LOCR CONNNECTED April 20, 2021
  • April 21st- Masters zoom meeting 7-8pm
  • April 24th- Lake Run (for LOCR)
  • April 26th- New Masters session starts
  • May 2nd- Dexter Lake scrimmage
  • Mothers Day- May 9th. Happy Mothers Day!
  • May 11th- Board meeting on zoom: 645pm
  • Youth Regionals- May 21-23
  • Masters Regionals June 19-20
Susan Rieflin is our gear coordinator and has done an amazing job redoing our Spritwear and getting everyone outfitted for upcoming races. Please contact her at apparel@lorowing.com if you are missing any items. You should have a race jersey and trou (blue or black) OR a unisuit. We have a few unisuits for sale (mainly small and XS).
Here are the links to order your gear:

www.hometownsportsnw.com (uniform race shirt and other apparel and spirit-wear)

www.regattasport.com (race unisuit and other race and training apparel)

https://www.truwest.com/Lake-Oswego-Rowing_c_784.html. (long full-length warm parka only)

Message from Director of Rowing Simon:
 - Vision
With just on 2 months to get the feel of the LOCR club, I feel in a good place to share my vision. Expect a separate email on that, but growth and rebuilding a roster capable of winning Regionals is the first step as we all work to Build the Strongest Team Possible.

 - Culture
I want to reiterate my strong desire to create a strong and vibrant community at LOCR. It needs to be a place of love and ambition, with no barriers of inclusion. Everyone can contribute to the success of our club. It is important to me that the boathouse is a place that everyone enjoys going to.
- Lake Run  
This Saturday the rowers and coaches will run on Saturday from the boathouse as a Youth group at 7:30am. Please complete the sign-up beforehand at this website. https://lakeoswegolakerun.org/ Our registration discount code is LORowingTeam2021.
Anyone wishing to run on their own is able to record using Strava (www.strava.com). Parents (or siblings) wishing to run with their children on Saturday are reminded to respect Covid rules.

 - Regatta May 2 Sunday
This is confirmed as ON. 
Due to Covid we will not be organising a team bus or hotel the night before, but the first race is at 8am, so you may wish to consider your families logistics. The last race is roughly 1pm. This regatta will be in all boat sizes. 1xs to 8+s. 40 athletes have signed up already, and we will be looking to select top boats for some events. I for one am very excited to get a LOCR Varsity Eight out! For new parents, the best way to prepare and think of a regatta is as a picnic day at the park. Bring a book, lots of food and snacks, maybe a kite or a frisbee and enjoy a day at the lake with the LOCR team.

Thanks to Susan Rieflin for doing a great job as the parent volunteer. Please check your emails and make sure you are starting to buy some racing and training clothing

 - Whatsapp
All the boys have been asked to join a coach run WhatsApp group. If any of the boys parents want to join that is fine, (https://chat.whatsapp.com/IzUyS6q9FER9shhMEaV2Nz) If you have any issues or concerns about this please let me know.

 - Goal Setting Form
Only half the athletes have completed this form. Please get this done as soon as possible. https://forms.gle/HGMM9SL4rFA1DpqN6

 - Regatta Availability Form
Almost everyone has filled this in. (we have 40 athletes signed up for the Regatta at Dexter Lake). If you want to change your response or add your name do it as soon as possible. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUzMKb32SljRsoYUqCModSPnjbXsKh0-42C-NExpxJHa6TQg/viewform?gxids=7628

 - Ergathon
First week of May we will see who is courageous enough to attempt a full marathon (or a half marathon for everyone else) on the erg for our annual Ergathon. More details to come, but as our annual fundraiser, we will be looking for a good response to this campaign.

 - Current Projects
We are on the look out for some Satellite locations. Maybe a warehouse at Foothills, maybe somewhere with access to Lake Oswego or the Tualatin or Willamette Rivers. As we grow, we will need to look at a second location - maybe you know a good spot?

 - Volunteers thanks and options to help
A huge thank you to Trudie Benincosa and Susan Rieflin for helping with our Covid Screening process each day at drop off. Thank you also to Bill, Lisa, Craig and Chris who as volunteer coaches have been a huge aid to our Youth Teams. Thanks so much for doing what you! You are all great role models of what a club member should be doing. If anyone else would like to help out please give me a call 310 614 4892

 - Contact
If you have any issues or questions I strongly urge you to call me directly to discuss. 3106144892. I would really like to hear from more of you. I am proud of our whole team, and want to make sure you feel encouraged to reach out and help to make it better.

MASTERS and Middle School NEWS

The LOCR Middle school program under the fantastic team of Bill and Lisa Lomax has had a great start to spring season. The next sessions are waitlisted during the weekday times but we have a few openings during the weekend class.
If you were not able to get a spot in the Spring there will be many camps in the summer to sign up for!

LEARN TO ROW is Rocking!
The weekend classes had 16 rowers this past month! We are hoping many or ALL of those will stick around for Level 2! Last weekend the Masters and Youth came down for "Double Trouble" weekend. The LTR students went out in doubles with an experienced rower. Many smiles, many laughs and so much learning! Some May classes are available now... some not until May 3rd. Thanks to Marjan, Tom, Chris, Clytie, Lynne, Ginny, Dunetchka, Athena, Aaron, Brooke and Dylan. Great work!
Update for NW Masters Programs
  • Save the date for the USRowing Masters NW Championships, June 19-21. 
  • Confirmation and details for this event will be by April 15th- no details yet.
  • We do not recommend booking non-refundable travel plans at this time.
  • Even if USRA is able to sponsor this event, PVRA will host regardless (as long as we can procure a permit, follow state guidelines, and as long as there is participation interest!)

Masters Learn to Row!
Sign Up Now!!
More News!

Rules for Covid screening:
  1. Needs to be done by Every person-Every day you are on the dock
  2. The screening is good for a 24hours period beginning and ending at Midnight. You may do in advance but please make sure you are on the right day!
  3. This is a requirement of the City and Parks and Rec. We need to keep accurate records in case of an outbreak so we can trace potential exposure.
  4. If you are having problems with iCrew we have hard copies at the boathouse to allow you to do your screening there. Please let the coaches or helpers know you were not able to complete it online.
  5. If we have an outbreak the entire boathouse will be closed for 2 weeks. Please continue to help us to avoid a closure! Thanks
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