The Dream Becomes Reality:

Front Royal's
LOVE Community
Art Project
The Smiles Say it All
"What’s not to like about the word love?" said George McIntyre, Vice President of the Front Royal Independent Business Alliance (FRIBA). Along with FRIBA President Craig Laird, Secretary Arline Link, and FRIBA members, the trio of small business owners helped to make the LOVE Community Art project a reality this October.

During the Back to Nature Celebration on October 10, Arline got started early in the morning sketching out the images on the stainless steel white primed LOVE letters that are set up next to the Gazebo on Main Street. She set up bottles of paint, laid out brushes, and filled cups with water eagerly waiting for the community to arrive--and they did. More than 30 children, adults, residents and visitors helped to paint the letters, Arline estimates.

"I really enjoyed it! All of the kids were very excited about being able to paint the letters. Two young boys who were artists stopped by and really enjoyed being able to contribute. A little girl who who had seen the LOVE sign near the Apple House also came by and she was so excited to be able to paint on this one. She really loved it!" Arline said.
Feeling the LOVE
"I like having the community involved in this. It’s something that I’ve always done," continued Arline. "I used to paint murals in homes and at the end of the project, I would leave one small section for them to paint and it made them feel a part of it. It was a great experience."

The LOVE Community Art Project has been a year in the making. It started as a kernel of an idea to help spread positivity throughout Front Royal.
Arline, George, and Craig started working on the project during the 50th celebration of the Virginia is for Lovers campaign last year with FRIBA. "I thought wow, what a perfect time to celebrate!" said George, owner of the Apple House that has been in operation since 1963. "I contacted the state and found out there were some grants available. Most communities fabricate their own signs, so I discussed with the Williams Brothers and they were very accommodating." In December 2019, Plant Manager Gabe Williams of AG Laser Technology and The Williams Brothers Corporation of America, described the incredibly involved process of designing and fabricating the letters in the Royal Examiner.
Bring a little LOVE home
Proudly Made in
Front Royal, VA, USA!

George worked with the Williams brothers again and had them create smaller 3”H x 18”W letters, which they engraved with the shape of the state of the Virginia and the letters USA.

Arline has painted several of the smaller letters with beautiful flowers, bees, and forest scenes.

"It has taken almost a year to get to the point of painting," said Craig. "The dream actually happened. We committed to it and got it done."

You can purchase the letters at Royal Oak Computers, The Kiln Doctor, and The Apple House.
The LOVE Extends Across Front Royal
The large portable stainless steel letters now proudly stand in front of the Apple House, at the corner of Main and Commerce Streets, and by the Gazebo on Main.

"During National Library Month," Craig said, "our sign, which is now at Main and Commerce, was moved to the library for the month. The project will ultimately hopefully involve five sets of LOVE letters for Front Royal," said Craig. The Rotary Club and the Library are currently working on designs. There are more than 200+ "LOVEworks" around the state including Front Royal's! Click the link below to check it out!
Halloween 2020 Update
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Working together to make THIS fall season,
the BEST season Front Royal has ever experienced!

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