September 8TH, 2020
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After almost six months in hibernation, we have resumed our publishing of our online editions of our online newspaper.

We commenced this with a government lobby campaign that engaged in over the past two weeks during the parliamentary debate about the extension of State of Emergency powers for the Andrews government.

We are now in a position to keep our advocacy going to all Victorian and Federal members of parliament and other persons and groups of influence.

To be more effective in this effort it would be helpful to have as many businesses, from small to large, to join us in our endeavours.

These lobbying efforts will continue not only until we are once again open for business, but also into the future to ensure we are NEVER put in this situation again.
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Why we're back and who we are.
The Community Forum
Serving our local community

Over the the past two years and particularly earlier this year, we visited your business to promote our online newspaper and obtain your business email for our email newsletter.

Sadly once the COVID19 lock-downs commenced back in March we decided, like many others, to put the business into hibernation, anticipating that any lock-downs would only be for a short time.

How wrong we were.

The purpose of this email is make you aware of the advocacy efforts for small business we have commenced towards Federal and Government mp's and allow you to join and support us as we continue those efforts.

To understand our lobbying initiative and how you can support us then please read this email in full.
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Advocacy & Lobby
Letters & Templates

As I mentioned above, over the past fortnight we have been busily writing letters to to all our federal and state members of parliament over the extension of the State of Emergency powers given to the Andrews government.

We argued passionately against this and used our significant twitter support base in that effort. Our argument against the extension of powers was because we believed it would have enabled society and businesses to open up once more, while forcing the government to come to a more balanced approach to the COVID-19 situation.

To see the emails we sent to our members of parliament please Click Here To see the emails we received from our members of parliament please Click Here
Contact Details for Members of Parliament

Through our advocacy efforts we have put together a list of contacts for all Victorian and State MP's.

We are making these available to all our followers, readers and subscribers. This will enable them to follow our lead on any advocacy efforts with ones of their own if they wish to do so.

To access this page and these spreadsheets just Click Here
Our Video Blogs

In our downtime due to the COVID19 situation, we have introduced a new initiative. We now are publishing a regular video blog (or vlog) where I cover current affairs as well as a variety of other subjects.

We will also be be using this to cover and feature local businesses, community groups and sports clubs.

To see our current vlogs Click Here
Join our efforts by having your story told!

We are looking for local businesses to have their stories told and shared. This is a great way to spread the word about your services and/or products, but also an ideal way to share how the lock-downs and restrictions have impacted on your business through this COVID19 crisis.

The reason we established our business was for us to help you promote yours.

Now we are also looking to act as an advocate for your business by continuing to contact, members of parliament, bureaucrats and anybody else that can help us all get out of this current situation and to a point where we can commence rebuilding the local business sector.

To have us feature your business and your story, send us an email by Clicking Here or contact me via my mobile number at the foot of this page.
Business Listings
Below are links to various business lists for businesses that we visited earlier this year before COVID19 hit our shores and we all entered lock-downs and restrictions. Hopefully, all of you are hanging in there We have come out of our hibernation to assist in whatever way we can.
Please look to support and promote these local businesses where you can.
Carlton Business Listing.
Check businesses in Carlton by Clicking Here
Cheltenham Business Listing.
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Highett Business Listing.
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Ormond Business Listing.
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This article is important, hopefully, it can make you laugh, maybe it might may make you cry, but more importantly, it may also wake you up from any apathy surrounding our current lock-downs. 

Yesterday’s arrest of young pregnant mum in Ballarat was the straw that broke the camels back for me. The current atmosphere, created by our political and bureaucratic masters within our society I believe is dangerous........Read more
My advocacy discovery. A battle lost, a war to be won.

Throughout my adult life, I have always had an interest in politics without it ever getting in the way of my enjoyment of life. The only time I took it seriously was around election time. Considering the circumstances we now find ourselves in within Melbourne and Victoria, I realise how foolish I was.........Read more
COVID-19, are all the cards on the table for this fight?

In any vibrant democracy, a healthy scepticism combined with a vibrant questioning of government policy and strategy is not only important but crucial to ensure good governance and quality leadership.

Amazingly in these COVID-19 times, there seems to be a hesitancy to do exactly that, whether it’s through our mainstream media or on our social media platforms..........Read more
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Bob's Vlog
Bob's Vlog Episode One

Bob's Vlog is a place to discuss, news, events and other things from an Australian conservative's point of view with no wokeness, no political correctness and no labelling, just straight talk, lots of engagement and discussion, all with a bit of fun along the way

To go to the episode click on the image on the right.
Bob's Vlog Episode Two - Part One

Welcome to Episode two of Bob's Vlog. This episode we are dividing into three parts to cover as comprehensively as possible the COVID-19 issues in Melbourne.

For an even more in-depth analysis, go the link above for our opinion piece titled "COVID-19, are all the cards on the table for this fight?" Here you can access links to all sorts of information which includes, other opinion pieces, blog reports, data, and video coverage. All this plus a great read.

Check out the second episode of our vlog by clicking the image on the right.
BMBA Templars looking for "Expressions of Interest"

Despite all the frustrations involved with living with COVID-19 in Melbourne, at some stage, we will emerge from our enforced hibernation endured through restrictions. Sports clubs and organisations are all working out how to return to training and competitions when those restrictions are lifted.

In that regards the BMBA Templar Warriors are on the front foot and ready to introduce a new and exciting way to run their basketball programs, training and teams in competitions....Read more
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