LOCR CONNNECTED February 5, 2021
  • Jan 23rd- Board applications deadline
  • Feb 6th- All Team meeting (zoom) Election of new Board member
  • Feb 9th- Monthly Board meeting
  • Feb 13th- End of winter training
  • Feb 15th- Rookie week
  • Feb 22nd- Spring season starts
Here are some highlights of the Annual Meeting: 

1) Election of new board members. Voting is still open until 6:30pm during the meeting. Results will be announced towards the end of the meeting.
2) Tom has put together a Boat Naming Presentation and we will let you know how to get in on the fun!

3) Introduction and meet and greet with new DoR. Many of you may have already met Simon but he will take a few minutes to give us some ideas going forward.

4) Annual awards for Fall and Winter rowers. This is new this year and a way to recognize some of our stand out rowers this year.

5) 2020 in review by Preston. Taking a look back at a year hopefully like none other!

Hopefully you got your order in with NICOLETTAS TABLE on State street and have plans to pick up your lovely dinner.


The zoom link will be emailed to all active members prior to the meeting. If you don't receive by 5pm tomorrow please email chris.stewart@lorowing.com and let him know!

If you are a Member in Good Standing you will have received a link to vote for Board members. Link will be open until 6:30pm

If you are not a Member in Good Standing you are still more than welcome to attend the meeting. We plan for the meeting to last around 90 minutes and people are encouraged to hang out after to visit as you wish!

Message from Head Coach Preston:

Looking forward to seeing everyone online saturday night. I am also looking forward to calling out a few of the juniors and masters who have gone the extra mile these past two seasons. These were tough choices to make when we have such a dedicated and talented group of rowers. All the coaches and I had some tough decisions.

I know the last week of winter will be fun and everyone is looking forward to getting on the water. I know you will all make me proud.

Best wishes,
Coach Preston
New Names are on the boats!

The Corbett family has quite a rowing history!

Mom, Dad, sister, sister in law and brother all come together with their stories to honor MW Corbett who won gold in the Junior Olympics. He sadly passed away just after college but I am sure he would be very pleased to have his name on the bow of a beautiful Fluid design single and will be even more pleased to see his brother out rowing it! Chip? Challenge accepted?
Corbett family comes together to celebrate their brother and son!
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