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"Lowcountry Gone Wild "

Lowcountry Artists Gallery is celebrating the New Year with "Lowcountry Gone Wild".  We have new paintings available from our gallery's artists.

*Reception this Friday, January 6th 
from 5-8pm

12"x16" Acrylic on Canvas
by Karen Burnette Garner

"White Dove"
12x12, Oil on Linen
by Margaret Cutter

"A Day at the Zoo"
16x20 Pastel
by Laura Cody

Mixed Media
by Stephanie Shuler Hamlet

"Marsh and Ducks"
18x24 Oil
by Tim Greaves

"Perching Pelicans"
by Sandra Roper

"Heron Heaven"
8x10 Oil
by Jane Woodward

"Rainbow Jumper"
6x6 Oil on Panel
by Joyce Harvey

"Twilight Heron"
12x12 Oil
by Norma Ballentine-Cable

24x24 Acrylic
Kari Swanson

"Night Forest Axiom"
15x19 Colored Pencil
by Page Burgess

Cock-A-Doodle Dudes II
 by Rana Jordahl

"Great White at Sunset"
24x48 Acrylic on Canvas
by Mac Rogers

Nature is not only visible to the eye...it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.
                                                               -Edward Munch

Welcome Our New Artists 
Charles and Zan Smith! 

     This Father and Son team have been making human size frogs since 1974. These whimsical frogs will bring lots of joy to your yard, home and life!

     Each frog is made individually and has its own character in expression and body language.  The artists primarily use copper, brass and stainless steel, and have developed over the years a special process for initiating the verdigris patina.  Each frog is signed, dated and copyrighted on a stainless steel plate near the foot of the frog statue. 

Welcome Peter Nigel Estes!

Charleston Harbor Sunset
Acrylic on Canvas

Stop by the gallery and see our artists' new work! 

"My Happy Place"
Oil on Linen
by Lisa Willits

"Initiative I"
 Mixed Media
by Lynne Hardwick

"First Light"
by Kellie Jacobs

"Arts & Crafts Revival"
by Bob Hasselle

"High Cotton"
by John Albrecht

Bronze Sculpture
by Judy Mooney

"Beauty in the Forest"
by Kathy Clark

Jewelry by Sylvia McCollum

"Finding the Sun"
by Judith Chamberlin

"Tire City"
Miniature Construction
by Ken Hamilton

Congratulations to Ken Hamilton! An article on Ken's work was recently published in the Post & Courier, Charleston's daily newspaper. It's also on-line at this link:



  Congratulations to our winners for the "Gifts to Go" in December!

Tracy, Tammy, & Rosemary


Reception January 6th, 5-8pm

Reception February 3rd, 5-8pm

Featured artists Sandra Roper & Ken Hamilton
Reception March 3rd, 5-8pm


  Lowcountry Artists, Ltd.    
148 East Bay Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Seasonal Gallery Hours: 
Mon-Sat-11:00 am to 5pm
Sun-1pm to 5 pm

The artists of
Lowcountry Artists Gallery include:   
 Norma Ballentine-Cable, 
 Laura Cody, Lynne N. Hardwick, 
Stephanie S. Hamlet,  Joyce Harvey,
Kellie Jacobs,  Rana Jordahl, Sandra Roper
and Kari Swanson
& Guest Artists:
 John Albrecht,  Marty Biernbaum,
Karen Burnette Garner, Page Burgess,  Judith Chamberlin, 
 Kathy Clark,  Margaret Cutter, Carolyn Epperly, Peter Nigel Estes,
 Deb Fornell, Tim Greaves,   Ken Hamilton, Bob Hasselle, 
 Cynthia Howard  Sylvia McCollum,  Judy Mooney,   Mac Rogers
Tammy Rudd,  Sharon Strite, Lisa Willits & Jane Woodward
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