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February 2019

Ongoing Series

BOCES RASP Forestry 90
A Career in Forestry

The Fort Miler Group
Munter Enterprises
Bonacio Construction
D.A. C ollins

LTW 3 4 19 Block 3

SPAC Dance Residency
Malta Ave. Elementary

Where's Andrew 2/18
Where's Andrew 2/18
WarrenWatch Episode Eight Travis Whitehead

Travis Whitehead and Mark Westcott
The "Watchdog" of Warren County once again proves transparency in our local government helps everyone stay informed and  focused on how our tax dollars should be spent

'LOOK at Seniors'

Season 4

We are currently in production for the 4th annual 'LOOK at Seniors'.  If you'd like to participate, please contact us at 518-798-8000

Look This Week Open V1

Freihofer's Saratoga 
Jazz Festival

Saratoga Jazz Festival Interview 2019 Pt. 1
Saratoga Jazz Festival Interview 2019 Pt. 1

Elizabeth Sobol, President of SPAC talks about the exciting line up for this years Jazz Festival and the thinking behind the selection of artists. This year, the line up is more diverse than ever with many options to see established artists and discover the newest wave of musicians.making names for themselves.

The FUND for Lake George and the Business Council
A Model for What It Takes

The FUND for Lake George Interview 2019
The FUND for Lake George Interview 2019

Eric Siy, Executive Director of the FUND and Business Council member & CEO of Fort William Henry, Kathy Flacke-Muncil identify three key stressors of human impact on Lake George. They employ science to solve the problems and invest in the solution to protect our priceless resource.

South High  Marathon Dance
Shoots for a Milestone

South High Marathon Dance Interview 2019
South High Marathon Dance Interview 2019

Proving once again, the future is in good hands, J. Hood interviews two students from the Committee for this years SHMD. The passion and dedication is evident in everything they discuss. The goal of raising one million dollars for people in need in our community is...within reach.
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