LOCR CONNNECTED March 15, 2021
  • Mar 22nd- Spring Break schedule starts (juniors)
  • Mar 22-26- Spring Break Middle school practice same times and days
  • March 25th- Last Spring Break practice
  • March 29th- Middle School- April starts
  • March 30th- Learn to row- April starts
  • April 13th- Board meeting on zoom
  • April 24th- Lake Run
On February 6th the LOCR membership met to vote on Board members for the 2021-22 year, to take a look back with Preston at 2020 and take a look forward with Simon to 2021. Awards were given to Masters and Juniors. The LOCR award went to the rower who exemplified LOCR standards, Most improved rower and Honorary mention awards were given to those deserving those titles.

2021 Board Officers & Directors:
        Rahul Reddy: President
        Shelley Lorenzen: Vice President
         Jeff Manternach: Treasurer
         Chris Rieflin: Secretary and Safety
         Molly McGrew: Marketing and Recruiting
         Lisa Lomax: Fundraising and Grants
         Marjan Huizing: Master liason / Master team captain
         Tom Lasseter: I.T. and Budgeting
         Bill Lomax: Boathouse & Equipment / Volunteer coach
         Craig Olivia: Member at large / Volunteer coach
         Mark Storey: Member at large
         Ben Connor: Youth Team Board Liaison
         Katie Gellatly: Youth Team Board Liaison
Message from Director of Rowing Simon:

It has been a whirlwind three weeks, and thank you to everyone who has actively helped me step into the role. 

A mid season coaching change, (amongst Covid and other things going on) is never easy. I know there has been a lot of change, and for some people that makes them uncomfortable, so thank you to the brave people in our club who are being open minded and industrious. I have certainly appreciated your support. Let's keep building a better team.

Covid Update
We have been doing a good job with Covid protocols, and we must stay vigilant on this. I would like to see if there are any parents who can volunteer to help us as our pre-session Covid Monitor, another person to help us would make a big difference. Also I am encouraging all rowers to bring their own hand sanitizer to the boathouse each day. 

Spring Break
It is sensible for us to stay at our boathouse, so we will plan on moving our rowing sessions to a timeslot between 11am and 5pm. Please keep an eye on icrew for any changes to that schedule. Bring running, rowing and plenty of snacks and water.

We have a proposed series of small boat regattas at Dexter Lake on Sunday April 11 and Sunday May 2. This is going to be 'covid complicated' with carpooling and transporting (did you know we had our truck and trailer stolen?), so please start to think ahead about if you would like to race, and how you would be able to get down there and back.
We also have had our NW Regional Championships moved to the weekend of May 21-23. Please note that date change.

Lake Oswego Lake Run - April 24th
This season we are continuing our sponsorship of the Northwest Housing Alternatives programs for homelessness intervention in Clackamas County. Please register for the Lake Oswego Lake Run all our race registration fees will go towards this charity. The Youth Teams will do a run along the Willamette river on Saturday April 24 during training, or people are welcome to do the 5km or 10km race virtually. More details here. https://lakeoswegolakerun.org/

New Coach
We have Woody Stark joining us from Oregon State University, he is awesome, please make him feel welcome.

Thank everyone
Simon Hoadley


The junior women’s team at LOCR is made up of both novice and varsity women, grades eight through twelve, and is a breeding ground for confidence, grit, resilience, and sports(wo)manship. This team is made up of fun and supportive women who push each other to grow into confident leaders and trustworthy teammates. We push the boundaries of perceived limitations to develop trust within ourselves and our teammates to explore the unknown- both on and off the water. We are a very tight knit and supportive group of young women who understand the value in hard work, grit, empathy, resilience, and trust. We understand that "failure” is a made up notion, and the only true failure is not trying again the next day.


I'm excited to start the role of LOCR Master Team Captain for 2021. In this role I will be the spokesperson for LOCR Masters rowers to/from the board and coaches. I will also help coordinate Regatta logistics and hope to help grow and unite the master's team this year. 

With the help of the current Masters rowers, I hope we can grow the LOCR Masters team, train hard to be competitive both on the water and on the ERG, and organize other fitness activities and social events to unite the group of Masters rowers. Please help grow our team by encouraging friends, family members, neighbors, fellow athletes to give rowing a try, direct them to the LOCR learn to row classes, so we can welcome them to our Masters team this year.

For current and past Masters rowers, NOW is the time to sign up for LOCR Masters rowing sessions, we plan to be out on the water in March! Masters ERG sessions will also be offered through March. For those of you that do not own an ERG, we will create opportunities to use LOCR ERGs.  

If you have any questions about LOCR Masters Rowing or the above information, or have time or ideas to help grow the LOCR Masters Team, Please contact me, this will be a team effort.  Lets do this! 
Marjan Huizing 301-524-4533 Huizing.Marjan@lorowing.com

Masters Learn to Row! Sign Up Now!!
Master Learn to Row classes have been on the water for 2 weeks now! We would like to shout out the brave group that signed up in March and so far Mother Nature has rewarded them with flat water and sunny (for the most part) skies!

Aprils Learn to row classes are open for sign up now but filling up fast.
If you have never rowed.... we'd love to have you come down!
If you rowed in college.... we'd love to have you come down!
If you no longer want your kids having all the fun.... we'd love to have you come down!
If you did classes last summer and need to refresh your skills... you got it!
We'd love to have you come on down!!
More News!

Shoutout to Nicoletta’s Table!
Our club is grateful for the support we received from Nicoletta’s Table last month. This well-loved restaurant accepted orders from LOCR families to pick up on the day of our annual meeting and agreed to give 10% of the sale proceeds back to LOCR. We were able to support them with a $470 increase in take-out sales during these limiting Covid times, and we received a bonus $50. Thanks to those who ordered a meal and supported our local community. Go LOCR!

Big boats are back on the water!
.US Rowing has announced that team boats are approved as long as local rules and procedures are followed. Been a minute since coxswains have been able to do their amazing jobs!

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