LPA Today Online - Dwarfism Awareness Month 2015

LPA Today Online 
October 2016

Fall is here and it's time for Dwarfism Awareness Month around the world. Dwarfism Awareness Month was started by LPA in 2009 as a way to proactively spread dwarfism awareness in a positive, educational and community-building way. 

LPA will be celebrating across the United States in many ways - with fun local Chapter and District events, with Declarations of Dwarfism Awareness Month in the State governments across the land, and by joining with other countries who are celebrating and advocating in their own ways.  
Participate in the 1st Annual LPA   Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser!  
Have a ball bowling for LPA!
We invite all interested chapters, districts and members to organize a fun bowl-a-thon to benefit your local group and the national organization!

The Bowl-a-thon is a fun way for the dwarfism community to come together in person locally and in spirit across the United States while raising funds for LPA and our programs. LPA depends on dues and donations from its members and friends to continue to operate basic programs, and will use the bowl-a-thon to support our ongoing projects and new initiatives. All of the money that you collect will help keep LPA moving forward.

Contact your chapter or district and see if an event has been scheduled. If an event has been scheduled, join that.  If not, organize your own!  Check out this example of a chapter FirstGiving Fundaising page. It's easy to build and a cinch to plan and run. 

Be sure to let the office know about your event so we can feature you on our Facebook page and LPA Today. 

Money raised will support LPA's programs and services including adoption, Kitchens Fund for First time Attendees, college scholarships, archives, the LPA Today, and more.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 total for LPA.  
Questions?  Contact the office at info@lpaonline.org or 1-888-LPA-2001, and check out these helpful pages online for organizers and 
Need some Dwarfism Awareness Month Swag?

LPA has pencils, bracelets, information cards and brand new t-shirts available!

LPA is very happy to be working with an LPA Family from Maine for these awesome LPA shirts during the month of October!    Contact P and P Screen Printing to make an order  for shirts. Three dollars from each t-shirt will benefit LPA. Shirts are available in black and white, men's crew neck and women's v-neck, and children's sizes .  
LPA also has pencils and bracelets available!  Contact the office for pencils or bracelets.  


Ideas for spreading awareness in your area
  • Schedule a chapter event during October and make it public. Go to a pumpkin patch, or petting zoo, whatever Fall activity is good in your area. Contact your local TV station or newspaper to cover your event.
  • Go and speak at your workplace and a local school. Kids love it, teachers love it, and you'll love it! It's a very rewarding experience.
  • Incorporate an event into your Regional. All positive press helps to spread the word about your organization and about our membership.
  • Contact your local government representatives to have October declared Dwarfism Awareness Month. Generally, this process needs to be done yearly.
  • If your chapter organizes something like this please be sure to let us know, take photos, and send them to us (in jpeg format), so we can put it on our Facebook page, and include it the next issue of LPA Today! 
  • To support your efforts, we have a page on the website with more information including a power point presentation you can customize to use in the workplace or school.
Little People of America | 888-572-2001| info@lpaonline.org | lpaonline.org