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Dream's Summer & Summer Break Schedule

  • Sun July 3: Last Spring Classes
  • Mon July 4 - Sun July 10: Summer Break. No group classes will be offered. Private Yoga, Meditation & Life-Coaching sessions are available in-person and online. Email your interest to
  • Mon July 11: Summer Classes Start
  • Sun Sept 4: End of 8-Week Summer Session

What's New This Summer?
Our Summer Classes are now posted for you to register. Please note that most of our current classes will continue with the following changes:

Mon 1:30 PM Yoga for Creaky People. This class will be on break for the summer as Kittie continues to heal from her shoulder surgery. Please send healing prayers!

Mon 6:30 PM Dynamic Gentle Yoga. This will be a 7-week session, as Patricia is taking off for some teacher training on August 15.
Tues 10:00 AM Yoga for Bellies, Backs & Balance. Catha has another teaching commitment and Anita is happy to continue this class for Dream. You can look forward to her unique teachings from her Yoga Therapy and Energy Balancing background.
Wed 9:30 AM (now 10:00A) Yoga for Creaky People. Anita will be delaying the start of the class by 30 minutes to accommodate some students' needs.
Thurs 7:30 PM Yoga Stretch & Strengthen. Luann is taking a break from teaching this class this summer. Please consider joining her Yoga Stretch & Strengthen class on Tuesdays at 5:45 PM.

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