February 2018 - In This Issue:
As friend or family of UCP Central PA, you should be familiar with the phrase "life without limits." It's the essence of our agency tagline "life without limits for people with disabilities." It's our mantra. It's what we aspire to for the individuals we serve. And, when it happens, it's magical.

UCP Loves Unconditionally!
UCP Loves Unconditionally!
Today, we'd like to introduce a new vision for all of UCP -- one that has crystallized in the mind of UCP President/CEO Judith McCowan over the past year. The core of the new UCP vision is one intangible that cannot be taught, that cannot be learned in a self-help book, or a webinar, or through any amount of training. That intangible is "love without limits."  

The vision doesn't replace life without limits... it's what makes it happen.

We LOVE without limits so others might live without them.

Beginning today, we are asking all UCP staff to begin to internalize what that means for them in their day-to-day jobs. What does that look like in a residential home? In a day program? Out in the community? How does a recruiter or an accountant show "love without limits" from their desk at Utley or in an office at a satellite location? Not once in a while, but moment to moment, day in and day out? That's what we're going to be talking about for the year to come, and long thereafter. That's what we're going to work together at defining, living and celebrating with consistency.

How appropriate that we are launching the vision of "love without limits"
on a day that is dedicated to celebrating unconditional love.

Over time, we expect this new vision to take hold across every aspect of life that UCP touches -- across our geographic footprint, in every program, among our volunteers, and as the centerpiece of all our fundraising activities.

We will have a lot more to share about this vision going forward. We will be talking about it regularly in our communications with you. For now, we simply ask you to join us in embracing the concept and begin to prepare to answer this question on social media:

"How do  
YOU show
LOVE Without Limits in your interactions each day?"

We are interested in your thoughts on how "LOVE Without Limits" is demonstrated -- 
this starts with your relationship with the individuals with whom you work
and extends to every one of the simple tasks you accomplish each day. 

We want you ALL to participate in defining -- in simple acts of love -- what this means at UCP!

The "Heart" of our Vision
Jakey gives a thumbs-up!
Creating from the Heart...

Jakey Roadcap, 25, is a participant in UCP's innovative Pathways day program in Camp Hill. A 2014 graduate of Susquehanna Township Senior High School, Jakey has a gift for drawing. Give him a sketchpad and a set of colored pencils, and he is able to create freehand magic.

So when it came time to put the "heart" in our new "love without limits" logo, we immediately turned to Jakey!

Featured Program:  AgrAbility for Pennsylvanians

As we launch a new vision for UCP of "love without limits," it is fitting that we feature a program -- AgrAbility for Pennsylvanians  -- that is all about empowering farmers
 and agricultural workers to continue their "labor of love."
AgrAbility PA (for short) is a statewide partnership between UCP Central PA and Penn State Extension that promotes success in agriculture for farmers with a disability or long-term health condition.
Cathie Dibert at work in her raised beds located on hillside farmland that would otherwise be unusable
AgrAbility PA has made all the difference in the lives of farmers and their families across Pennsylvania who want to return to or continue working in production agriculture, among them:
  • Dawn and Rob Custer, who have been able to maintain and grow their organic fruit and vegetable farm, Goodness Grows
  • Phillip Dean, who is able to maintain the only "way of life" the Dean family has known dating back to 1840
  • Cathie Dibert, a retired Veteran who found a new passion in Green-er Acres
  • Todd Zimmermanwho has been able to keep up his dairy goat farm,   Four Zimm Dairy Plus , thanks to an on-farm occupational therapy evaluation and subsequent workflow modifications
UCP Advocacy Update
A Message from Judith McCowan:

As you should already be aware from our recent Advocacy Day effort, UCP, in partnership with the ID and Autism Coalition, has worked to organize a campaign to advocate for funding to address the wages of DSPs in Pennsylvania. 

Governor Wolf released his proposed 2018-19 budget in an address to the joint Chambers on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. I am disappointed to report that it failed to address the DSP wage crisis in any way. 

UCP is grateful to the Wolf Administration for funding new services for a number of individuals and families who are desperately in need of services and supports. Many of those services, however, will be dependent upon provider agencies' ability to attract and retain DSPs -- a challenge due to low wages.  We are disappointed that the Governor could not find a way to begin to address the crisis.

I do not see this as a failure -- I see it as a starting point in paving the path to DSP living wages in Pennsylvania. 

I am asking you all to help us - get ready to go ALL IN for the long haul! We will raise the roof on the Capitol, letting everyone know WE ARE HERE -- and we vote As soon as my colleagues and I have formulated a definitive plan, I will issue a Call To Action. 

For my part, I promise to relentlessly fight for DSP wages until we win -- however long that takes!

With love and blessings to you all,
Judith McCowan
UCP Central PA

UCP in the Community

Tae Kwon Do- Autism
"Never underestimate the ability of your child... they will surprise you with what they are capable of doing and never be afraid to try new things!"

Our own Bernadette Jayakumar (Family Support Services) was interviewed for a FOX43 news story on the therapeutic power of martial arts in regards to autism. She has seen great strides in the ability of her son Nevin in socialization through this fun physical activity.  

Careers without Limits
UCP is hiring! Open interview events will be hosted in Lewistown and Herndon on February 28th and February 22nd respectively.  Bring your resume and personality, and apply for a rewarding p osition working with people of all abilities in our community.  

Call 1-877-827-4562 (877-UCP4JOB) for details!

For a full list of job openings, visit http://www.ucpcentralpa.org/jobs

Chambersburg-- Social Night
The Pathways Program in Chambersburg has released their calendar for Social Nights throughout 2018.  

This event is open to independent adults with intellectual disabilities, along with their peers and friends to come play games, watch movies, dance, sing, socialize, and nurture friendships.  

Social Nights will be held every 4th Saturday of the month -- check the link here    for dates, or contact  Rebecca Herring  with any questions .
We "Treasure" Your Donations! 
We want to give a warm thank you to the Pennsylvania Department of Treasury for their generous donation. The Treasury donated a number of desktop computers, Playstations, and handheld gaming systems, valued at approximately $4500. These will be going to the start-up of two new gaming clubs in our adult day programs. 

Special Events
A Look Ahead at UCP
  • Magic Night: Our premier black-tie gala, join us for a night of dancing, music, food, and philanthropy.  See  here  for more details, or contact  Anna Spiess!
  • Highmark: Walk for a Healthy Community is an annual team-based 5k walk to be held on May 19th.  UCP will be putting forth teams for some friendly internal competition. Highmark underwrites this event, so 100% of donations to our teams will go to UCP programs- support a crew here.

  • Mini-Golf: Join us for our first ever Mini-Golf Tournament! Teams of four compete while moving from place to place in Harrisburg to play a hole and enjoy food and drinks. Sponsor, advertise, or join us on April 28th for a round! Visit Ucpminigolf.org for a full run-down of the event.

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It is the shared mission of UCP Central PA and the UCP Foundation of Central PA to assist infants, children, youth, and adults, with disabilities and their families, achieve their goals of development, growth, independence, and full citizenship.