Last week we launched the "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR" Campaign!

Are you tired of all the political divisiveness that seems to be dividing everyone right now? Then join our church campaign to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR! Stop up at the church for any of these items:

1) Yard signs - $10. Political yard signs are everywhere! Let's show our community that we love our neighbors! We have only 13 left! Hurry up here if you would like one!

2) T-shirts - $10. Each t-shirt has "loveyourneighbor written on it 7 times as a reminder that we are to love our neighbors 7 days of the week. We ordered more t-shirts and they will be here on Monday.

3) Stickers - $1 for 3. Place a sticker anywhere that will help to remind you to love your neighbor!

4) Spreading Kindness business cards. FREE! Use these cards to do something nice for your neighbors and include the card in it.

Let's get back to the basics of loving our neighbors and showing kindness, love and grace to all those we are in contact with throughout the week!