LPA eNewsletter - October 2019
Dwarfism Awareness Month

Have you been following our posts on Facebook and Instagram? Be sure to check out what's happening on our social media pages.   Join us on Facebook as we share pieces of our community daily with you, including historical figures, professions, facts, and maybe some myth busting along the way.  Follow LPA on Instagram this month as we feature books related to the dwarfism community.  

LPA Dwarfism Awareness Shirt - have you ordered yours yet?  This shirt connects our history and pride, featuring a retro LPA logo on the front supported by LPA's current tagline, and a fun dwarfism definition on the back that reads:

1. noun:  empowered, intelligent, loved, fun, able, equal,
    born different, accomplished, advocate, driven, unique,
    competitive, athletic, resourceful, generous, reliable,
    compassionate, community, fearless, family, beautiful,
    awesome, respectful, confident, fulfilled, proud.   
2. noun:  see above.

We are on the second round of sales of our t-shirt campaign, which ends today - all sales made by midnight tonight eastern time, will arrive within the next 8-14 days.  A third round of sales will begin as soon as this one ends.  You don't want to miss out on your opportunity to get the 2019 LPA Dwarfism Awareness shirt.  Visit HERE to place your order.

Share the Aware - BartyChallenge2019  - For this year's Barty Challenge, we ask that you share your awareness and share a moment that made you proud of who you are. When were you most proud to be a part of the dwarfism community? Maybe you found the most pride in an LP role model, maybe you found pride in a specific moment, or maybe you find pride in sharing your story with friends, family, coworkers, for even a stranger. Share your awareness, your moment of pride, in a video. 

Follow these instructions to post your #BartyChallenge2019 video on Facebook:
  1. Post your own video clip sharing your most prideful moment(s) to be a part of the dwarfism community. In your video, challenge 3 other people to complete the Barty Challenge. 
  2. Add the hashtag #BartyChallenge2019 to your post, and be sure to tag the three people you challenged. 
  3. Make sure your post is public (so it will show up in our search). 
On November 1, we'll use the hashtag to pull up all participants and enter their names into a raffle to win a sweet prize!  Here are a few that have already been posted.  Don't be left out - Share Your Aware this month.


Wristbands & Pencils - We have wristbands and pencils for purchase for yourself or to pass out to others.  Individually, the prices are $.50 for p encils.  Wristbands are one for $3, two for $5 or four for $10.  We have reduced pricing for orders of 25 or more.  Please contact the office at info@lpaonline.org to place your order or inquire about bulk pricing. 

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