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December 21, 2019
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing
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Will become active in January during the Toronto international Boat Show.
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Inaugural Issue of the LOOR Ambassador Newsletter
This newsletter is intended to give the LOOR Ambassadors up to date information on key initiatives or changes at LOOR between Ambassador Meetings. As much as possible, we will provide the ambassadors with forewarning of upcoming announcements or events so they can be prepared when the public announcement happens. This intent isn't to replace or supersede the monthly LOOR eNewsletter nor the distribution of the minutes of the monthly LOOR meeting. Rather it's to supplement the information provided to the ambassadors in these vehicles. The planned editorial schedule is to produce this newsletter every two months between December and following August.
Please send any comments, questions or issues to Dave Courtney, the LOOR Committee Member responsible for the LOOR Ambassador Program. We would appreciate feedback on what you would like to see in this newsletter.
We want to include short articles from ambassadors on what they are doing to promote LOOR at their clubs and issues arising with respect to LOOR and offshore racing on Lake Ontario. Please send any such submissions to Dave Courtney.

Fee increases held to the cost of living  
LOOR has continued its practice of keeping fee increases close to the inflation rate. For 2020, this means ~ 2%.

New courses for LO300/600 and the LOSHRS Long Distance Race  
There are changes to the courses for LO300/600 and the LOSHRS Long Distance Race (Race 4). The change for the former is to give a different look to the race. The change was done for the latter to drop the need for the PCYC Mark, that was just before the finish so that no LOOR 2020 race will use the PCYC Mark, AKA Turning Mark. Therefore, racers won't have to remember which race has the PCYC Mark and which doesn't.
The LO300 and LO600 courses:
Main Duck Island Course is a 302 nautical mile course on Lake Ontario, starting at Port Credit, then on to the Fogh LSYC Mark, Niagara Bar Lighted Buoy 2, Main Duck Island (M9 & MM2), Ford Shoal Buoy and the Finish.
Scotch Bonnet Island Course is a 194 nautical mile course starting at Port Credit, then on to the Fogh LSYC Mark, Niagara Bar Lighted Buoy 2, Scotch Bonnet Island and the Finish.
The LO600 Course is 600-nautical miles, consisting of a "Twice Around" sailing of the LO300 Main Duck Island Course, with Mark 1 omitted on the second time around. All yachts will complete the LO300 course, by crossing the finish line of the LO300 Course, being scored for the LO300 Race. Yachts will be scored for the LO300 Race regardless of whether they the finish the second lap of the LO600 Challenge. The LO600 Challenge shall be scored when the yachts cross the finish line at PCYC following the second lap of the course

LOSHRS Race 4 (Long Distance):
LOSHRS Race 4 (Long Distance) is a 100 statutory mile race that runs from PCYC to Gibraltar, back to PCYC, then across the lake to Niagara, on to Burlington and finishing back at PCYC.

Races to YYC and DYC switch in case there's high-water again  
To mitigate against the potential of high-water next season, the YYC and DYC weekends have been switched as there is a better chance that DYC will be less impacted by any high water in June.

Registration for LOOR Events to open on January 15, 2020
The tentative date to open registration is Wednesday, January 15th for Toronto International Boat Show. To help with the registration process, graphics have been added to the Notices of Race to explain and direct to the components of the Race Registration and Document Web Sites hosted by YachtScoring.
As part of the planned opening of registration, there will be the launch of one or more videos covering registering for LOOR events.
The major changes around registration are the results of the increased legal and regulatory environment society is facing. This results in two additions to the registration process.
  1. Acknowledgement and acceptance of a release similar to those in use by other organizations running races such as LORC or LYRA
  2. Acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions and activities imposed on amateur sports in Ontario by Rowan's Law. This will need to be done by both the individual registering the sailboat and all other crew.
More information on Rowan's Law is available at:
As the impact of complying with Rowan's Law will be significant on the sport of sailboat racing and especially offshore/long distance racing, we have this rollout plan so the ambassadors can be prepared to answer questions:
  1. By the end of the year, distribute to ambassadors the draft LOOR Guide article on LOOR's plan for Rowan's Law
  2. If desired by the ambassadors, schedule a computer call to review and describe LOOR's plans.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Graham Dougall

2015 Boat Show
Help needed for the LOOR TIBS Booth  
With the Toronto International Boat Show happening in January, LOOR needs help in staffing its booth to promote its 2020 races. If you can help and haven't already signed up, please contact Monica Doedens at . Please do so ASAP as the TIBS has complicated rules and logistics around exhibitors, such as issuing badges.
The days of the TIBS are
Saturday, January 18th to Sunday, January 26th with the following hours
Saturdays      1000 to 1900
Sundays        1000 to 1800 (The last Sunday)
Weekdays     1100 to 2000
With the intent to have two to three staffing the booth in three to four hours shifts.
Please help, if you can!

LOOR Marketing Package for Ambassadors for pickup at TIBS  
  • Posters
  • LOOR Brochure
  • LOOR Brochure calling for Volunteers
Packages for each ambassador will be available for pickup at the LOOR booth during the Toronto International Boat Show.

LOOR needs your help to:


Dave Courtney
LOOR Committee Ambassador Coordinator
Graham Dougall
LOOR Committee & Ambassador Newsletter Editor



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The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group is responsible for the planning of the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge, the Susan Hood Trophy Race and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series under the organizing authority of the Port Credit Yacht Club.