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July 2018

The Festival of Saints Peter and Paul 

When we come to the 4th of July, people often ask, "Where has the summer gone?"  According to my calculations, we are only a third way through the Book of Acts, so that means there is still two thirds of the summer and the book left to go.  We have moved through the glory days of the early church to a time of persecution. And sometimes, the church members themselves are fighting with one another. 

The Book of Acts, which we have been studying this summer, serves as wonderful history of the early church, but it doesn't always tell us the whole story. Often times, the disagreements, disputes disasters are left out. The apostles were brave and courageous, but they also had their faults. Two of the greatest apostles, Paul and Peter, saw each other only a handful of times, but approximately in the year 50 AD, in the city of Antioch, the two fought bitterly over the direction of the church. According to tradition, both apostles eventually travelled to the city of Rome to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and both died there, but nowhere is this story recorded in scripture. According to tradition, Peter was crucified in Rome under Emperor Nero. It is traditionally held that he was crucified upside down at his own request, since he saw himself unworthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus. Paul, as a Roman citizen, is said to have suffered less pain and disgrace by his death of beheading. Oddly, the lives of Peter and Paul are both remembered together on the same day June 29th.
The early paintings of the church offer a glimpse into Peter and Paul's shared festival day. The first icon shows the apostles standing on either side supporting a model church building, the second is an image of the two embracing each other. The two icons represent important truths that are not written in scripture, not only about Peter and Paul, but also about the church today  Both of the apostles had a vision for the church, but still, they didn't get along. Paul writes in his letter to the Galatians that he confronted Peter over matters of the Jewish law and accused Peter of cowardice and hypocrisy. In the Book of Acts, we read that Peter had already been instructed by a vision from heaven that in God's eyes all are clean, nothing is unclean. And yet Peter was trying to hold onto the Jewish practices of his past. It is one of the most difficult challenges facing the church. How do we remain relevant in a changing world and still hold onto the meaningful and important teachings of the past? This leads us to Paul and Peter's confrontation in Antioch which we read about later this summer.  
The second icon shows the only hope for the church in the future. It is an image of reconciliation. The two images go together, just as Paul and Peter go together. The images remind us that in the church, and in every congregation, conflict will enter. That is why the church in every age must be built on forgiveness and reconciliation. This brings us back to the first icon.  Peter and Paul are seen supporting the church jointly.  Neither apostle can build the church alone, but it is their reconciliation that makes it possible to move forward.
Yes, there is still two thirds of the summer and Book of Acts yet to go. So join us for Bible study and worship as we continue to walk through the Book of Acts.
Peace, Pastor Arden Haug

Spelmanslag & Cloudberries Apprearance

To celebrate Father's Day and Midsummer, Ruth Lemire, Susie Lundberg and Mary Londborg, traditional fiddlers from the American Swedish Institute's Spelmanslag, and the women's chorus, Cloudberries appeared and played in traditional costumes on Sunday, June 17 during our Worship Service.
Many thanks for their wonderful musical contribution!

Our Saviour's Housing Shelter Meals
Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church has provided a meal for 40 the first Friday of every month for many years. This is a wonderful opportunity for families or a group of friends to work together! 

Thanks to  Ellie Holmquist, Anita Duder, Eivor Lund, Mary Flynn, Lorri Cullen & Linda Nelson for serving on  June 1.

Members currently scheduled for 2018...   
Regan Gusamn, Lauren Huffman, &
Ben Guengerich

Susan & Eric Melbye
Linda Nelson, Mary Flynn, & Family
Kristi & Bob Brown
The Moe Family
We need help SOON for  AUGUST 3

Please consider this date, as well as pairing with others to help.

To sign up contact Cheri Moe at (952) 431-5226 or moeclana@aol.com

Recipes are provided. 

Thrivent members are eligible to apply for a Thrivent Action Grant to cover the cost of the meal and purchase supplies for Our Saviour's Shelter continuing needs. For those who are Thrivent members, but are not able to make the meal, please consider applying for this grant in advance (4-6 weeks lead time) for other volunteers' use to serve. 

Women's Book Club

The next meeting of our group will be on Friday, July 6 , at 4:00 pm at Deb Gilroy's home, which is near LOTI. Beverages and snacks will be served. Feel free to bring something to share. We will discuss 
The Secret Chord, by Geraldine Brooks.

Priscilla Circle

Join us for a time of camaraderie at the home of Carol Arent.
Saturday, July 7, at 9:30am.
2866 Kenwood Isles Dr.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Working Speaker Series

Working is the theme of an ongoing speaker series in which people talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do. Many people within our congregation are engaged in fascinating work, and this series gives us an opportunity to learn more about what they do.

On  Sunday, July 15th , we'll hear from Michelle McCreery. 
Michelle is a visual artist  whose work has included marketing, teaching college, graphic design, in addition to painting and drawing in her studio. She has worked as a consultant for color, interior design, web design and CV/resumé design. She holds a BFA in Commercial Art and an MFA in Painting and Drawing.

The talk will take place after a brief coffee break following the Sunday morning service. Those who are interested will be invited to take their coffee/tea into the Christy Room for about 45 minutes. The first 20-25 minutes will be an informal talk by the artist, leaving the remaining time for questions from those in attendance.

If anyone in the congregation is interested in sharing their own Working story, email jannahaug@yahoo.com

Children's Ministry

It's time to sign up for summer camp!!!
Attention Grade 1-9 youth! You are invited......
LOTI youth Grades 1-9 are invited to come to Luther Park in Danbury, WI with Pastor Haug the week of July 22. We will provide transportation to/from camp for half week campers (Sun-Wed). Go to Lutherpark.com to complete the registration form (type web address carefully so that you get the Luther Park in Danbury, WI). Please contact Diane LaMere or Pastor Haug before registering for other important details to include on the registration form. 

Camp Amnicon 
Summer Opportunities for High School Students

Camp Amnicon is an ELCA high adventure camp that serves high school students with hiking, white water canoeing, flat water canoeing, and Voyageur canoeing trips. They are normally only for established groups, but this summer they are offering two trips that individuals can sign up for.
For over 50 years Camp Amnicon has been safely guiding groups in the wilderness. There are two guides trained in wilderness first aid, lifeguarding and CPR Trained in wilderness skills with each group.  An Amnicon experience is challenging and transforming.

August 12 - 17 is Voyageur Canoeing on Lake Superior. This is Camp Amnicon's signature trip that explores the Apostle Islands, sea caves, light houses, and shipwrecks in a 34-foot canoe.

For more information contact  hannah.damon@amnicon.org , phone 715-364-2602, or speak with  Cheri Moe. 

Hannah & Brad Damon, associate directors

Prayer Ministry
The prayer ministry group would welcome anyone who would like to join them on Tuesday mornings in the Christy Room at 9:15-10:00 a.m. Please contact Janna Haug, Deb Gilroy or Linda Nelson for more information if you are interested. 

Wednesday Morning  Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday morning for Bible Study at 10:00. The informal study will explore the Book of Acts. And yes, coffee and treats are a part of every Wednesday morning.

Kenneth Vigne Music 
Kenny has created a page with some recordings of pieces we have heard at LOTI. 
Kenneth Vigne Music
July Birthdays
Penny Junget
Susan Einess
Matthew Messerli
Michelle Reisberg
Nicolas Amann
Lucia Nortwen
Carol Arent
Leah Berkland
Bruce Kuehn
Susan Kinder
Charles O'Brien
Edie Morrison
Chanda Olson
Stephanie Kappel
Ross Formell
Abby Melbye
Scott Gallop
Winnifred Ulland
Victoria Hovda
Isabelle Einess
Murphy Kappel
Rebecca Morell
Andrea Nyhusmoen
Marlene Wilson

  July 1 Linda Nelson and Ellie Holmquist
  July 8 Carol Kuehn and Rebecca Morell
July 15
Eric and Kate Mechels
July 22 Casey and Andrea Christy
July 29 Don Holzschuh and Dave Ackerman

Altar Servers
  July 1 Carolyn Hagford and Linda Nelson
  July 8 Carol Kuehn and Vicki Kuehn-Larson
July 15
Phyllis Dahl and Pauline Haug
July 22 Kathy Hering, Mary and David Goplen
July 29 Ellie Holmquist, Ruth Lee and Eivor Lund

Worship Assistants
  July 1 Marty Carlson (4th July Weekend)
  July 8
Kathy Hering
July 15 Mark Waldeland
July 22 Michelle McCreery
July 29 Mary Sabatke

Coffee Hour Hosts 
  July 1
Jon and Allyson Sprain
  July 8 Don Holzschuh
July 15 Casey and Andrea Christy 
July 22 Ellie Holmquist and Ruth Lee
July 29 TBD

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August 12 - 17
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