September 10, 2018
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing
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Yes, it's September. But we're not done yet!
The days are getting shorter, but the summer heat and humidity are hanging around! Don't despair! Racing isn't over yet. We still have the LOSHRS Port Dalhousie race weekend left and this is a great way to finish the year. Important details and links you'll need for races # 5 and #6 are below.  
We have some great news about this year's LO300/LO600 and Susan Hood Trophy Race Awards Banquet. driveHG is hosting the event in their brand new Humberview Volkswagen dealership showroom. This will be an event you don't want to miss. Bring your whole crew and their significant others for a memorable celebration!  
LO300/600 and Susan Hood Awards Banquet:
  • Saturday, November 10th, 2018 - Save the Date - More details coming soon!
  • Location: Humberview Volkswagen. 1650 The Queensway
LOSHRS Awards Banquet:
  • Saturday, February 9th, 2019 - Save the Date - More details coming soon!
  • Location: PCYC
I'll see you there.
Monica Doedens
Chair, Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

LOSHRS Race 5 & 6 - PCYC to Port Dalhousie and Back : 
LOSHRS Race 5 & 6 - PCYC to Port Dalhousie and Back  
  • Race 5- PCYC to Port Dalhousie YC: Saturday, September 15th
    Race 6 - Port Dalhousie YC to PCYC: Sunday, September 16th

  • Reserve your slip at Dalhousie Marina: All racers should contact Dalhousie Marina to book your slip for overnight on Saturday, September 15th. They are once again offering the rate of $1.00 per foot. Call 905-646-5515.

  • Dinner Saturday, September 15th: Dinner is $22.00 (plus tax/gratuities). The evening will also include prize draws, refreshments plus continental breakfast the following morning, thanks to our LOSHRS sponsor;
    UCC Industries International and UCC Steelwork Connections.

  • Race documents: Documents including Sailing Instructions and Official Notice Board for LOSHRS will be on the Yacht Scoring site. Please check just before the race for any updates or amendments.
  • Berthing at PCYC: If you are planning on staying overnight at PCYC on Friday, September 14th, please register for a slip early as registration will be handled on a first come first serve and space may be limited.  Berthing at PCYC for LOSHRS Race 5

    • Race Committee Volunteers Urgently Needed:
    • Start                      Saturday September 15th              0830 - 1200 at PCYC
    • Finish                    Saturday, September 15th             1300  - 1800 at DYC
    • Start                      Sunday, September 16th                0830 - 1200 at DYC
    • Finish                    Sunday, September 16th                1300  - 1900 at PCYC
If you can help or know of someone that can, please contact Graham Dougall at: .
Want to race but haven't registered yet? Here's the   Registration Link.
The Evolution Sailmakers/Access Abilities Sail Draw:  
Sail Draw Eligibility Requirements
*                Full registration for LOSHRS 2018 season.
*                Complete a minimum of four out of six LOSHRS 2018 events, of your choice. The draw will also be open to those who have completed 3 races and intend to compete in the final race. Provisional winners will be drawn if the first name drawn does not complete the required minimum of four races.
*                Owner/Skipper (or yacht representative) must be present at the live draw, to take place after racing, Saturday September 15th, 2018 at Dalhousie.
*                Draw Winner receives a Certificate for $5000.00 off the purchase of new sail(s) as supplied by Evolution Sailmakers Toronto.
*                Certificate value applied towards the purchase of a new sail(s) for yacht registered and raced in LOSHRS.
*                Certificate cannot be used in conjunction with any other Evolution Sailmakers Toronto offers    
Please visit the Sponsor's websites to support them and LOSHRS:
The moment I had feared in the past, became one of my favourites
By Melody Pitts 
Skipper: David Courtney
There is nothing quite like going on a sail that allows you to not only watch the sunset, but also watch it rise.
As a child I grew up sailing on the boat, weekend trips, family vacations and even the occasional fun race. It wasn't until 5 years ago that I was introduced to a whole other side of sailing - double handed racing with my dad - Dave Courtney. When the idea first came up to do the LOSHR series, I was quite excited, but I will admit, the thought of doing the 100-miler was what got me a little anxious. I had been out on the boat for days at a time, but never overnight, and never "solo" at times when dad needed to sleep! I knew that all the knowledge I had gathered over the years would surely bring me through most situations that may arise, but never considered how much I stood to gain by getting pushed out of my comfort zone.
Dad has a wonderful way of doing things that most people would look at and say "wow, that is so adventurous "or "you're crazy to do that by yourself" and making it look completely normal. I have always admired that, and so with a brave face, off we went on the 100-miler.
We have gathered some good stories on our races, but this year was by far my favourite. What started out as a pretty choppy day, with favourable winds, quickly turned to no winds, listening to the sails snap and swing, bobbing with no sign of even a puff of air. It is in those moments that your patience, perseverance and even sanity truly get tested. I had hit the point where I thought I was going to go mad! Looking at dad, I knew there was not a chance he would start that engine, and so I quickly made the decision to switch my mind set and jumped up on the bow and started fanning the sails.... only joking. But really, I started to take in all the small things that can be done to make the tiniest difference in situations like that.
Every so often there would be a puff of air, and we would jump into action to get every bit of speed we could. And then finally, off in the distance, you could see that ripple on the water that you pray is what you think it is but dare not say - WIND.
After what seemed like the longest 11 hours of my life, we rounded the Niagara mark and were on the final stretch home, with wind! Dad went down to sleep just before sunrise, to get some much-needed rest, and I took over. As the sun came up, I remember thinking, I wish everyone in my life could know what this feeling is like, because simply, there is nothing like it. The moment I had feared before, quickly became one of my favourites. The winds continued to shift slightly, and I made quick work of trimming the sails. Watching each time as our speed rose, I felt grateful for all that my dad had taught me over the years to be able to enjoy this moment on my own, rather than fear it! I am so thankful for the 100-miler, and all the ups and downs it can bring.
Here's to next year, and bringing in 1st overall again, right dad?!

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