February 2017
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and LOVE is in the air @ The MACC. Not just the love we celebrate with red hearts, chocolate, and special dates - ̶ but the kind that makes someone exclaim out loud: "I  LOVE  THIS PLACE ! "   

We've been hearing that a lot around the MACC lately:  the studios and classrooms have been full of excited schoolchildren coming for CanDo! Days .... The gallery is full of viewers exploring new designs and historic fabric techniques.... Bold new acts and old favorites have been popping up in all of the theaters.  Just take a look at some of the things Maui people have been loving most about the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

Art Vento, President & CEO


At The MACC every year, there are about 100 CanDo! Days, where more than 6,000+ students on Maui, Lanai & Molokai learn about the arts: drawing & painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, rhythm, music. Kids LOVE CanDo!:
" This is my favorite and best day ever !" -  4th grader 
And the teachers love 'em, because the kids do:  
" Children love these lessons. They are engaged, it is hands/body-on, and the learning is incredibly powerful." -  elementary teacher

MACC  © 's teachers too: We offer a dozen educator workshops each year as well as our popular summer institutes, assisting almost 150 teachers with their professional development - this year alone. What does that mean in real-ife terms?  Better opportunities + Better classrooms  = Better Maui!
Throughout our season of "The MACC presents..." we strive to bring to Maui's shores a selection of the best, newest, brightest acts of the world. A recent example is Black Arm Band, soulful singers and musicians from Australia who performed songs in 11 different Aboriginal languages backed by black-and-white projected images that showed 'the heart and humanity of the country.'  The audience was enraptured:  
"Chicken skin! I was totally immersed from the first song. I can't stop thinking about it!"  -Hella M.

Other New Best things: the comic clown Jamie Adkins brought down the house with his "Cirque"-type antics... classical pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin inspired pin-drop attention in his audience ... visitors ooh-ed and aah-ed as they entered the vast silk 'cocoon' installation that is part of the current exhibit in the Schaefer International Gallery.


UB40, a longtime favorite of several generations of Maui people, returned with another solid show in the A&B Amphitheater on January 20. 
UP NEXT:  another huge Maui favorite:  JOURNEY on February 28!

"No matter what the weather seems like before, or what you think the show will be about, outdoors at the MACC exceeds your expectations. Always beautiful, always relaxing, always inspiring, a truly magical space to be. Go, just go already!" - Betsy P.

Almost 4,000 of our 'ohana enjoyed the return antics of the amazing acrobats of China over their two-day, four-show run in January...inspiring yet another new generation of kids who might just want to join the circus!

What our patrons tell us:

"As a MACC member I love the fact that our tiny little island gets the entertainment we do." - Casey B.

"The MACC has made it possible for artists and musicians and all sorts of talent to do their thing in front of so many fans....I love the macc and volunteering is one of my favorite hobbies." - Rose H.

"Fantastic venue. Always have a lovely time while I'm there." - Tanya T.


February is another jam-packed month where anyone can find their Next New Favorite thing.  Click the image to view/download our February "SHOWS" brochure

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