Renewal application fee $170.00
(payment made online with completion of application)
Dear Licensed Professional Counselor:

As a final reminder, it's time to renew your LPC license. All applications must be submitted online by June 30th, 2022. Please "LOGIN" at www.lpcboard.org in the upper right corner of the homepage screen. We highly encourage you not to wait until the final weeks to submit your online application as this will delay processing. If you cannot access your online account, please call technical assistance at 225-414-4431 or email support@lpcboard.zendesk.com.

All licensees are required to submit Continuing Education Hours (CEHs). Please enter the CEH information and upload the supporting documentation to your dashboard before you complete the LPC application renewal form (the application can be found under FORMS on your dashboard). YOU MUST UPLOAD A CERTIFICATE FOR EVERY ENTRY. If you have questions on how you should record your CEHs please review Ch.7 of the Board Rules at https://www.lpcboard.org/rules . Training which is completed synchronously (live, interactive, in real time) is ALWAYS considered in person. To review renewal requirements, please refer to Ch. 7 of the Board Rules.

Renewal Applicants ARE REQUIRED to submit fingerprint criminal background checks if you have not done so for LPC licensure (anyone licensed before Jan. 1, 2019). Please make sure your fingerprint records are on file by checking your online dashboard under Account Info.

For more information on how to complete the criminal background check including instructions and required forms, please visit the Board website: https://www.lpcboard.org/page/forms.

All forms required for fingerprinting can be found here.

Please DO NOT check the box that you are "Providing Teletherapy" unless you have submitted your training and updated teletherapy informed consent AND received approval from board staff via email that it has been received and approved. Outside of emergency rules and provisions, in order to provide teletherapy services, an individual must have received correspondence from board staff stating that he/she is approved to practice teletherapy. 

Please plan for a 10 business day processing time for AUDITED renewals. For this reason, we highly encourage you to submit your renewal application as early in the renewal season as possible. 

If you submit your renewal application materials after the June 30th deadline, your license will become lapsed and you will be automatically audited and assessed a $60 late fee in order to reinstate your license. As a reminder, you may not practice with a lapsed license.


LPC Board of Examiners

Please Note: If you have a new work address, phone number, or any other applicable changes, please remember to upload an updated Declaration of Practices and Procedures statement to your online account under the Employment tab. You may also edit your contact information on your dashboard. Failure to have updated contact information could result in a fine or possible disciplinary action.