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LOOK Media's Coverage 
April 2018
Action Issues

The Federal Tax Plan
Impact  on NYS

Elise Stefanik, NY Representative from the 21st Congressional District believes the US tax code needs modernization. New Yorkers are paying taxes at a higher rate than the rest of the country. In Part 1 she explains why she voted NO for the bill and the key issues she supports. The majority of NY Republican delegates voted NO and Stefanik plans to leverage her influence to advocate for improvements.  Part 2 addresses NYS farms.

Gun Safety March
A Mechanism for Change

Kevin Davidson, a senior at South High and Jackson LaSarso, a junior from Queensbury High School organize a march to promote safety & well being in our community.  They encourage us to come together and have a civil discussion about guns & safety in the US.  Awareness, voter registration and public action are encouraged as they continue to build  momentum for change in an election year.

Saratoga Living Magazine
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The people behind 'Saratoga Living'- Richard 
Feria-Perez, CEO, President and Editor in Chief & Becky Kendall, Publisher and Exec. VP launch a new vision for the magazine.  Increasing from 6 to 8 issues annually, Saratoga stories are portrayed through gorgeous visuals and articles by local and national writers. Their passion impacts the publication's level of excellence & distribution - as we celebrate their 20th anniversary in late May.
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