka and the Township of Lake of Bays in particular.
We will continue to pursue these values with vigor and without wavering. 
Langmaid's Island Public Open House - December 2
The owners of Langmaid's Island will be holding a Public Open House to seek input from the community regarding the future of Langmaid's Island on Lake of Bays. D etails of a preliminary cottage lot plan will be available for further discussion and comment. The Open House will be held on Saturday December 2, 10:00am-12:00pm at the Baysville Autumn Leaves Seniors Centre. You can click here for the public invitation and you can click here to visit the Langmaid's Island website where you can download a full summary of the October 24th workshop we told you about in our last Newsflash.
Huntsville Hospital Foundation Annual Report
The Huntsville Hospital Foundation has released its Annual Report. Katherine Craine, Executive Director, is pleased to share it with the many Lake of Bays friends of the Foundation. Click here to read it.
photo by: David Ticoll
2016 Photo Contest
2nd Place, Nature
December 15 Deadline is Fast Approaching for
2017 LOBA Photo Contest Submissions
Open to all Lake of Bays Association members and families for submission in the categories below. Photos must be previously unpublished and submitted - one per individual, per category - in digital format to Aben Graphics; info@abengraphics.com before  December 15, 2017 . Subject line of the email, Lake of Bays 2017 Photo Contest. Contestants agree to the use of their photos for the Lake of Bays Association yearbook, newsletter, website  and social media sites.

LIFE at the LAKE: people, pets and dwellings
NATURE: wild plants and animals
LANDSCAPE: land, water and sky

Check out the winning photos and all 2016 submissions  here.

photo by: Larry Dance. 2016 Photo Contest

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